Bella and Bentley

July 23, 2012  

Two pit bulls work their way into a family’s heart and home

By Staci Hayes

I was never supposed to have a pit bull. Pit bulls were scary and there was no way I could ever have one around our youngest daughter, who has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. It wouldn’t be safe! All you had to do was listen to the “news” to know that.

Our family has been called on several times to foster a rescue of one kind or another. Kittens who needed to be bottle fed, or a puppy here and there. So when I was called to foster a 4- month-old Boxer/pit bull mix, it seemed like the right time. We had lost our 15-year-old yellow Lab only a few months before, and the family was still grieving. Maybe this would help. They opened the door and there she was, big brown eyes and tail wagging so hard I thought she would break herself in half. By the second day of “fostering” Bella, we had decided she belonged to our family or us to her. When she first met our youngest daughter, she raised up on the wheelchair, licked our daughter and then laid down next to the wheelchair like that was her new job. It was a fit, she was ours. We just wouldn’t tell Bella that she was a pit bull, and all of our problems would be solved!

About a year after Bella came to us, another pit bull entered our life. This one was young, very young. He had been neglected, underfed, abused and was dirty. He was from one of those backyard breeders who just wants the money and reputation you get from breeding pit bulls.

My son named him Bentley and brought him home where he would be safe. We were a little worried about how Bella would feel about our newest addition, but we figured we would deal with whatever problems came up.

Bentley was given a bath and checked over by our oldest daughter who is studying to be a vet. He was put on the floor and we all stood there watching to see what would happen next. I think we were ready for just about anything, except what actually happened.

Bella went over and sniffed around Bentley so much that she actually knocked him over a couple of times. Her tail was wagging and so was Bentley’s. Pretty soon Bella walked away, and we thought that she was bored with him. Bella came back, walked over to Bentley and dropped a mouth full of her food onto the floor in front of him. Bentley began eating the kibble as Bella watched. When he finished the few pieces of kibble that she had brought over, Bella went back to her dish and got a few more. She repeated this a couple of times more until Bentley stopped eating what she brought him.

That’s when we knew that we had made the right choice with Bella, and we trusted that she had made the right choice with Bentley. They are inseparable and the minute our daughter’s wheelchair pulls up the ramp when she gets home from school they both run to greet her.

These two dogs have added so much to our family. I am now embarrassed about how I used to feel about pit bulls.

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27 Responses to “Bella and Bentley”
  1. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Please don’t be embarrased, Staci.  Most of us were afraid of “pits” until one of them came into our heart and chased out all that fear and replaced it with love.  I nearly cried when I read how your Bella brought kibble to her new baby brother Bentley!  She looks so proud of him as she sits on the back of your couch.  Thank you for sharing that beautiful tale of your precious four-legged children.

    • StubbyDog says:

      barbaraleeanderson07090 So true Barbara, we love that Bella takes care of everyone.

  2. ShawnLowe says:

    Simply awesome!

  3. starscreeam says:

    I, too, was one of “those” people until my daughter got her rescue pibble.  Now when my daughter asks Zander if he wants to go to Grandma’s house she says he dances all the way to the car.  I love both my granddogs, Zander and his little brother, Chance, and I know by the way they greet me when I visit that they love their Gramma, too.  My heart just melted over Bella bringing Bentley her kibble.  I wish everyone could have dogs like these.

    • StubbyDog says:

      starscreeam We agree, and we have found it only takes one pit bull to completely change peoples’ minds about them.

  4. jennmartinelli says:

    What a great story. Bella bringing the food to Bentley also brought tears to my eyes. Dogs regularly make me believe in the good in the world. Thanks for sharing this with us! And for bringing these lovely dogs into your life.

  5. Amazing stories! I know you’re not alone, Staci. We’ve all been taught by the media to believe a certain thing about pit bulls…and it takes a personal experience to know that the media is wrong! 

  6. DianaJones says:

    That is amazing. I know dogs are much more complex than most people I know, but that is so heart warming. Your family is blessed.

  7. tholupka1 says:

    Most awesome thing I’ve read all month!  We (people) could learn so much from these two love-dogs!

    • StubbyDog says:

      tholupka1 Thanks! We have lots of awesome stories from everyday people on this site.

  8. AmberLynBigelow says:

    In your face stereotypes! IN. YOUR. FACE!

  9. KevinDrewlo says:

    Thanks for sharing this! You have two very beautiful dogs and I’m glad that you finally saw the light as to how wonderful and loving this breed really is. 

  10. GillianShippen says:

    OMG – tissue box please, sniff sniff – how delightful. I am glad you have opened your home and your hearts to these two beautiful creatures

  11. Bella is the absolute best!!! Love, love this story!

  12. NatashaAEaton says:

    Wonderful story! So heartwarming. Wouldn’t it be lovely if these kind of stories were released on the news rather than the bad press this breed always gets. You’d never sit down to the 6 o’clock news and have this as a main headline, it would be about an attack of some description. I hope one day that changes so everyone can see what we see in this breed. SO smart, loyal and loving 🙂

    • StubbyDog says:

      NatashaAEaton We agree, pit bulls being the amazing dogs they are every day just isn’t newsworthy for the press, but it is for us!

  13. ReneeMKeller says:

    This story is so heart warming.  Thank you for opening your hearts to Bella and Bentley!!!  

  14. NuriaRodriguez says:

    What two amazing angels you have.  Bella is a treasure.

  15. SusanLawrence says:

    On a lighter note — I wish I could get my older pit to feed the younger one, and himself!! : )

  16. awwww… the sweetest story I’ve read in a long time. Absolutely precious.

  17. Matt.S says:

    That top picture is classic! It would make a great poster!