Daphney and Nicolis

May 16, 2012  

A grandmother shares how her pit bull and grandson enjoy a special bond

By Holly Alessi

My pit bull Daphney loves it when my 9-year-old grandson Nicolis comes over. Nicolis has created a doggy version of kickball that he plays with all our three dogs. He kicks the ball and runs the bases. If Daphney gets the ball, he has to beat her back to home plate. Daphney also plays basketball with Nicolis.

And after a long day at play, they settle down for the night together. She will stay with him until he wakes up. The only problem is that she is a big, old bed hog!

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5 Responses to “Daphney and Nicolis”
  1. Too cute and touching.¬† Aren’t they all bed hogs, it must be in their DNA ūüôā

    • canucanoe2 says:

      ¬†@theprettychicI too can attest to the bed hoggyness of pibbles.¬† I know what you’re thinking…is hoggyness even a word?,

      • dragondix2 says:

        ¬†@canucanoe2¬†¬†@theprettychic¬†If “hoggyness” isn’t a word, it should be.

  2. MistressofDance says:

    Beautiful story and picture……just wonder how the politicians in Maryland can judge this breed as being unacceptable.¬† BSL is so unfair…..should be OSL = Owner Specific Legislation !

  3. dragondix2 says: