Goofy Griffin

July 25, 2012  

A StubbyDog volunteer shares the story of her beloved pit bull Griffin, who is now battling cancer

By Ari Field

I met Griffin on April 19, 2003, at an adoption event. He was in the hot sun next to a pile of diarrhea. He had no water, he was alone, and he was so, so sad. He had a giant infection on his head. There was a litter of puppies there too, and no one was even looking at the little black and white pit bull with the infection. I stood next to him rubbing his ears and nose, and he rested his head on my leg and let out a long deep sigh.

It was time to get him home. I didn’t know if he’d get in my car, he seemed so shy. I opened the hatchback and he threw himself in! That was the first goofy thing he did. During the next few days, as he became more comfortable with me, he started revealing his personality. He was a goober! One afternoon he was playing with some toys. I walked over to move them so I could vacuum, and he covered his rope tightly with his paws. He had stuff. Those were his things! He was home.

Griffin is the silliest dog on the planet. Once (OK, more than once) he tried to jump up on the couch but missed. His back feet slipped right off the cushion, and his back end was on the floor. His front end was still on the couch.

Sometimes he does it the other way around. He’ll decide to get off the couch, but halfway through he changes his mind, leaving his bum on the couch and his front legs on the floor. He’ll stay that way for a few minutes, looking at me and wagging his tail. Sometimes for no reason at all he’ll get frisky and zoom around the house, tumbling down the stairs. I can’t leave fabric softener sheets on the floor or he grabs them and hides so he can rip them up. He grooms the couch. He grooms me. He licks the guitar. He slips on the patio. He forages for food on the kitchen floor. He barks at buckets. Sometimes he catches me looking at him and that tail will start. I like to think that Griffin laughs at himself and laughs with me.

Griff has terrible manners. He stares. He yells at other dogs. When he eats, food falls out of his mouth, then he eats it off of the floor. Without being asked, Griff will lean in and kiss. Other times he’ll stick his butt in your face and demand you scratch it. If you don’t, he’ll let out a short high-pitched bark that can shatter glass. He demands my food. He must be held. He sniffs his bum. He won’t share his toys. He insists on sleeping in the bed. He pushes me out of the way on the stairs. He’s always in the way. Griffin is a dog who gets what he wants.

Some people are nervous around pit bulls. All Griff knows is that he likes people, and people like him. He is a character.

Griffin has cancer. Every night when I go to sleep I am one day closer to losing him. I’m having a hard time keeping myself together. I cry at work. I cry at home. I cry at the vet, where I now spend lots of time. Every time I look at my little goober I cry. It is utter misery. I am terrified of losing him, and there’s nothing I can do. Griff has no idea he is sick. He trots along on walks. He pounces on his toys. He woofs. He begs for food. He swims. He chases seagulls. He farts on the couch. He has a good time. Griff is happy.

Griff is my dog. And he is the best thing in the world.

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38 Responses to “Goofy Griffin”
  1. You had me laughing until the last paragraph.  Can’t imagine what you’re going through however, if Griffin is happy take solace in that and enjoy every moment with him.  In September we’re attending Paws for Cancer, here’s the website prayerfully there will be information that can help.

  2. laurieburton says:

    Ditto theprettychic. This was a great read – I love how the words and the pictures captured his personality. My thoughts are with you both as you deal with his cancer, and hopefully Griffin will act like a goober all the way up until the end.

  3. ReneeMKeller says:

    I will be saying prayers for Griffin!!!  My heart goes out to you!!!

  4. JillianChristine says:

    You are so blessed that you’ve had this much time with him and that he has had a loving home for so long. 

  5. KristofferLand says:

    You may as well have just been describing our recent rescue and our 3yr old.  LOL  Love these goofballs.

  6. Miznoone says:

    While reading this, I was smiling and nodding along the whole time. Reminds me so much of my own not-so-little black & white pup! What a joy Griffin must be to have around. I am so sorry to hear of his illness. His joy in living must feel so bittersweet. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. It is a gift to treasure.

  7. swanodette71 says:

    I can only imagine how you must feel right now.  The big point to take away from all of this is you know what is going to happen so you can treasure every moment with your big goober.  That is something you will cherish for always.  When I lost my brother and sister it was so sudden that I didn’t get to say goodbye and I know I didn’t appreciate the moments that I had.  Store up all of the farts, begging, the prancing walks, the slobbery kisses and snuggles.  It will comfort you when he has flown across the bridge.  Thank you so much for sharing him with us.  My heart goes out to you.

    • AriRachelField says:

      swanodette71 I really am treasuring each moment. I’m sorry so sorry for your loss

  8. Lisa Easterling Cofer says:

    enjoy the time that you have left with Griffin, make every moment a memory, take lots of pictures and write lots of notes in a journal……..hug him and hold him, snuggle on the couch and let him go when his body is weary and ready. You are both in my prayers………….

    • AriRachelField says:

      Lisa Easterling Cofer he must think I’m nuts because I am constantly taking his picture!

  9. NikkiKeating says:

    What a beautiful story. =)

  10. adoremydogs says:

    And we cry with you.  We can all relate because we have all probably shared the same wonderful, hysterically funny, goofy, and amazingly loyal and loving traits of these dogs. Grif sounds like he could be my Vanna’s twin. Know that Griffin ended up with you, because the angels knew that with you he would have an amazing life, for however long it lasts, and that’s all we can hope for, for our beloved pits. 

  11. hootie1013 says:

    What a sweet, heart warming story.  I’m so sorry you’re going to lose your buddy…but I’m so glad for both of you that you’ve enjoyed life together so very much.  Sounds like the best dog ever!!  I love pit bulls!  My brother has a pit bull mix and she so sweet.

    • AriRachelField says:

      hootie1013 we’ve had a wonderful time together. Too short, but wonderful. 

  12. Krisi says:

    The only good thing about losing your friend is that he will be happy until he is gone.  Do your best to enjoy your time left, and not spend every minute thinking about what happens after.  It’s hard, I know.  Hugs.

  13. CherstinHoltzman says:

    When we found out our pup had cancer, our family threw her a party.  We had the local neighborhood kids come over, along with friends and family, and asked everyone to bring something about Lena:  a drawing, a photograph, a written memory.  She received bones and presents, people brought “dog themed” picture frames and took the time to download and print photos of Lena from my Facebook wall.  It was wonderful, and we were able to put the memories and pictures in a scrapbook for my 7-year-old son.  Everyone got to take their pictures with Lena one last time, and it was really special.  Lena didn’t make it very long after her diagnosis with lymphoma, and I miss her every day.  We buried her in the yard and ordered a little headstone with a picture and her name on it.  When I’m outside with our two new pups, I often tell her that I wish she was still here.  For every dog that goes early, there are one or two that live long:  I hope Lena’s passing allows another pup to beat the odds and become a positive statistic.  Thoughts are with you and Griffin.  Best of luck, big guy!

    • AriRachelField says:

      CherstinHoltzman I like that idea so much! Lena must have had a wonderful day!

  14. larshine says:

    I’m so sorry you’re going to lose your beloved Griffin, but wow, is he one loved, adored and happy pup. You are both so lucky to have found each other. 

  15. What a beautiful story. I’m so sorry you’re going through this with Griffin, but it sounds like he is just swimming in love and so, so happy. 

  16. superkp says:

    I have literally only read one of your posts but I wanted to let you and everyone else know my (CliffNotes) story:  we have a now 13 year old Rottweiler (they usually live 8 years).  Roscoe broke his rear leg in 2008.  Our wonderful vet sent him to a pet surgeon and Roscoe went for pins and a plate to correct the bone.  The surgeon called at 5:30 am and said the bone was like a sponge, that our babe was riddled with cancer and they could do nothing but put him to sleep.  My dedicated and smart-as-a-whip boyfriend said no way, he instructed the surgeon to remove the leg and we took him home.  We talked to oncologists, doctors, and vets but no course of action seemed right.  We came across JOHANNA BUDWIG and her career and research with heart disease, arthritis, and food led us to a 180* change of life.  Roscoe eats all the broccoli, peapods, and sprouts he wants; he also eats cottage cheese with flax oil and crushed flax seed, he eats almond milk with flax oil, hardboiled eggs, and occasionally lean meat.  His anemia was corrected.  His cancer was no more.Roscoe has physically never been better.  He is spry.  He is active.  He is an amputee.  His eyes are clear and bright.  His life of allergies is no longer.  His hair is shiny and full.  He is the curious, inquisitive, naughty dog he was when we rescued him in 1999.  Love on Griffin.  There is nothing like loving a dog 🙂 I wish for you the end to cancer we experienced.  Roscoe’s turnaround we unexpected, the result of a last ditch effort, and we will be 4 years cancer free in November. 

  17. AriRachelField says:

    thank you everyone for your love and support. I hope these stories show people the sensitive and silly sides of these precious pups!

  18. KendraRocha says:

    You’re story is beautiful.  I know how you’re feeling right now all too
    well.  I lost my 13 year old pit bull, Riggs, this past June to cancer. 
    Griffin actually reminds me a lot of Riggs in the way you describe his
    characteristics.  It’s very hard watching your best friend go through
    this but you’re doing a fantastic job keeping him happy and full of love
    and that is the most important part. Keep up the good work!

  19. CelineChan says:

    Be strong. My Rottie Abby was diagnosed with Stage 3 lymphoma 2 months ago and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She is now coping very well and is back to her mischievous self although she did lost about 5kg of weight since her first chemo session.I wish you and Griff all the best. He sounds like a joy to live with. 🙂 I’ve always loved goofy dogs!

  20. Matt.S says:

    This hits me where I live, having recently lost my pit bull, Herman to illness. All I know is Griffin’s blessed to have you.