Exciting Partnership to Help More Dogs Find Happy Homes

June 28, 2012  

By Laura Petrolino, VP of Operations

We are very excited to announce a partnership with the recently launched organization Adopt NY.

AdoptNY.org is a coalition of New York rescue groups working together to make New York NO KILL. Their goal is to increase adoptions of New York shelter animals by raising awareness and increasing exposure of adoptable animals. Just as StubbyDog works to “re-brand” the pit bull, Adopt NY is working to “re-brand” shelter animals as a whole.

StubbyDog will have an active voice on the Adopt NY website, helping to create an online hub for intelligent advocacy and education and working to further dispel outdated myths and stereotypes. We will work together with Adopt NY and their coalition of rescue groups to provide resources and information to all parties involved in saving dogs lives and helping them find happy homes (organizations, fosters, adopters and advocates).

We will also be working with them to highlight some of their adoptable pit bulls in our successful Rescue Dog of the Week program.

Learn more about Adopt NY on their website and Facebook page.

And read about the inspiration and motivation for the creation of the group from co-founder Jeff Latzer.

See my first blog.

Stay tuned as we unveil information and resources that can specifically help, not only New York pit bulls, but rescue and advocacy groups across the country.

In the end, this partnership means one thing … more pit bulls will find happy homes!

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5 Responses to “Exciting Partnership to Help More Dogs Find Happy Homes”
  1. AWESOMENESS news!!!

  2. That’s great news!

  3. laurieburton says:

    That’s great! I live in Baltimore and I rescued my pit mix from the Manhattan Care Center a few weeks ago – a place that puts down 20+ dogs a day. So sad. Very happy to hear you will be helping them!

  4. Congratulations on the partnership! Looks like it’s a perfect fit. Can’t wait to see what good work you do together.

  5. sassybrat says:

     @laurieburton If you notice most of the dogs they put down are Pit Bulls. It makes me so mad that they kill so many dogs and that most of them are Pit Bulls. I to have a Pit Bull from Manhattan. She came to my home on Oct.13 2011 as a foster. I failed and adopted her 3 months later . She is so sweet and cute and funny and smart.  I continue to network the dogs (and some cats) in NYC even though I live in Western NY. Ohh and I don’t think Midnight  misses Manhattan she is enjoying being a country girl!