July 19, 2012  

StubbyDog’s Rescue Dog of the Week is sponsored by Zobo Pet Products, who will be giving away a free collar for every dog adopted through this program.

Bing is 2 years old and looking for a home outside of Ontario.

Bing is not only devastatingly handsome but is also a great combination of active and cuddly. He makes a great jogging partner, loves to go on walks/adventures and play with toys. While Bing is active and has his zany moments he also loves to sleep and will find the most comfortable spot on the couch to doze in a sunbeam. He loves to snuggle and he hope’s you don’t mind that he snores (just a teeny bit and its not too loud).

This boy enjoys mingling and meeting other dogs and plays well with his foster sibling. He can be a bit intimidated when meeting dogs but once he starts playing he is a bit of a bull in a china shop rebounding off furniture and jumping straight up in the air so he may be too much for an older or more delicate dog.

Bing currently lives in an apartment in a busy city and could definitely be a city boy as he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the traffic, loud noises or hustle and bustle of the city. However, being the versatile boy that he is, he would welcome the opportunity to be a country (or suburb)boy too

One great thing about Bing is that he is crate trained and is clean in his crate overnight and for an entire work day. He does whine occasionally (quietly) in his crate so his new owner will need to continue to make his crate a positive place. He is currently learning the cue “kennel” and is starting to run into his crate with excitement.

He already has a rock solid sit and shake a paw and is currently working on walking politely on leash (he wears a halti and walks fairly well with this) and learning how to be a well mannered gentleman. He would love to be enrolled in obedience to further brush up on his manners and would welcome the opportunity for fun dog activites like agility.

Bullies in Need is based in Ottawa, Ontario, but they have several helpful chapters throughout Ontario. If you are interested in adopting Bing, please email You can also visit them on Facebook.

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7 Responses to “Bing”
  1. Bing looks relaxed & happy

  2. What a handsome boy! Love that last picture of him. I hope he finds his forever home, whether it’s in the city, suburbs, or out in the country! 

  3. katiemac1956 says:

    Why does he need to place outside of Ontario?  

  4. katiemac1956 says:

    Why does he need to be placed outside of Ontario? 

    • StubbyDog says:

      katiemac1956 There is breed discriminatory legislation in place in Ontario currently. Bing is not safe there. We are so grateful there are people and organizations willing to foster pit bulls from Ontario to make sure they are safe.