How Our Dogs Make Us Smile

July 20, 2012  

We love our dogs, they bring so much joy into our lives. So we asked our Facebook fans, ‘What is one thing your dog does that will always make you smile?’
Whether it’s waking us up, greeting us at the door, begging, howling or zoomies, our dogs make us smile every day. And we love them for that. Thanks everyone for sharing.

When she finds her way under a blanket, you pull back the blanket, and she stares at you like, “I was sleeping here!”

~ Danielle Sholly

When I’m not having a good day my dog will lay with me and give me kisses. That always changes my mood.

~ Tiffany Wood

The way their whole bodies wag when I come home with total disregard for their own safety (tails beating on walls) or plants, furniture, and baby gates that may get knocked over in their exuberance. Getting greeted by the stampede before I can set my things down will never, ever stop making me happy.

~ Aimee Clements

She uses a sneeze to say “whatever” if she doesn’t like something.

~ Brandy Duncan

I will always smile every single time my English bulldog beef-farts. He cannot only clear a room, but an entire house.

~ Jennifer Fama

The proud, focused look on my dog’s face when we practice for obedience competitions warms my heart every time. He was overlooked in a shelter and foster care for over two years for being too “hyper” and “rambunctious,” but we found his jive and he proves everyone wrong over and over again.

~ Renee Dunaway

Exists. ~ Taylor Dodson

Drop on the ground, glare at me and let out a disgusted sigh when he doesn’t have it his way. Got to love my Chase!

~ Airy Zamora Morris

I will also always smile when my Basset Hound, Mushy, flops in the middle of a game my 5-year-old son and I are playing as if she had no idea she was plopping down on our game. She demands to have all the attention.

~ Jennifer Fama

Milo’s head bouncing side-to-side and heavy paws thumping across the floor while running back with his favorite toy. The best moments I will treasure forever.

~ Barbara McComsey

Always, no matter how many times a day he goes outside. The first thing he does whenever he comes back in is come find me and give me a kiss. I feel like he’s saying, “Hey Mom, I’m home.”

~ Sherry Nesbit Evans

When Diego wants some love he shoves his big ol’ head into my chest and flops down as close as he can get to me for a belly rub. Some days I’m convinced he’s a tiny lap dog trapped in an 85-pound “bully” body. Always makes me smile!

~ Laura Page

First thing when she wakes up, she does her morning stretch, extends her neck and lets out this yawn/groan that sounds like a bird! Then she hops in place, ready for her morning walk!

~ Marco Gomez

When he sprawls across me like a blanket and sighs contentedly.

~ Erika Miller

Stuck lips, head tilts, and funny sits.

~ Woof Slc

I work from home and at least a couple of times a day, Mayzie, walks up and pokes me with her nose, asking me to pay attention to her and reminding me of what’s important.

~ Amber Singleton Carlton

She snorts and never fails to make me smile. That, or the way she rolls in the wet grass and makes it seem like that’s the best grass the world has ever seen.

~ Susan Rodriguez Armstrong

If I’m busy she will stare at me. I know she wants me to sit in my recliner. Then she will get up in the chair with me and snuggle.

~ Holly Alessi

She “talks” to me if I ignore her when I first come in the door. Then she throws her head up in the air and half growls/half howls! I love my dog!

~ Julie Denski Cardy

When I’m preparing his food, he will look at me. The second I turn and look at him, he turns away, then slowly turns his head back to take a peek to make sure I’m still fixing his food with this, “Yeah I know that’s my food,” tail-wag.

~ Brenda Viruet

Tilts his head, move his ears forward and acts like he is listening despite being deaf…

~ Anke Roepke

Just them being a part of our family is enough to make us smile. We are blessed!

~ Kris Mezatis

Loves me just for being me! ~ Karen Giamberdini Caughie

When I cry, even if I pretend and fake cry, both of my dogs run over and start licking my face while wagging their tails. It is exactly what I need to cheer up!

~ Gaby Fleming

The way Jasmine greets me when I come back into the house, even if I’ve only gone out to the end of the driveway to get the mail. Her whole body wags and she “talks” quite exuberantly.

~ Valerie Donahue

Tonks plays fetch with herself. She won’t play fetch with me, but she’ll fling toys across the room for herself and then maniacally chase after them, scattering anything in her way, including furniture, cats, and people, in her mission to retrieve them. The look of utter joy and accomplishment on her face makes me laugh every time!

~ Kim Davis

When she tried to get my attention and I ignore her and she will say, “Mama,” just as plain as a child, no kidding. My husband was in the other room and heard he. He asked if she was hungry one day and she said, “No,” very clearly. No, I am not crazy.

~ Joyce Ruyle

Both, Ozzie, a German Shepherd/Husky/Blue Heeler mix, and Miya, an American Pit Bull Terrier always love me and make me feel wonderful about life. They see life differently than humans do. I learn from them daily.

~ Sarah Babbitt

The fact that he is a 100-pound pit bull and thinks he is the size of a Chihuahua. He has absolutely no sense of his size and the places he gets himself into are incredible.

~ Katie Dion

When my dog, Rex, climbs in bed and lies down next to me he settles in and lets out a great big sigh as if to say, “This is where I belong.”

~ DeAnna Cantrell Woerner

When Titus slides off the bed frog-leg style in slow motion.

~ Valerie Miles

When Fergie ,i>(above) wants attention and I’m on the computer, she comes up behind me and muzzle-bumps me gently on the butt. Bump. Bump. Bump. She’s doing it right now!

~ Lynette Combs

What makes me smile is when our dog, Ozzy, wakes up beside me.

~ Steven Boynton

Harley plays tag with other dogs and she is not very fast. So rather than out-run them she runs until they catch up and he falls over mid-run, forcing the other dog to jump over her. She recovers and takes off in the opposite direction.

~ Kellie Crider

I have two pit bulls with different personalities, so I’m giving two answers! My male pit bull never fails to make me smile when he tosses himself down on the bed, rolls on his back, and proceeds to snuggle up against me with his head on my pillow…or my face! We call him our snuggle bug. My female pit bull talks to me when I come home, go swimming, or when she knows I have a tasty treat I’m about to give her. It’s the cutest playful growl/bark I’ve ever heard. Sometimes I can get a full conversation going back and forth between us.

~ April Gray

The way my 15-year-old sticks his head, totally crooked from vestibular issues, into the window from the side of the curtain from his perch on the back of the couch as soon as I turn onto the street. It’s my favorite sight in the world.

~ Jez Taft

My therapy dog, Peaches the Pit Bull, spoons with my husband at bedtime and glares at me with a “pouty” face as though to suggest I’m a third wheel and an interrupting their private time.

~ Emily Douglas

Zoomies. ~ Sarah Edwards

My pit bull, Marley, interacting with her brother, Cujo, my Chihuahua. She’s so gentle and watching them play is hilarious! Just this weekend she “broke” him out of his flea collar.

~ Shannon Stevens

Farts. Then wakes herself up and tries to blame it on me by leaving the room.

~ Siobhan Healy

When I’m feeling down, Diesel lays down with me and nudges his head under my arm so he can snuggle. Once he gets in, he begins to shower me with huge licks and once I start laughing he quits and starts bouncing around grinning from ear to ear. Sometimes I think he lives to make us laugh.

~ Lori Whitmire Copeland

When I get home from work, Simone’s whole body wiggles with excitement. She dances around and all of my cares and frustrations from work melt away and I am left with a huge smile on my face.

~ Sarah Mathews

Crosses her front legs and looks like a queen when she lies down.

~ Mary Anne Clark

The way our pit bull, Godzilla, rests his head on my lap when I’m working on my computer or sewing or doing anything that requires me to sit and not pay attention to him, even after a skunk has sprayed him! There’s nothing to do but laugh.

~ Valerie Donahue

I can’t help but smile when I’m lying on my stomach on the couch and my pit bull, Tuck, carefully climbs onto my back and stretches out, nestling his snout in my neck/shoulder. Instant smile!

~ Lisa Skavienski

Greets me at the door when I get home from work with a wiggle body going a mile a minute with kisses galore. He just loves me unconditionally!

~ Sara Bockelmann

My oldest pit bull, Maggie, will grab the boys each by the ear and leads them outside to go potty. Never mind they’re all between one and three years and have been potty trained for a while! That’s her duty as the Queen Mum!

~ Sandy Marby-Davis

Our Callie rests her chin on the couch and gazes longingly up at us when she needs to potty. Poor thing had to teach us silly humans what that signal means!

~ Marisa Doerfler Marty

Ernie loves his people so much that if he even thinks we’re getting ready to leave, he whines. He lies on the bed and whines while I get dressed, and lies on the bathroom floor and whines while I put on makeup. When we tell him he can go with us, he loses his mind!

~ Christen Lewis

Shimmies and shakes and a smile she makes! Her antics always put a smile on my face!

~ Gwynn Wills

Our Gemma loves to hug. Sometimes when she is scolded, she jumps up onto the recliner with me and throws her legs around my neck. It makes me melt and smile.

~ Helen Martyszyn

Every morning when we wake up, I look at him and he looks at me and all I have to say is, “Good morning.” His tail wags, he smiles, and army-crawls up to me to give me kisses. Best way to wake up and start my day.

~ Jamie Rian Crnich

He growls at his itches before he scratches them.

~ Melissa Travis

He nips at my bum while I’m getting his food out. Not hard, but enough to let me know I’m being too slow.

~ Ari Rachel Field

My pit bull will put her head on my knee and gaze imploringly at me. Kills me every time.

~ Kittie Johnson

Right now she is putting that smile on as she plays with my 4-year-old nephew. She is like having another kid around, never rough and never stops. The best part is when they are winding down and lay together.

~ Sean T. McArdle

Puts his head on my lap at just the right moments. ~ Gina Messisco

She’s always wagging her tail when I come home!

~ Ruth Capolino

When it is time to go to the park the excitement they show, their hopping around to get leashed up (although they are 6 and 14) and their insistence on telling everyone in the neighborhood that they are going to the park, makes me smile and feel so honored to be their “people”.

~ Kelly Pointer

My babies every morning know when my alarm goes off that it’s time for me to get up and they are all over my face with kisses. It’s a great way to start every day!

~ Crystal Epling

When I make kiss sounds, he plants a good one on me every time! There are no words to describe the love and loyalty from my pit bull kid.

~ April Mullen

Frog legs and howling make me smile.

~ April Dooley

When all 86 pounds of our pit bull, Henney, curls up on my lap. And when our pit bull, Dolce, gives kisses she also nibbles at your chin.

~ Judy Giuliani

The way he tilts his head at me when I am talking to him.

~ Karen Grimaldi Peer

Many mention of the frog legs, the wagging of the entire body, the kisses and hugs, but my favorite thing that my Frankie does is when we all get in bed together (me, my hubby and Frankie), he knows he is supposed to lay at my feet, but once he thinks we are asleep, he slowly crawls up between us and by dawns light, one of us is spooning with our very large, four-legged child, whose head is on our pillows with us!

~ Michelle Plessner Duguay

Our old man, Dutch, sits straight up and falls asleep. Makes me laugh and cry at the same time. How I love that dog!

~ Mary Pat Whitaker

She drools when I eat…A very, long string.

~ Laura Butcher

No matter how bad a day I had or stresses, she melts my heart how she tilts her head side-to-side as I talk to her. It’s like she is listening.

~ Scott Hughes

Riding down the road with his head out the sunroof with “parachute lips” when the wind hits him!

~ Alice Bagshaw Lang

When she goes to the bathroom and not all comes out, she sits down looking so sad so I go out to especially to wipe her butt. It’s funny. She’s a pit bull, but a baby. Got to love her!

~ Victoria Imqueen Alexander

He prances when he sees other people while we are out walking.

~ Amy DeLong

When he lies on the floor of my son’s room to make sure he’s OK. Nanny dog.

~ Rachel Harrison Massa

If I go anywhere without Sophie, when I get home and let her out she immediately goes to the car and sits by her door until I take her for a ride. And if it’s been a day or two since she’s gone for a ride she’ll ask by sitting by her door. It always works!

~ Sue Ratley

My boy, Joe, just has to look at me with his big brown eyes and his big smile and I have to smile right back! Of course, when he plays I always laugh at him. He loves to throw his toys or treats up in the air and then slides across the tile floor to get them!

~ Judy Covert DiPaola

They always jump and get excited when I come home or wake up. When I make a joke to my husband, my Staley-bear will give me a high-five.

~ Kelly Dziepak Schroeder

Roll around on her back.

~ Christine Bella

Moans before sleeping. ~ Jessi Harris

My Kobi brings me presents to “trade” for treats. So far this evening he has brought two gallon bottles of carpet shampoo, six bottles of water and a UPS mail package. Hungry much?

~ Cynthia Becker

The swagger her butt has when she walks!

~ Jeanine Forrest Martin

My pit bull puppy, Tank, will run around the house like a crazy man. The funniest is when he pounces on his bed to attack his toy. Makes me laugh every time.

~ Christy Muniz Fox

The way she turns her head when you talk to her, eyebrows raised, as if taking in every word! I’m waiting for her to some day answer me!

~ Arlene Applebaum

When she does her boot-scoot boogie half-crazed around the room and then drops, rolls on her back with her legs in the air, and demands a belly rub!

~ Adina Nichols Syner

When I run my finger along the side of my pit bull’s face, he often lifts his lip like he’s snarling. It’s just a reflex, and it is so adorable.

~ Alex Echenberg

When she gets a big drink and then burps like a person! Cracks me up every time!

~ Kelbi J. Donnell

Assault my face with kisses, and keeps going the more I laugh.

~ Morgan S. Gertler

When he wakes up in the morning he likes a big hug from me. He is so sweet in his newly awake state, it brightens my day.

~ Linda Hubner

Greets me at the door with giant smiles and wagging tails after a long day at work.

~ Rhett Nicks

She can always tell if I’m feeling sad or sick. When she knows, she lays extra close to me and doesn’t leave my side!

~ Jill Ashley

The smiles. The snores. The licks. The wagging tails. The list is endless…

~ Lorraine Tompkins

He howls when I walk in the door after a stressful day at work, brings a smile to my face no matter how tough a day at the shelter has been!

~ Annie Cearfoss

When my pit bull, Hannah, prances around the yard with something in her mouth bigger then she is. Tonight it was the plastic kiddy pool. Makes me laugh every time!

~ Sandy Sidoti

He waits until I make the last scrape in my yogurt cup then he comes and sits in front of me so he can lick the cup. It never fails!

~ Jo Anne K Hall

Her stinky toots and loud burps not to mention she wants under the covers even in the summer and when she leans in so we can kiss her on the face!

~ Angela Reynolds LaWall

Snores like a cartoon dog! It makes me laugh every single time.

~ Alexis Bywater

Kisses my nose.

~ Erika Molnar

He smiles…he just smiles. ~ Steve Anton

My Bella has so many traits that makes me smile, but when she lovingly stares at me, then paws my arm until I let her under the covers, no matter the weather, curls up in my lap and lets out a big sigh. It’s like she knows that we saved her! I love my pit bull!

~ Carrie Carlock

Howling at sirens!

~ Christine Leonard LeBlanc

When my pit bull, Sweet Dee, yawns she makes a noise that sounds like a baby saying, “Owwww,” and it puts the biggest smile on my face.

~ Rachel Sherman


~ Meriel Read

Mugsy moans and groans like it is the greatest thing ever when I grab the skin on his back and shake it. Apparently, Shar Pei mutts have a lot of squish in them!

~ Mary Mangling

The happy sneeze/booty dance combo that greets me at the door transforms even my worst moods.

~ Meriel Read

They greet me excitedly at the door as if I’ve been gone forever no matter how much time I’m away. They love me unconditionally.

~ Allisha Christianson

My elderbull, Sadie, taught Rocco The Therapy Pit Bull, (above) to bring us a gift when we get home. So they both always greet you at the door with various toys, bones or balls. It’s so great to see their happy faces bringing you a gift with their wiggly butts wagging away. When Rocco puts his down he will smile at you with a real big toothy grin just like a person would smile!

~ Valerie Pitbullmama Wilson

Listening to her very funny snore when she sleeps!

~ Mary Beth Lowery

My 2-year-old pit bull, Tank, wiggles and cries with excitement whenever he sees me.

~ Tank da Pitt

I can’t really look at my Lilli Belle without smiling. She is just the right mix of pretty and goofy, and her expressive face and silly poses make everyone that sees her smile, but she really is a treasure to the entire household.

~ Maria Isabel Garcia

The butt-tuck when running! Gets me every time.

~ Lacey Grundler

No matter how much I try to speed along our daily walks, George must always take his time, lollygagging. And when he inevitably drops heavily onto the soft grass and starts to roll with happiness, grinning ear to ear, I always stop and smile, shaking my head, knowing that it just never grows old.

~ Andi Chesser

When I come home, my Rex runs into the other room to grab his bowl or a toy and brings it to me wagging his tail in happiness.

~ Stefanie Grow

My pit bull, Luna, sleeps with her head on my pillow so when I wake up in the morning she is always facing me with her nose on my cheek or neck. Always makes me smile!

~ Amanda M. Callender

Love unconditionally. Love that boy! ~ Robin Huseman Decker

She sticks her head between my knees and looks up lovingly. I totally forget that I’m almost losing my balance because she’s so happy and adorable looking up at me.

~ Audrea Fink

The squeaky sound she makes when she yawns and zoomies.

~ Rhonda Shore

The roly-poly! She jumps on the couch, scattering pillows and everything else and just rolls and rolls!

~ Cindee Carter

Rascal hops around like a stump-legged bronco every time I say, “Want to go bye-bye?”

~ Christina Kinley

Rolls over for that infamous pit bull belly rub. Gets me still every time.

~ Cathy Sieferman May

She smiles with her pit bull smile!

~ Kelly Lawson

When I say, “Book it Beaux!” whatever it is he’s doing, he shifts it into high gear.

~ Pat Holeman

When she shakes off after swimming she makes a whirring noise and then squeegees off between my legs.

~ Kate Righter Rhodes

Zoomies, snoring, and the “chomp” sound she makes when she goes for a treat.

~ Kimberley Henderson Benson

The way he greets me by shoving his head/shoulder into my lap while his butt is still in the air (his way of asking for ear rubs and butt scratches at the same time). Also, he makes me smile the way he “talks” instead of barking. It sounds like Chewbacca.

~ Jaceil Suess

I have three Rottweilers. My male is 10 years old. He’ll come up onto my bed and lie down and reach his paw for my hand and just for a few seconds we’ll lie there “holding hands”. It doesn’t get any better than that. My oldest female always has her eye on me while she’s eating; the second I leave the room she’ll stop and come running! My baby. She’s just too cute and precious! I’m in total bliss will all of my babies!

~ Marie Canouse-Searcy

At first I thought, how can I pick just one thing? But as I’m sitting here, my dog is stretched out on the couch next to me, snoring, and I realize I’m smiling. Watching her sleep peacefully will never get old.

~ Michelle Breeze

She smiles at me as she is running to greet me. She’s a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix so to others she looks scary doing that, but she is my baby. It’s the best feeling knowing that she’s so happy to see me.

~ Caitlin Walling

They talk to each other to see who gets the toy. The videos are laugh-out-loud funny.

~ Kal Lorinsky

Gently stroking my Chaos on the head while she is lying on the couch with me and telling her she’s sleepy in a soft voice and she twitches her eyes shut like she knows exactly what that means. When I stop, her eyes open. Ahh, I love it, she is so freaking special I can’t get enough of her in one day. I smile big every time I’m around her!

~ Barbie Eldred

I just love the way my sweet Irie curls up into the tiniest little ball, but always makes sure to be pressed up against me when we are on the couch. It makes my heart melt that she just wants to be close to me no matter what!

~ Katy Naschke

My blue pit bull, Emo, sits just like a person. He sits on his tail with his legs straight out in front of him. It kills me!

~ Tessa Vann

All four of them meet me at the door to show they love and missed me.

~ Loretta Mettler Walters

She makes this purring, whining yowl sound when she really wants something. When you are on the phone and hear her do it, it sounds like a baby crying.

~ Maggie Craven

Lucy spins in a happy dance several times a day. It’s way too cute! Lucy is a rescue, but no one believes it. She’s proof that all kinds of dogs end up on death row for no good reason.

~ Gloria Mccurley Lantz

When Rupert is tired he tries to coax us into bed. It’s usually early in the night around seven or eight and he’ll start pacing between the bedroom and the front room, putting his head on our arm or face and licking us. Then if we say, “Let’s go to bed,” he herds us into the bedroom so we can all sleep together. I love it!

~ Faith C. Woodhouse

When Nova wants to play “Wubba”, Nova wants to play “Wubba”, whether you want to play or not. She’ll place her “Wubba” onto whatever it is you’re doing: onto the computer, onto the kitchen counter, into your lap, into the tub, onto your face, onto the clean laundry, etc.

~ Cristina Falcon-Seymour

For a Mastiff, she gives teeny, tiny kisses.

~ Shannon L. Romero

When my pup does the happy food dance, he bounces. I’m trying to get a video.

~ Raquel Elle Bell

She is such a clown, I can’t even pinpoint a single thing that makes me laugh. Emma makes me laugh and smile everyday about something. I love her so much!

~ Dana Gish Sturgis

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2 Responses to “How Our Dogs Make Us Smile”
  1. adoremydogs says:

    When my Savannah-banana passes gas out loud, then looks around at her rear with the expression “WHAT WAS THAT”??  Makes me bust out laughing!

  2. I love this post…I was laughing and nodding along with a lot of these! My dog will jump up in your lap immediately after you sit down, then wriggle and squirm his way between your leg and the armchair/end of the couch/whatever. He’ll shove you out of the way if he has to until you’ve given him enough space. Then he gives a contented little sigh as if to say “this was all I wanted!” and promptly falls asleep. He’ll stay there all day if you do!