When Did You First Fall in Love with Pit Bulls?

June 1, 2012  

We asked our Facebook fans, ”When did you first fall in love with pit bulls?” Some of you didn’t even realize you had a pit bull, many pit bulls won you over with their amazing personalities. One thing is clear… for all of you, it was love at first sight! Thanks everyone for sharing.

I fostered a blue nose female rescue pit, who was used as bait in fights, for what was supposed to be one week. She was supposed to be adopted at the end of that week, but by day three we were completely in love with her and couldn’t let her go. We have had her for three years now and she is the most amazing dog we have ever had. Pits are the breed I will have for the rest of my life.

~ Christine Elizabeth

When I saw my J sitting in a kennel at an adoption fair, smiling!

~ Heather Anne Hendricksen

I first fell in love with them when I met my pit mix Bunny for the first time. I went to meet two dogs from a rescue organization in Sherman Oaks (Thumping Tails). The first dog was somewhat timid, but Bunny flopped over on her back in my lap and gave me the goofiest wide mouth smile. I was a goner after that. She had kennel cough so we couldn’t take her home right away. I drove 17 miles every day for a week during my lunch hour to give her walks and kisses. Now she is my spoiled 47-pound lap dog. She is the nanna to my 16-month-old son.

~ Theresa Barnard

The day I picked up that little brindle puppy that someone had dumped in the parking lot of a grocery store one week before Thanksgiving. She was only 6-7 weeks old, muddy because it had been raining and hungry. I put her in my hoodie pocket, took her in the store, got her some soft food and took her home. Didn’t know she was a pit mix at the time, wasn’t really sure what a pit bull was until my vet told me. I saw all the horrible things about them on the Internet when I looked up her breed and thought “There is no way something this adorable and snuggly could ever be that mean.” Every day she proves me right by being one of the most wonderful dogs I have ever had.

~ Kellie Crider

Twelve years ago when we adopted our Guinness from the animal hospital where she was left and abandoned…..she was our FIRST baby and has helped me raise my three little boys since!!!!!

~ Joy Gernegliaro Salgado ‎

When I went to the shelter to adopt, I talked to all the dogs because I felt so badly for them. As I went to leave, the cutest pit bull stuck her paw out of the cage and gently pulled my hand towards her. I was a goner!! She is the sweetest, friendliest, goofiest dog ever.

~ Elizabeth Diem

I got my first dog at 10, had no clue what a pit bull even was. A trucker was giving her away and selling her inbred pups (Her and her brother mated yuk) I didn’t know they were even inbred until I went to look at them and she was locked in a cage away from the litter and he called her “it.” Needless to say I ended up taking her home.. My mother wasn’t very impressed that I just came home with a dog. We got her home and she started rolling on her back itching, with her tongue and teeth out, my mom was terrified yelling, “shes gonna attack!” Well after that passed and my mom got used to her, I had to move, but my mom kept my dog. This dog trained my mom to fetch her food from the fridge and everything even had her own couch in the house. My mom really liked her… BEST dog in the world she was. She passed away living with my mother sadly though one week before I got my house where she was allowed.

~ Katharine Sullivan

I’ve always loved all dogs. At some points in time society dictates that I pay a little more attention to some than others, which is the case with pit bulls. That said I will have at least one rescued “pit” something until I die.

~ Rhett Nicks

When I was born, I was a twin, it was me, then a pit bull, we’ve been together ever since.

~ Laurie Adams

My first was a scrawny runt about 6-weeks-old, bred by a gamer and smallest of a litter of about 10. He was the greatest, most loving, wonderful dog that taught me all about the silly goofballs pits are. Their loyalty and intelligence, sweet natures, and magical smiles. He passed way too young and I miss Jam so much. He was the first and cemented my love for bullys. My house will never be a home without one. After he died Bowser stole my hear at the humane society. He and his sister Suzie (Boston terror ) keep my home happy! And give the cats exercise!

~ Kristin Morris

When our rescue Olivia, turned out to be a pit mix. She is the cutest, silliest and biggest cuddle bug I’ve ever had. I cannot imagine not having a pit or pit mix from now on. They are the best! And her smile gets me every time!

~ Caryn Hersh

I was in an abusive relationship and spent long hours locked in a room in a house with one of my (now ex’s) pit bull dogs. At the beginning I hated them because I had listened to all the hype but Babygirl bonded to me and made my time bearable. The exact moment I fell in love was when I was eating caramel popcorn with her tucked by my side and when I burped at her she burped back. Loved babygirl…the ironic part was she had been rescued from a fight ring…Now I am older and stronger and advocate for the breed. I plan to board pit bulls and eventually start a rescue.

~ Amanda ONeal

When I was a small curious boy and fell down a well the family pit bull went to mom and dad was able to communicate to get the sheriff to come rescue me…. Or maybe that’s just an episode of Lassie… l don’t know, I’ve been drunk since 12:30.

~ Shannon Swain Paul

Okay guys no judgment here… I was 16 and I was set on ‘buying’ myself a puppy for my 17th birthday. I was searching through Craigslist and found an ad for “hound mix” puppies and one looked just like a beagle (I have a soft spot for beagles). I called and got an address to pick up the “beagle” puppy I wanted. Well my sister and I, who were anti-pit bull at the time, were shocked to find out the puppies’ father was a pit bull. We sat there debating if we wanted one of these ‘vicious’ dogs in our home when the father dog brought a toy and set it in my lap, whined then set his head down gently on my hand. I was so in awe of how this dog defeated everything I had ever thought about pit bulls that there was no more discussion; I brought home the ‘clearance puppy’. Boy has he tested my patience, but he’s the best dog ever. I honestly don’t know where I would be in life if I had not met my dog’s father, because Iggy wouldn’t be sitting at my feet four years later as I write this, and Iggy wouldn’t be here helping spread the positive image of the true pit bull.

~ Sarah Miller

When I was a small curious boy and fell down a well the family pit bull went to mom and dad was able to communicate to get the sheriff to come rescue me…. Or maybe that’s just an episode of Lassie… l don’t know, I’ve been drunk since 12:30.

~ Shannon Swain Paul

Seven years ago when I was given a 7-week-old puppy… my very first baby.. .it was love at first sight and to this day she is still my baby and I was once a skeptic now I want hundreds… I love dogs with all my heart, but boy is there something truly special about a pit bull when raised properly …. she’s just the sweetest girl in the world.

~ Chrissy Trotta

Back in the mid-80s, my roommate and I were talking about getting a dog. We couldn’t figure out a dog that we both liked. We were at a renaissance fair in MN when she ran up to me – “I found the perfect dog!” and dragged me over to this short-haired, stocky dog with a tail and a tongue that never stopped. The person at the end of the leash laughed and said she was an American Staffordshire terrier. We were in love. Once home, we did some research on the breed and got a pup soon after – that was Gila. (or Gila monster, as we learned slowly about how voracious a chewer she was!) I still love the breed and now have three and am involved in rescue, and the old roommate has one as well.

~ Martha Kennedy

I fell in love with one of my first best friends… Dinkle, my grandpa’s pittie.

~ For Love of a Dog

I found my first pittie roaming in the Wal-Mart parking lot. He was just a baby….and I honestly had no idea what a pit bull was. I took him to the vet….and when my vet said he was a pit bull….I replied “What’s that?” Luckily I had a pit bull friendly vet….and he explained that it was just the classification he fell under. He was an amazing dog…..and he passed away at 9 years old of cancer. I still have his photo hanging on my wall. His name was Bull…..and he is the reason that I founded Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue. I honor his memory every day by saving the lives of his breed. Thank you so much, Bull……you are my hero!

~ Renee Smith

Temperament testing dogs at a large, overcrowded shelter for a super cool program called k9 connection that pairs at risk high schoolers with at risk shelter dogs. (www.k9connection.org)

~ Jessica Anisman

An ex had a pit bull when I met him. When that one died he got another one. I now have that dog’s son and he is my all-time favorite.

~ Angel Howell

When I found my Zoe laying in a cage 20 lbs. underweight covered with mange, bad skin infection, upper respiratory infection and eyes swollen shut with infection. I knew at that moment I had to do something. I think if she was any other breed, something would have been done for her. I asked an animal control officer if she was getting any care for her issues. She just said, it won’t matter, she will be put down tomorrow. SO, I DECIDED TO TAKE HER!! She was a huge “stinky” mess, and she was our baby ever since. She is the best dog ever!!! She made me look at the breed much closer and I am so glad I did. They are loving, goofy, loyal and very smart! My favorite breed now and forever!!

~ Robbin Bartelt

I have always had small breed doggies and am part of a rescue organization. A year ago I brought a pittie from the township home to foster. I adopted him and now I am a pittie-person, was a big challenge and very different from the small breeds I am use to. Amazed by this breed, I’ve got kids, other dogs and cat. He sleeps with my teenage daughter and just amazing to see how he loves the children.

~ Sonnet Scott

In 1970 in Orlando, Fla. Also fell in luv with air boats, they just seemed to go together. The biggest reasons I would live in Florida again.

~ Roscoe Goad

I was working as a law enforcement park ranger for the National Park Service…I had just been hired full time and was given a residence within the park…the next logical step was to have a Tupperware party and get a dog. I had always been raised with mutts so I didn’t have any breed in mind. I knew I wanted medium because big dogs don’t live long enough …I couldn’t deal with a dog only living 6 years. I knew I wanted short hair. That was it. So I started meeting and greeting every dog in the park…it became a bit of a joke among my fellow rangers who were busy busting people…I was the puppy petter and baby holder. I had no bias and no fear… unlike my some of my fellow rangers… so I was the one who broke into the cars on HOT days when @#*holes locked their dogs in the car because they didn’t realize no dogs on the beach. Through all this I was taking mental notes. I noticed myself being drawn to the what I now know to be the “bully breeds.” I can remember being licked nearly to death by a dog that I assumed was a boxer mutt and asked what is he? The owners seeing that I was armed and in uniform said “ummm Staffordshire Terrier” I was like “ok cool, never heard of that breed.” After talking to the owner and loving on the dog for the better part of an hour he finally said the dog was a pit. I had never even seen one to my knowledge and was soooo in love with his dog I knew then and there I was going to the shelter asap, to see if by chance they had one or two, little did I know I could have my pick! I adopted Scarlet in August of 1997 she was about 9 months old. I fudged the papers for having her in the park… just put down lab mutt. That became a big joke… “Here comes Eileen with her beagle or here she comes with her toy poodle”…everyone loved Scarlet, even the powers that be…no one ever said her breed out loud for fear I would get in trouble but everyone knew what she was and I proudly paraded her around and told anyone and everyone what a wonderful breed and dog and friend she was. We lost her to cancer last year and my heart still aches for her… we have Lilah now.. .a rescue…life with a pup is way different than life with a 14 year old dog, but we are loving it.

~ Eileen Enright Gromlowicz

The first lick I got; their beauty and loyalty shines through their eyes and tongues!

~ Lisa Bratcher

When I got my girl from the rescue. She is a pit/rott mix. My son adopted her brother/littermate first. The pups were 8 weeks old, but I loved her ears, her markings and her honey colored eyes. A couple years later we got Roscoe, a pure-bred tri-colored pit bull. He is such an awesome little dog, beautiful and full of energy. The two of them look like a matched set, the pure bred slightly smaller and more muscular, but matching markings. They both love the water and boating and camping. We are hoping to travel across the country with them next summer. Our son moved from Florida to Seattle and took his dog with, so we are taking our girl, Baby to see her brother.

~ Kelly Kempke-Knueppel

When my son brought home a stray he had found. Ty was the best and calmest lap dog we have ever had. He changed a lot of people’s minds about pits.

~ Debi Shutter Stafford

About 10 years ago, when I was 19, I moved into a huge house with seven other young, punk kids like myself. One of my roommates was heavily involved in dog rescue and she had a real soft spot for pit bulls. We had several come and go in the time we lived together, and each one I fell in love with and wanted to adopt, but I didn’t have the money or time to have a dog of my own. A few years later I moved out of the city and immediately started looking for a pit of my own. The same friend who had introduced me to the breed went on a hunt for a rescue for me to adopt. Fortunately, I was able to save my sweet Gatsby from euthanasia in Ontario, Canada, after the breed ban went through there. Seven years later, we’re still together and I am thankful every day that I fell in love with this amazing breed.

~ Henry Gerelle

When we rented the basement of a friend’s house, he had a beautiful pittie who would mother my babies. She thought they were hers, would follow them around the yard, “herd” them away from areas she felt they shouldn’t be and would wag her tail with such happy exuberance that her entire tush would shake.

~ Jenny Bronson

When our friends were coming to stay with us, they told us they had a pit bull. Initially they were going to house her in a car, and we told them to bring her into the house. She sat outside of my daughter’s door every night, and she became a member of our family immediately. When our friends left out of state, we kept Molly. She has been with us for six years, and we love the breed so much, we adopted another last year, Polly. The best dogs we have ever had. So loyal and mellow, especially with the kids.

~ Holly Patenaude

The moment my ex took me to get our first puppy. I had never been around the breed and as soon as I walked in and saw those cute little pitties with their beautiful smiles I was hooked!!!!!! That was over 10 years ago and that’s all I have since!!! My Tessa was the best four-legged baby ever!!!!!

~ Erin Tapp

I took in an abused neglected dog over 20 years ago not knowing he was a pit bull (Staffordshire terrier). I just wanted to give him a stable loving home. When he went for his first vet visit is when I found out what I had. He was the most loving, loyal dog I had ever had and that is when I fell in love with the breed. I have had three others since he died and can’t imagine adopting any other breed. I volunteer at a shelter that has a wonderful pit bull program and I work to spread the word about what wonderful pet they are. I currently have two and they are so much fun, I can’t imagine my life without them.

~ Kathy Casaday

When I laid eyes on, a then, hamster-sized Logan- it was his eye patch.

~ Perlita Sanchez

I rescued (dumped near our country home) what I thought at the time, was a pit mix and not wanting anything to do with pits, tried my darnest to find her a home. This was in 2004. I was not getting any responses from the no-kill shelters, rescue groups or law enforcement canine units because of her looks and I had even had her temperament tested, which she passed. So after 14 months of trying, I kept her. I started educating myself about the breed. I changed my attitude and fell in love. She changed with lots of “nothing-in-life-is-free” training. We have had some tough training issues but we got through them together. I learned, she learned. This is my April! She may not have an iota of pit bull DNA in her, but I don’t really care! She’s MY dog!

~ Nancy Goodman

When we adopted our gal, Lucy.

~ Patti Ritter-Reusch

We first fell in love with pitties when we were told by our new vet that our dog we’d had for two years (and whom we were told by the rescue we adopted him from that he was a corgi mix) was in fact a pittie. I couldn’t reconcile the sweet dog we’d loved for two years was in fact the vicious creature we’d heard about on the news. So after a lot of research, we discovered how great pitties actually were, and how many of Turk’s quirks were in fact “pittie” behaviors. We’ve loved them ever since!

~ Our Waldo Bungie

Six years ago, someone my husband worked with asked if we could foster a dog for 30 days. The owner had gotten a job out of state and needed to find a place to live then he was going to get his dog. Cypress is still here with us we couldn’t bear to let him go. He was our big Velcro Chicken, scared of thunder, fireworks, and loud noises and always had to be stuck to someone. Since then we failed at fostering again and have a little girl to go with him, not sure how much pit is in her, but she is boxer bulldog pit mix of some kind. They just have more personality then other dogs in my opinion. To be clear the owner did say he wasn’t going to be able to get his dog back, it isn’t like we stole someone’s dog.

~ Tabitha Riley

A few years ago while volunteering at our local humane society, they were so gentle compared to the other dogs there.

~ Pat Holeman

When the children of our elderly neighbor got him a beautiful brindle girl to keep him company. We have known Puffer since she was a puppy and I started paying more attention to the bad reputation pitties have gotten, and have been supporting pit bull advocates ever since. And I am the proud
Gramma of a pit mix now!

~ Becky Doerfler

Adopted my then vet student daughter’s “spay dog”sight unseen. She was a terrified, anxiety ridden 1 year old. I walked her MILES to work it out. When she broke out of two crates, we went to doggie day care. She washes the cats, and snuggles under the covers with me. Smitten probably from the day she first washed my face two and a half years ago.

~ Sandra Cooper

About 10 years ago.

~ Lisa Beam

October 31, 2010, my husband and I went to a Dog Days adoption event in CT with no intention of bringing a dog home. But there he was amongst the chaos, lying like a sweet quiet angel in a pen. It was love at first sight…we adopted him right then and there, named him Dexter and have never looked back. Pit bulls are my husband and my heart and soul. It is a breed that makes you love every minute of every day. We are so thank that our lil boy landed in our hearts and home.

~ Taryn Fabian

I was born to love them!

~ Donna M Ransom

My daughter brought home a puppy (and we told her dad it was a boxer). And because she needed someone to play with, I agreed to foster a pit puppy that had been dumped by the dog pound. Foster? Please. And since I fell in love with these ridiculous dogs, I began fostering for a local pit bull rescue, something I highly recommend.

~ Marcye Malone Davies

The second I seen a sad abandon little brown puppy stuffed in a cat crate and decided she would never have to go through that again!

~ April Dooley

I became a volunteer dog walker at the Seattle Animal Shelter. Many of the dogs there, available for adoption were pitties–and I was quite intimidated by them at first. With time and experience, I became enamored with their quickness to learn and cute antics (like “General,” a very masculine guy who would walk only if he had his lavender elephant in his mouth)…and their soulful eyes.

~ Donna Terra Gary-Gogerty

Valentine’s Day 2008. My wife threatened me with living in the doghouse myself if I didn’t come along to an adoption event her friends were putting on, even though she swore she wasn’t ready for another dog. Buster melted my heart with the first big “wet truck mud flap” kiss. No one wanted him because he was a pit bull… thankfully! He’s curled up on my feet right now, sweetest little guy I’ve ever known.

~ Matt Gorsuch

I first fell in love with pit bulls when we rescued a starving blue nose, and she was the best family dog. She later got hit by a car. Today my family and I have three pit bulls!

~ Ta’Mara Sheeley

When I started volunteering at the local animal shelter, I’d never heard the term “pit bull.” Over time I met more and more dogs identified as “pit bulls” and fell in love with each and every one of them. I was 14 and just couldn’t understand what the big deal was. They greeted me with wiggles and “attacked” me with kisses, walked with me in the woods, and were more loyal than any human friend could be. One of the first was Majik and my friend and I spoiled him rotten for the three years he was at our shelter. I used to joke he was the only guy for me! While other kids were hanging out at the park, my friend and I would be walking the shelter’s pitties around hoping to get some stares and the opportunity to educate someone about them. Our living situation prevents my husband and I from having a pittie of our own for a very long time, but I will always be in love with them!

~ Krista Rodrigues

Four years ago when I rescued my first love bug.

~ Raquel Elle Bell

Not so much a love story… When people started asking if my new boxer mix was a pit. I researched what happens in Denver when someone thinks your dog looks like a bully breed and joined the anti-BSL movement immediately. We moved to a city with BSL that allows DNA testing so she’s safe now but that’s not good enough for me. It’s not good enough for me until no one has to worry about their dog being seized and killed simply because of their appearance.

~ Nicole Margeson

It was last August, when I started taking my new, hyperactive blue heeler rescue, Bella, to the dog park. We met a LOT of pit bulls, which I’d only heard about in the press. All the ones we met were playful, goofy blockheads — I was really surprised. (Bella wasn’t; pits are her favorite playmates.) Then, every afternoon, she started playing with a young golden pit named Fergie, who was a rescue in foster care. I watched this dog carefully. In a month, I never saw a single instance of inconsistency in her temperament; in fact, she was so gentle, and so careful with her mouth, that it seemed almost magical. When her foster-dad started interviewing prospective new families for her, I knew I couldn’t let her go to anyone else. I’d fallen for her — hard! And bringing her home was the best decision I ever made. This year, I hope to get her Canine Good Citizen, and maybe someday she will be a therapy dog.

~ Lynette Combs

Well, the first time I met one, of course.

~ Aussie Pet Mobile – Cape Cod

Twelve years ago when I started volunteering at my local SPCA. They were listed as Am Staffs. I started realizing that I was drawn to this breed and had NO idea what Am Staffs were. I had never had a favorite breed of dog before – I would always tell people my favorite breed was “shelter mutts”. Now my life revolves around one very special pit mix I adopted almost three years ago. I can’t imagine my life without her.

~ Christine Rahn

They day we picked up our “foster” Bella. We were told she was a boxer, but as soon as we saw her we knew she was a pit. I was terrified. One of ours daughters is in a wheelchair and that made me even more nervous! Bella was here for about three hours and we all knew that she belonged with us. She is such a love that we now have TWO wonderful pitties and can’t imagine life without them. They have very important jobs! They are responsible for keeping the kitchen floor clean and they are our on-call pillows! They are both very good at their jobs!

~ Staci Hayes

The rescue of the Vicktory dogs!

~ Lisa Russo

After fostering my first one several years ago. I fell madly in love with their disposition and clown like antics. I ended up adopting my first one. I never had any issues with them around my cats, dogs or visitors. They have also been some of the best off leash hiking dogs.

~ Linda Blauch

Not until I fostered my now adopted pittie, Roxy. I can’t imagine life without her.

~ Deborah Webster

My first experience living with a pittie (I can’t really say “owning” one – if anything, they always own me!) was when I adopted my pit mix Chelsea, whose story was published here on StubbyDog . I had been around pits belonging to other people, and had always been impressed with how friendly they were, but I was still a tiny bit uneasy about living with one…I had young children at the time, and was a little worried because of all the media hype I had read. Within a very short time of Miss Chelsea coming to live with us, all doubt was gone and my entire family was madly in love. Well, with the exception of my now-ex husband, who doesn’t like any animals. He finally gave me an ultimatum several years later – him or the animals. It only took me one weekend to help him pack. I currently live with a pittie puppy that I took in so that the people he was staying with wouldn’t take him to the local shelter. Pit bulls definitely spoil you for other dogs – they are so smart, sweet, funny, loyal and loving! I can’t imagine my life without at least one pittie in it.

~ Lisa Blendheim

As a child I read the original The Poky Little Puppy children’s book which features pit bull pups as the characters. I loved it then and love it now except someone has redrawn the pups to look more like spaniels!! Didn’t realize how much I loved pit bulls as real dogs until I volunteered at our local animal shelter. There I met the most fabulous pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Great loving dogs and so much fun. God bless them.

~ Diana Furness

When a friend of mine asked me if I wanted a pit, I said I can’t because I lived with my aunt at the time. She said, “I’ll bring her (my baby Tessie) over if you want to see her… No strings attached. So the moment I saw her, I said I’ll keep her, fell in love immediately. Tessie has been the most awesome dog I’ve ever have. Love her to the bones!

~ Caro Kisner

When we adopted a little chocolate red nose. I never thought I would meet a more fiercely loyal breed than a bull mastiff, until we got a pit. I couldn’t imagine living without a pit bull in my family now.

~ Tom Sharpe

When I looked into the eyes of a chubby 1-week-old puppy born in a drug dealing dog fighting home. I knew I had to get him out of there so I looked in my wallet, gave the girl cash and walked out the door with the puppy in my purse wondering ,how am I going to take care of a 1-week-old pit? That was many years ago. I have owned three since. They stole my heart.

~ Ellen DeBoeser

Mama fell in love with pitties in 1997 when Dad and son brought home a pit bull puppy to save her from falling into the wrong hands. Mama was not so sure at first because she lived in an apartment and wasn’t supposed to have a dog, never-mind a pit bull! She ended up falling in love with Zena right away. The landlord had a change of heart about allowing dogs after seeing how well behaved Zena was. She was a part of the family for nearly 15 years during which time Mama bought a house and began advocating on behalf of pitties through responsible ownership and good deeds. Zena helped “raise” the kids and grand-kids. She loyally stood by her human family and also helped with adjusting the other pitties that joined the family/extended family. Zena was the alpha female, but never used her teeth to guide the other dogs, she only told them “NO” (GRRRR). Along came Albasa, Cookie and Sasha who were also very lovable, valued family members. They were all ambassadogs for pitties, through good deeds, therapy work and fundraising. Their stories are too long and special to post; you’d need to interview Mama. RIP to the elderbulls who have all passed. I, Zeus, was adopted by Mama last summer, I’m pittie #5. After Mama has her heart surgery and I help her recover, she will adopt a friend for me (Pittie#6). We will work hard to honor Mama’s pitties before us and make her proud. PS: Mama’s Son who brought Zena home with dad, died in the Army. His Pittie, Albasa, helped Mama the most with the loss of his boy. He also became a therapy/visitor dog with Mama. We think Albasa sent me to Mama and Zena after he died from Lymphoma in 2010. Faithful friend until the end!!!

~ Zeus Paradis

Twenty-one years ago when a beautiful dog named Bean dropped a tennis ball at my feet and looked from me to the ball and back again until I threw it for her. It was pretty much love at first sight and I eventually adopted her (really, she adopted me) from my neighbor who owned her. Since then, I’ve welcomed at least 12 pit bulls into my home, some as fosters and several as foster failures. And although each dog has a very distinct personality, as a whole, pit bulls are the smartest, sweetest, and funniest dogs I’ve ever met.

~ Wren End Bsl Kellogg

Ten years ago when my son got one.

~ Winnie Bryant Allen

I first fell in love with pit bulls when my sister rescued a pittie puppy from an abusive situation. But my love became whole when I started volunteering as a dog walker for BARCS, in Baltimore City. At first I was a bit nervous. I would retrieve, walk, and handle all of these high energy dogs with bad reputations, but after my first day I developed an unbreakable and die hard bond. Day after day of working with these dogs and becoming more involved in the “fight” to re-build their true reputation in society humbles me in ways I never imagined. They’re amazing dogs and I’m proud to work with, rescue, and love them.

~ Annmarie Knight

The day we brought our boy home from the shelter – he was 2.5, very mellow, loving, quiet, with hints of zoomie craziness! I fell in love with how loyal he instantly was — no desire to run off — and zero prey drive. He would lie in the driveway and watch the going-ons of the neighborhood. He learned the yard boundaries nearly instantly and stuck to them perfectly. That first weekend I was head over heels. Of course, he saved the curtain shredding for a few days later to be sure he was cemented in our hearts. (we found we had some separation anxiety to deal with! We all survived!) He’s 7 now, still my love bug, still just a darn good dog.

~ Amanda Taylor

When my older brother Ruben bought this little all black puppy to our house, about 20 years ago. The dog belonged to a friend of his who could not keep her anymore because he was being shipped overseas by the military. I can’t remember her original name, but when Ruben bought her to us, the song “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson happened to be playing on the radio, so that’s the name we gave her! But we always called her just “Billie.” Billie brought so much love and joy into our lives. She was part pittie,part Chow Chow, but the only Chow that actually showed on Billie was her blue black tongue!! Billie died about 8 years after she joined our family. It took me this long to feel like I was ready to give my heart to another pit bull, but now we have our Nalani Angel’s Rose, a chocolate Lab/pit bull mix. And Nalani has helped me to finally be able to give my heart to her without crying or feeling guilty about Billie.

~ Stella Gonzales Vidales

The second I saw one.

~ Tracy Jackson Wilson

As a child…I loved Petey from The Little Rascals. I own three of my own now. Oddly, I seem to be drawn to the fawn color with white sox and blaze. All of mine look alike! I’ll be a pit bull Mama for life, no doubt.

~ Tammy Ackaret Eide

My love for the breed came after my first one was put down. She had been a good girl. So I got my second one about four years later and he became man of the house. We went through hard times and he became my soul mate. It seems the more I hear negative blame placed on the breed and idiots fear them the more I love them. I have my third now. I love her. And I want the best for every one of them and the pups. My love started back about 1985.

~ Brenda London

January 2009. When I first fostered one.

~ Anna Semyonova

I first fell in love with a pit bull when I read my mother’s and my favorite book, Beautiful Joe. I was in the 6th grade. Some years later, my son-in-law brought home a handsome brown white pure pittie puppy. It was love at first sight and their first pittie. I wanted one of my own and have a sweetie Staffie rescue. No other breed for me!

~ Linda Kennedy

I was 13 or 14 and my mom’s best friend became the new mommy to her cousin’s 11-year-old fighting pit bull brindle beauty named Beau (after said cousin was sent to prison on felony drug charges). Beau had never lost a fight, yet walked right into a household with two mini schnauzers and a German shepherd to live out the rest of his days, fight free. He lived to be 16, and in the five years that he was a part of my life I learned to admire his strength of body (his favorite toy was a Jeep tire!) and his strength of mind. This dog was a trained killer who lived peacefully with three other dogs and numerous small children. Beau inspired me to do tons of pit bull research and write a half dozen speeches and papers on him and his breed throughout high school and college. I’m now a teacher, and I continue to teach his lessons to my students, and the very proud owner of two pound puppy pibbles – they don’t fight other dogs, they fight for the rights of their breed at every store, dog park, and party that we set foot in by demonstrating that same strength of character that I grew to love more than a decade ago from the most unlikely teacher.

~ Nikki Foley

When my ex walked into my job with Sadie Marie almost 6 years ago! I now own two and would have 20 if I had the space!

~ Julie Cobb- Giossi

In 1989, I accidentally adopted “Dickie.” he was a fabulous boy — although he would lower his head and literally WALK RIGHT THROUGH THE FENCE to go greet the school bus… He LOVED KIDS!!! And I didn’t have any yet.

~ Traci Munkres Buffum

How can anyone not love that beautiful pit face?

~ Gauge Chabot

When my daughter came home with the cutest puppy I had ever seen that she bought from someone off the street corner. I didn’t know what she was, she was just a dog to me, but when I did find out and realized the stigma attached to pit bulls I was shocked. She is the absolute best dog I have ever owned, and I’ve had quite a few different types! She is by far the best with kids, great with other dogs, patient, loyal, loving and smart. She will be 9 years old this summer and I have now fostered four other pit bulls, and currently have another rescued pit. I would never get another breed of dog, and I will be absolutely devastated when she leaves me, she’s my best friend.

~ Diana Larson

When a little pittie girl was kicked out of a truck at the off-leash dog park. She played with every dog, let them play tug of war with her and gave endless kisses to everyone. Luckily, a good Samaritan took her home, found out she probably wouldn’t make it out of the shelter alive, so kept her. She was always a pleasure to be around.

~ Dress-A-Bull

It was April 23, 2011 – the day we adopted Maddie (our pittie) from Companion Pet Rescue. She’s a real love.

~ Cindy Matteson

My husband did the minute he laid eyes on Daisy/Roxy and I did when we actually began fostering her. Sweet girl. The second one we adopted I fell in love with first, a senior gal who had been lost or dumped after a litter. Something about her being a senior pit bull (we hardly EVER see pit bulls over 3 or 4 in shelters). Anyway both of these girls have left an impression our hearts and our beagles genuinely have mourned the loss of both. RIP Roxy and Dollyanna

~ Sandy-Sandra Rikkers

When I read, “The Lost Dogs.” And after following the story of Patrick, the pittie nearly starved to death and thrown down a garbage chute.

~ Sally DiDonato

I guess we had never really thought about breed. Dogs are great, and we loved them all. Calvin the Wonder Beagle has been with us for 11 years. We even had treats for them at our place of business and a German shepherd was our “greeter” when he was around. It was Zeke’s photo on a kill list that grabbed our hearts. You know the rest of the story. Well there is one new thing, a few weeks ago Zeke discovered the couch, and now it is his, LOL.

~ Berwick Louisiana, it’s discriminatory Breed Specific Law, one-drop rule.

In 1998.

~ Robin Stone

I grew up knowing that there were no “aggressive breeds” because I grew up with a Rottweiler in my life who was a sweet soul. I never knew a pit until I was 18 and went into a store one day and the “greeter” was a 2-year-old male pit bull named Chronic. He was the sweetest most loving dog. He even let the store’s owner’s 3-year-old daughter climb all over him and ride him like a little horse. His love for that little girl was so sweet and true. I knew from then on that pit bulls were for me, and they needed to let their light shine. Eleven years later I adopted my pit girl Macey and she also LOVES children, she will cry for them if their parents won’t let them come pet her. Truly amazing wonderful dogs. Best.

~ Abbey Parker

First pibble nose I ever kissed – my baby Jack!

~ Jennifer Marie Braxton

When I first met Tucker, the greatest sweetest dog ever. He is so adorable and so smart. He is adopted by my friends and is having a great home. Unfortunately when my visit was over, he decided not to come with me. I miss him but I am thankful that he changed my mind about pit bulls.

~ Vivien Meier

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21 Responses to “When Did You First Fall in Love with Pit Bulls?”
  1. I first fell in love with pit bulls after knowing the plight of pit bulls and the deal was sealed the day Sasha ran through the house and jumped on my sons bed and licked him feverishly, jumped on my daughters bed and shook one of her stuffed animals and lastly jumped on my bed and sat there as if she was the queen!

  2. dragondix2 says:

    My empathy with pit bulls drew me to them. My love of pit bulls began I offered to help a friend find a home for APBT “Hammer”, later renamed Herman, when the precious lil’ goofball adopted me.

  3. dragondix2 says:

    Empathy drew me to pit bulls. My love of pit bulls began when I agreed to help a friend rehome APBT “Hammer”, later renamed Herman, when the lovable lil’ goofball adopted me. That’s when I discovored that the stories about pit bulls “grabbing things and not letting go” was true. Herman grabbed my hard and never let go!

  4. dragondix2 says:

    For me, it began with empathy and grew into love when I agreed to help a friend rehome APBT “Hammer”, later renamed Herman, when the lovable lil’ goofball adopted me. Turns out the stories about pit bulls grabbing something and not letting go are true. Herman grabbed hold of my heart and never let go.

  5. adoremydogs says:

    Hmmm….Was it looking into Savannah’s soulful puppy eyes for the first time?
    Was it when I first experienced her puppy zoomies? Was it the first time she would actually hold still for a long hug?
    Was it looking into Jack’s confused puppy eyes, after he had been rescued from being thrown from a car on a overpass? Was it when I comforted him through his night terrors, from a past unknown? Was it when he rooted into the small of my back and hair, to get a better sleeping position? Was it the first time I saw him dig furiously in a mud puddle, coating mouth and all in mud, smiling up at me? Not sure of the exact moment, but it sure is an enduring love that will last my lifetime, that I’m very thankful for.

    • dragondix2 says:

       @adoremydogs  All the experiences you mentioned sound so moving. I like the last part too, about the love lasting for life. I feel the same way.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @adoremydogs So sweet, we are tearing up all over again. thanks for sharing.

  6. These stories are so, so wonderful to read. I’ve fallen in love with pit bulls because of…this site! I’ve never owned one and used to believe the media about them, but I’ve changed my mind. Whenever I’m ready to adopt a dog on my own, I’ll be looking at pit bulls. 🙂 

    • adoremydogs says:

      @annedreshfield You won’t regret it!

    • dragondix2 says:

      @annedreshfield A friendly warning : pit bulls are unrepentant thieves, they’ll steal your heart and never give it back!

  7. Mike in DHS says:

    Shortly after one came to stay with us with her 3 day old puppies. We fell in love with the one survivor and decided to keep him. I had believed all the stories about how evil and dangerous they were so I figured I better study up on the breed to make sure we were making the right decision. Well I found out how special this bread really is and knew I had a great pal. When my mom first met him she spotted the he was pit and immediately did not like him, but Harley worked his magic and soon won her over. She even helped pay for his training so she would feel more comfortable watching her new grandchild. 
    As shining a star as Harley was he was short lived, at 9 months old he died of kidney failure and crushed our hearts. Since then though my entire family have been advocates for pits and I have two more dogs that are pit mixes, including Ricky who is a Pit Great Dane mix and as lovable as all get out. 

    • dragondix2 says:

      @Mike in DHS. Run free, little Harley. You changed hearts in you’re all too short time on this side of the rainbow bridge.

  8. PhyllisBryan says:

    I never thought i would ever own a pit. But then i dated a guy who had a red nosed pit named sunshine. I fell in love with her and her breed. But it became even more cemented in my mind and my heart, when Sunshine met my mother. My mom was very sick. When we would go to see my mom Sunshine would follow her around every where my mom went. Then my mom became paralyzed from the neck down. We would go visit her and stay a few days to help out. Sunshine instinctively knew my mom couldnt move, So she would go and lay beside my mom’s recliner or bed, and just lay her head on my moms hand, for hours at a time. Then after my mom died, the first time or two that we went to help my dad, Sunshine would just walk around the house whinning and wimpering looking for my mom. Pits are so loyal, loving and compasionate. They are not born mean and vicious. They are made that way by bad, uncaring owners. I now have Sunshines daughter Belle. She has been my best friend for the last 7 years, and a constant and loyal companion to my daughters. I will never have any other dog except a pittie.

  9. LM says:

    I grew up with a pit bull, from age 3 months old until 11– he was a puppy when I was an infant…Spady– used to hide and sleep in his over-sized doghouse with him– when I would “run away form home”, that’s where I’d go– he never once sold me out…it’s insane to me what society has done to this breed…I will die advocating and defending these beautiful divine creatures…

    • dragondix2 says:

      @LM. That’s a neat story! Thanks for sharing that.

    • dragondix2 says:

      @LM. That’s a neat story! Thanks for sharing that. I’m glad you had a friend to keep you company when you decided to “runaway”. LOL!

      • LM says:

         @dragondix2 Spady was awesome– and I was a pretty unstable volatile child– probably deserved to get bit on a few occasions– he never once growled at me– just followed me around most of the time, wanted to play fetch (with ANYTHING) or as he got older take naps in my lap…he did eat my lunch a few times, but then again I left it in his dog house!  Spady was my first pibble love, but definitely not my last 🙂

  10. StephanieRea says:

    I feel in love with “Pit Bulls” when I met Sharky, I was 19. He was my ex’s roommates dog. He greeted me at the door barking and growling like he was ready to pounce until his owner said “Sharky, nice.” He then greeted me wagging his tail and licking my face. My ex then adopted a “Pit Bull” and named her Hailey. Fortunately for me, he didn’t want her, he wanted the couch we had replaced together after she ate his original one and I got to keep her 🙂 She melted my heart the first time I saw her and continues to do so every time I see her. She is the most amazing dog I’ve ever had and ever will have. I even have her named tattoo’d to me 🙂