Rehabilitating Ruffles

July 18, 2012  

A neglected pit bull’s life is turned around thanks to her dedicated foster

By Jessie Zepeda

This is the story of my sweet foster, Ruffles.

Ruffles was picked up as a stray in a rural part of Virginia. With no collar and despite her terrible condition, she maintained her sweet nature. Years of neglect and recurring ear infections left untreated caused severe scarring in her ears and left her deaf.

When Ruffles was first pulled from the shelter, she had a severe bilateral ear infection, abscesses on her face and head, a grade three heart murmur and was heartworm positive. She was a mess. She had so much working against her, but the years of wrong needed to be made right, and so as long as she was willing, we tackled each challenge one at a time.

I am so amazed and grateful for the incredible progress that Ruffles has made over the past six months. Watching her change from a forgotten, neglected dog who no one took the time to teach, into the bubbly, hilarious, intelligent little dog she is today has been an amazing experience.

I still remember seeing that “ah ha!” moment during training, when she realized someone was trying to communicate with her. She now knows over 10 signs in sign language. Her face has healed, she’s heartworm negative, her heart murmur disappeared, and she is now preparing for bilateral total ear canal ablation surgery! This will completely remove all infected tissue within the ear. After she recovers, she’ll be ready to find a forever home, where she’ll get the care and love she’s always deserved. I’ll miss my snuggly, wiggly, sidekick, my little “sack o‘ potatoes” as I like to call her, but I know there are many more animals who need help.

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16 Responses to “Rehabilitating Ruffles”
  1. AmandaFitzgerald says:

    I LOVE the pictures and the story. Thanks so much for loving this dear!

  2. ReneeMKeller says:

    Thank you for loving Ruffles!!!  Thank you for saving her!!!  I hope her surgery is a great success and she goes to a wonderful forever home.  

  3. Love the last picture. I hope all goes well with her surgery! She deserves a happy ending. Thanks so much for saving and loving her. 

  4. blazer says:

    Ah!  That last photo made me smile so big!  What a doll. I know of a local rescue trying to help a dog that has the same issues with his ears. I hope her surgery goes well!

  5. candycotton_06 says:

    Oh I have a story of a neglated dog as well these kind of stories warm our hearts and share how this breed can with patience and trust based type training can turn to shining examples of their wonderful breed…Here is Luna start…her happy face with her sister is on my profile.

  6. Matt.S says:

    You’re amazing. Such a wonderful story. You stepped in  when so much was working against Ruffles, and you helped turn that around for her. Thanks to you, Ruffles has a bright future. Thank you for saving her and for sharing this story.

    • StubbyDog says:

      Matt.S  You said is so well Matt, Ruffles has a great chance now thanks to her rescue group and the amazing work by Jessie.

  7. SexyZombieKilla says:

    SUCH a gorgeous dog! thank you guys for all that you do! you are very godly!

  8. DianaJones says:

    The last photo kinda says it all doesn’t it?

  9. Judithg says:

    Precious photo!  Thank you so much for being Ruffles’ savior.   What a  dear, sweet story.  

  10. DeborahSlusher says:

    Chuckles, great story, great foster parents and wonderful dog!  God bless you all.

  11. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Jessie, I have never, ever seen a more gorgeous sack of potatoes in my life!!  There is truly a special place in Heaven for people like you.

  12. Monika Hickcox says:

    You are an amazing human being. A big thank you for saving her life.