Have You Been Affected by Military Pet Policies?

July 27, 2012  

We are focusing on military breed bans currently, so we asked our Facebook fans, ’Have you or anyone you know ever been affected by one of the military pet policies?’

Some of you have dogs grandfathered in, others have relocated off base. In any case, we know the rules should be changed, and we are the voice of that change. Thanks everyone for sharing.

My rescue, Pit Stop Bully’s Rescue, has. We adopted a pit bull type dog out to a family on MacDill Air Force Base before the ban was in effect. Then, when the family was stationed in another state, we had to take him back since they couldn’t afford to live off base.

~ Ashlie Burke

I’ve never been affected by a policy from the military, but my ex was in the military and when we tried to adopt a 3-legged boxer/pit bull mix from a local rescue, they refused to let us because he was in the military. They believed military families are much more likely to abandon their dogs if they move. We wanted to adopt that dog so badly because we already had a 3-legged pit bull. They didn’t just say no, they were extremely rude about it!

~ Alex Echenberg

Yep. I’m going to visit friends tomorrow on an Army base and normally I take my pup everywhere, but tomorrow she will have a play-date with her Irish Setter friend instead of going with us.

~ Eileen Enright Gromlowicz

My son is a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif., and he had to live off base with his wife because they did not allow “vicious” breeds. He has a 7-month-old pit bull, but he was 8 weeks old when he applied for housing.

~ Karen Wells Tamez

We got our dog, Rocky, (above) because his previous owner, a Marine, couldn’t take him with him when he moved. The shelter said he was very sad to give him up.

~ Micaela Myers

My daughter and her Army husband are having difficulty near Fort Hood, Texas, renting a house due to breed restrictions. She has a pit bull who is the sweetest girl around.

~ Karen Kenney

I was transferred to Japan in 1982 and arrived with four cats and a 100-pound dog. They had to rewrite the Naval instructions to cover members arriving, like me, with multiple pets!

~ Lynette Combs

My husband is swearing-in this week and we are paranoid of having difficulties finding a place to rent. We have two pit bull mixes and an Australian cattle dog. I’ve already been told I’m irresponsible by having pit bulls around my kids (we foster as well), and now people seem to doubt we’ll keep our dogs since we’re young. Hoping for lots of luck and that we don’t move around a lot so that this is not an issue once we find a place!

~ Alysa Collis Kirby

A friend who served in Vietnam asked to adopt his military dog when the war ended. They told him it couldn’t be done as it was against Army policy. He found out later that all of the dogs who served were left there with nothing, and surely eaten or killed! He never got over it and neither did I!

~ Arlene Applebaum

The military breed ban didn’t beat us!!!We used to live at Camp Pendleton, My sister and I had to be separated for 7 months because I was only 38 percent Am Staff and she turned out to be 100 percent English Staff. My sister went to live at our grandma’s house for the time because my Dad was going to school and we were going to PCSing soon. Now me and my family are all back together again and nothing will stop us from being together ever! It’s really sad that a lot of families didn’t have the same outcome as we did, we hope one day we can put an end to this nonsense!!

~ Bruna & Nugit Tobusch (photo above)

For those who have been affected or need help, Dogs on Deployment is a great group that helps military members with their pets in times of need like deployments and living on base if it becomes an issue!

~ Lauren Shure

We were allowed any dog breed up to two per household with Lincoln until recently. Luckily, they let my neighbor keep her pit bull, but only because they grandfathered her in.

~ Nancy Staley

I was in the Army, but this policy makes me very unpatriotic.

~ Smith N Wesson

My husband works for the biggest military housing developer in the country. He says it’s a policy of the U.S. government, but that there may be a work-around if there is enough need.

~ CharlieDog and Friends LLC

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  1. It’s pretty amazing that the Army can get away with this. As Smith Wesson said, this makes me unpatriotic.