Olivia’s Art for Animals

June 7, 2012  

A young girl speaks out for animals and sells her original artwork to benefit pet charities

By Olivia Pedrick

Hi, I’m Olivia Pedrick, and I am 10 years old. You know how a lot of people are trying to stop world hunger, or trying to cure cancer? Well, there are people trying to stop puppy mills and put dog fighting to an end just as much.

If you don’t know what a puppy mill is, I’ll tell you. A puppy mill is where they breed dogs. They put the dogs in cages. The cage is the same size of a cage you put your cat in to go to the vet. They keep the dogs in the cage its entire life. My grandma has two dogs. One is named Winston and the other is Charlie. Charlie came from a puppy mill. Charlie did not know how to be a regular dog, but with a lot of love and attention, he has had a great life. If you think the people that work at the puppy mills care about the dogs, they don’t! The people that work there only care about making money. That is the reason why people (including me) want to stop puppy mills.

I’m sure you all know what dog fights are. … People pay a lot of money to watch them. This is mean and it makes me sick. That is why there are so many good people out there trying to stop it.

About the Author: Olivia has been painting for almost one year now, and she donates all of her proceeds to animal charities and rescues. She sells original paintings and a lot of commissioned work. You can learn more by visiting her Facebook page: Olivia’s Art for Animals.

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10 Responses to “Olivia’s Art for Animals”
  1. Matt.S says:

    I like the picture of the white dog you shared. I especially like the cool collar. You are a talented and caring young lady!

  2. Phenomenal work! Keep up the awesome work you do!

  3. loveandbellylaughs says:

    Wow! Kudos to Olivia for working for charity at such a young age. I love the pictures too, it’s pretty good for a ten year old. 🙂 Keep up with the fantastic work, Olivia!

  4. Great work, Olivia! You’re helping so many animals in need! 

  5. Michelle62 says:

    Thank you for being such a caring, lovely young lady. Your talent is going to take you far in this life as well as your love of dogs. Seeking to help those who cannot speak for themselves is a true humanitarian. Keep up the good work in your art and most importantly your mission of helping pit bulls involved in fighting, and the disgusting puppy mill business . May you go far in your endeavor. 🙂

  6. NikkiKeating says:

    Fantastic job Olivia! You are helping so many animals to lead better lives. =)

  7. DianaJones says:

    Wow…I went to Olivia’s website and I was just amazed at her talent. Lucky we have her on our side. I love her style. Bravo young lady, you are a stand out for kids everywhere.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @DianaJones her artwork is amazing and it’s great we have a young advocate like her on our side.