Daisy Mae

July 26, 2012  

StubbyDog’s Rescue Dog of the Week is sponsored by Zobo Pet Products, who will be giving away a free collar for every dog adopted through this program.

Bully Project rescued Daisy Mae from a municipal shelter in southern Westchester county where she had been dumped after being bred. She lived there for a month and quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite there. She was friendly with everyone who wanted to pay her some attention, and everyone else too.

If you’re looking for a first dog for your family, Daisy Mae might just be the dog for you. Despite her size, weighing in at just about 60 lbs, she’s a total sweetheart. She’s calm and relaxed at home, crate trained, house broken, and totally quiet. We haven’t heard her bark once. On leash, she’s a total delight, walking calmly at my side, happily greeting anyone who offers.

We estimate that Daisy Mae is approximately 2-3 years old, and she is already fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. She’s got a clean bill of health, and her wiggly butt wiggles just enough to show it.

And isn’t her smile simply irresistible? If you or someone you know might be interested in adopting this total sweetheart, please email BullyProjectnyc@gmail.com. You can also follow her on That Touch of Pit and on Facebook. This girl is way overdue for a family of her very own who will love her forever – could that family be yours? The Bully Project is located in NYC.

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5 Responses to “Daisy Mae”
  1. She’s gorgeous! Love her big grin. 

  2. JulieDavidson says:

    Has she been cat tested?

  3. chirsch4 says:

    She’s gorgeous.  I would snatch her up, if we didn’t already have a special needs pitty, who is not dog friendly.