Maxim & Ruby

July 19, 2012  

StubbyDog’s Rescue Dog of the Week is sponsored by Zobo Pet Products, who will be giving away a free collar for every dog adopted through this program.

Meet pit bull ambassadors Maxim & Ruby! This sweet, gentle, house-broken 7 ½ year old bonded pair can be adopted separately, but we would love to keep them together. No sibling rivalry here. This laid-back brother and sister are the very best of friends!

Upon arriving at the shelter, Max and Ruby became instant volunteer and staff favorites, and within days, they each earned the shelter’s coveted Pit Bull Ambassador title. This means that our behaviorist deemed that they have all the best qualities a prospective pit bull parent could ever hope for! They passed all their temperament and behavior assessments with flying colors, are polite, well socialized with all types of people and dogs, already know several training commands, and walk well on leash. They have played well with other dogs in the shelter’s play groups, and are even approved for volunteer overnights and events. Our behaviorist says, “Max and Ruby would be ideal for first time dog owners, homes that already have a dog, and households with children.”

Despite the fact that they arrived at the shelter as a sad product of a divorce, Maxim and Ruby greet the world with their tails wagging! Their previous owners reported that they adore children, and they were only surrendering the pair because neither of them would individually take responsibility for both dogs. Their temporary foster mom can’t imagine how or why, because Maxim and Ruby keep each other entertained and are so well behaved together. She is heartbroken she can’t keep the dogs on a longer term basis. It was no easy task convincing her roommates to let her bring not one, but two foster dogs into their house for the first time, but she reports, “Even though they were initially against it, now that they are here, they even said that these have to be the sweetest, most chill dogs ever! They are so calm, and so amazing on leash. They never pull, and even when they see cats in the windows or dogs barking out windows at them, they just walk on by. Max and Ruby wag their tails at every person and dog they greet, and once we are back home, all they want to do is come right up and snuggle with you. They are super cuddly!”

BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, MD is happy to adopt out of state to qualified adopters, and for the month of July adoption fees on animals over a year old are waived! Baltimore-area adopters will get two more special perks; Maxim and Ruby are so adored that our behaviorist/trainer is offering their adopters a free in-home training consultation, and a volunteer is offering to give them free dog walks for up to a month! If you are looking for two loving and loyal companions (or even one, but we say, double your pleasure!), please fill out an adoption application and email it to with “Urgent: Maxim and Ruby” in the subject line. You can check out the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter on the web or on Facebook.

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12 Responses to “Maxim & Ruby”
  1. blazer says:

    What wonderful dogs!

  2. AnnColeman says:

    THANK YOU StubbyDog for featuring our beloved Max and Ruby. These two have lost everything but each other and they so need a place to be together. Can’t someone help?

  3. I can’t even tell you how much I wish I could take these two! I’ll be very jealous of whoever nabs them!

  4. HillaryS says:

    Thank you, Laura & StubbyDog, for helping share our shelter’s so beloved Max & Ruby!

  5. They look amazing! The comments about them speak volumes. I wish I could take them, but whoever does will definitely be one lucky person! 

  6. laurieburton says:

    oh my gosh….we just adoped a second dog a month ago. what great dogs, and right at the perfect age!

  7. dsitko82 says:

    Even their foster, who is a first time dog foster, professed how “mild mannered” and “easy” they are. That says something! 

  8. TraceyPettingill says:

    They are ridiculously amazing!!  Absolute perfection.  Any updates?  It
    is now Aug. 5th.  Have been sharing on my fb wall.  I think all of us
    would love to take these two beauties…but so many of us are already
    overflowing with animals in our homes.   Will do my best to spread the
    work locally.  ty.   

    • StubbyDog says:

      TraceyPettingill Thank you Tracey, no updates yet, we will let you know if they find their forever home. Thanks for sharing them, everything helps.

  9. HillaryS says:

    Max & Ruby are officially foster fails!!!! =)  Their dad works at Bark! a great natural pet food store chain in MD, and mom runs a dog hiking/adventure business, so needless to say they will be very well fed & exercised! But best of all, they are in a happy, loving home– TOGETHER!  <3  Thank you, StubbyDog and LauraPetrolino for helping us promote them.In late July Max and Ruby’s foster sent our shelter trainer a text asking if she would help introduce them to his dogs when they were through with their kennel cough meds. Then he sent: “They would be devastated to be split up. They sleep in the same positions, swap food bowls mid-meal, and walk in sync on the leash. If they all get along, we both know what will probably happen…..Looking for a place with land already… :)” Needless to say, everyone got along famously, and the rest is history!Rosemary Wells, who wrote the Max & Ruby children’s books, said they speak to the universal nature of sibling relationships and are meant to celebrate the relationship between Max & Ruby. Our dynamic duo clearly could not have been better named. Join us in celebrating this inseparable brother and sister finally finding their happily ever after!

    • StubbyDog says:

      HillaryS StubbyDog LauraPetrolino Thank you so much for this great new Hillary. We couldn’t be happier for Max and Ruby. We are so pleased this pair could be kept together and we hope they bring so much joy to their new family, which we are sure they will. Thanks for making our day!