All in the Family

May 30, 2012  

Sam enjoys snuggling and showing off his great obedience with his adopted family

By Janice Mahaffey

We adopted Sam from the local humane society when he was 8 months old. Initially, I was very wary that I had just brought home a pit bull, but the kids loved him, and he was so sweet with them.

After a few weeks, my 10-year-old daughter decided she was going to be in charge of walking him. She noticed the looks she got, and she told me about the comments she would overhear because he was a pit bull. So, she decided to bring treats with her, and whenever she heard the comments, she would stop and practice obedience commands with him, hoping people would see he wasn’t the viscous dog they thought he was. We now often get stopped by people who have positive things to say.

We’ve had Sam for a year and a half now. And, we’ve adopted a crotchety but sweet 8-year-old Lab/Chow, along with Sam and our cat. While I am his mama (LOL), he usually spends lazy weekends taking turns with who he naps with. My 12-year-old son now walks and feeds him, and my daughter hugs and kisses him. I think they all think of each other as family.

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3 Responses to “All in the Family”
  1. AmyTeal says:

    He is adorable =)

  2. WOW what a smart young lady you have!

  3. dragondix2 says:

    You have smart kids! Bringing treats on walks to show people what a pit bull’s really like is a great idea!