What’s in a Name? Part II

April 13, 2012  

We asked our Facebook fans, ‘Does your dog have an unusual or unique name? How did you pick your dog’s name?’

Lil Miss Artemis, Poo Poo, Darla and Kaos, just to name a few. Thanks everyone for sharing. Check out Part I.
(photos by Melissa Lipani)

Yes, she does BABYSNAPS….She kind of picked it… When she was little she would snap her teeth together when she would get excited! I would say “Look! The Baby is Snapping her teeth again”…. There you have it… BabySnaps!!!!

~ Pamila Schwartz

My wife and I were driving home after having adopted Mocha. The rescue had named her Sara, which we thought was too human. So I was throwing out names I liked…which happened to be car-related. She said no to Lotus, no to Porsche, no to everything. Then I looked down at my Starbucks cup and said, “What about Mocha?” Finally, a winner!

~ Dustin May

We have a Mastiff named Lou Dog after the lead singer’s dog from Sublime, but he gets called Pooey or Poo Poo.. Kind of weird when you’re out in public yelling “Poo Poo” at your dog. His brother’s name is Dozer, perfectly suitable as he ‘bull dozes’ cupboard doors, and drawers closed. If you’re not careful he’ll doze you too!

~ Dee Dee Ramoner

Not unusual, but named after Diego, the Sabertooth in Ice Age. Bad reputation, everyone is scared of him, but heart of gold and the best friend you can have.

~ Sandra Schares

My pits’ names are Gage, after the band Killswitch Engage, and Nila, which means deep blue water in Latin, because she’s blue.

~ Derek Elliott

We are fostering a 4-month-old Schnauzer/Shih Tzu mix for a rescue group. We named him Capt. Jack Sparrow, he is black and white with wirey hair and a Fu Manchu moustache. And he is a little pirate because he will steal your heart.

~ Patricia Swaney Carney

Not so unusual name…just a different spelling from “the mouse”… Our dog is Stewart Little..(the mouse spells it Stuart). My husband loves the name Stewie…and we knew our pit was going to be a BIG boy, so the Little works good. At 18 months he is 80 lbs. of sweet muscle.

~ Jamie DeVine Legato

My mom’s dog is Ozzie because she chewed the head off a bird as a puppy. Our female pit is Raelin. I just thought it sounded pretty. Our boy is Dozer. Because he’s a bull in a China shop! He’s full of energy and only has two speeds… Play or sleep.

~ Stacy Tarle

My girl doesn’t have a super unusual name. Her name is Sofie. All of my cats have Russian names, and I wanted her to have one too, but a sweet name to go with her sweet personality.

~ Nuria Rodriguez

Lil Miss Artemis and her brother Apollo ‘BooBie’ (Putter and BooB) siblings from the same litter Apollo not so unique but Artemis for a lil girl yes I think. We went to get one puppy, and the guy said nobody was interested cause they were not mean enough, it broke my heart and as my hubby held on to lil BooBie (now 130 lb. lap dog) he said go ahead and get another one, so I looked and said who wants to go home with me and lil Miss Artemis came running over, three years later I love my pibbles/Tennessee Mountain cursl and fight to end BDL and over population!!

~ Sherrie Lockman Sullivan

We have Sukha (Sanskrit for happiness or ease), our pit bull type dog, and Sprocket, our hyper little Lab/Yorkie/Rat Terrier.

~ Marie Desrosiers

My female came to me named already, Violet. I knew I wanted to stick with flower names so when I got my male I picked the most masculine flower name I could find, Phlox.

~ Courtney Furgason

My pit is named Judge … and we named him that because we knew he was goign to be judged by everyone… and he’s the best and he passed his CGC … what a boy I have!

~ Kathy Vanderwerff

My boxer/greyhound/Dane mix is called Serj, after Serj Tankian of System Of A Down. I named him before I met him. When I went to the pound, love at first sight. Better than his original name, Victor!

~ Allie Kohana

Since I was born in Rio de Janeiro, my beautiful pit bull girl’s named Rio.

~ Sandra Romero

My lovely midge pit is named Darla after the Little Rascals character because she cries in the movie and our Darla’s makeup looks like it’s running.

~ Stephanie Tree

Kime-means focus in Japanese.

~ Bonnie Miller Myers

The beautiful lab-mix that my girlfriend and I just adopted is named Josie, after my favorite Blink 182 song- the song that made me believe in love!

~ Keith Demerest

When I adopted my Lab from a breed rescue, his name was Thor, but he was so un-Thor-like, I changed his name to Bowie, which is Gaelic for yellow-haired. My other Lab was rescued from New Orleans and whoever rescued her named her Jolie (French for pretty), so I kept that name.

~ Karen Hermansen

Our APBT is Silver since she was greyish tan in color when she was a pup. Our Rottie’s name was Spike when we rescued him so we kept the name.

~ Tara Hanley Stapledon

My mama dog (RIP) was named Raven because she was black. My daughter named her kids one by one, Scudwoman after her dad who was scud, C because there was a big white c on her head, loves cause she was lovey, funny looking who we kept and is now Lucy, Loco cause she was wild and is now with my neighbor and her name is Kacy, T-bone, Super Girl who we also kept and now she is Tisa or CC, Whitey because he was fluffy and white, Quicksilver cause he was a silver brindle, Browny because he was brown , Spot because he had spots all over and then one other girl I don’t remember her name but I thought it was cute that my daughter named all the pups.

~ Renee Gainey

My pittie is named Barracuda (Cuda for short) to commemorate the day we got him. We were renting a boat at a marina to go fishing, and the worker there had a tiny puppy following him around and asked if we wanted him. He said he got him from someone who took him from a man that was going to drown him. We said if he still had him when we got back we’d think about it. At the end of the day, the pup was still there, and when I sat on the ground and offered a snack he came right to me, and I just fell in love. We named him Barracuda because that was all we caught all day.

~ Felicia Smith

My dogs names are Tiger and Storm but their nicknames are Tigerus Maximus and Stormosaurus Rex , I don’t know why.

~ Gilbert Rivera

My male pit is Sparta. My female pit/boxer is Athena. My white cat is Atilla, my black cat is Panthero, Orange cat is Tubby, and last is my grey cat Radio. Sparta was picked because he is a fighter. We got him at 3 weeks old after his mom tried to kill him. Athena… well every Spartan needs his oracle/goddess.

~ Kaytie Turner

Our 60-pound pit is Jackson McDogg. Or just Jack if brevity is your thing.

~ Scott Vargo

Our pup’s name is Stromboli Sam. I let my 3-year-old name him. Our Chi’s name is Theodore Bippity-Bop, my now 9 (5 at the time) year old named him. Theodore usually gets called Theodork or Theodorkus though.

~ Michelle Price Gnodle

Our pittie is a rescue form our local shelter and was shot by a cop while running loose. The shelter named him Renegade but we call him Boo Boo…..He has two scars where he was shot …..hence, Boo Boo.

~ Raymond Hajduga

My Boston/Staff girl is named Lillith Belle like in the old country western song ‘Jingle Jangle Jingle.’ Her father belong to my boyfriend’s older brother who named him Church after a good friend of his. Both dogs answer to a variety of weird nicknames that change almost daily though.

~ Maria Isabel Garcia

Dino, Gooch, Puca…My background is economics and finance, so GDP. All kept their shelter names.

~ Rhett Nicks

Merle… We call him that as that’s the name of the gene that causes his white coat blue eyes and deafness. He also kind of looks like Merle Haggard.

~ Nicole Paonessa Gallo

My pittie’s name is Chango which means monkey, and he got his name because he just wants to climb everywhere…and of course we wanted a nice funny name not an evil mean one.

~ Evelyn Ramirez-Landa

My pit is named Bouncer, my son wanted him to sound tough, so named him Bar “Bouncer.” Everyone thinks it is because he loves to run around and pounce on him toys.

~ Nancy Crossman

I have a husky named “Goat.” He was neglected and running with a pack of dogs and they killed a goat. No one thought he really did it so he was spared being put down and then I got him from husky rescue. And 10 years later he is still a very good boy!!

~ Jennifer Bragg

Crystal is named after Crystal River, Florida. After watching her being penned up in a crate in the back of a pick-up in 80 degree heat, all day, we convinced the kid who had her to sell her to us. She was saved from a life of boar hunting.

~ Tracy Joyce Smith

My dog’s name is Kosmonaut rocket dog. I did an animation with my other pibble where she played space pup so it was a tribute to her and also to Laika the first dog in space!

~ Deborah von Dayraven

All our dogs’ names have been related to popular songs or musicians: Good Golly Miss Molly; Moravia’s Louie, Louie; Buddy (Holly); (Little Orphan) Annie; (Bill) Bailey; Birdie (for Gershwin’s “Little Jazz Bird”)

~ Stan Modjesky

When we adopted our tri-pawed pittie from the humane society she was called “Caramel” (I assume because of her color?), but we found that to be too wishy-washy for how strong she was recovering from her accident, overcoming her amputation and surviving being abandoned so we named her ” Ilish ” which is Gaelic for ‘Elizabeth’ and means God’s vow.

~ Diana Lachapelle

We named our black and white boy Pilgrim after he traveled from a rescue in Detroit to his new home in Tacoma, WA. Not only does the color scheme fit, as well as the traveling piece, but he is named after comic book character Scott Pilgrim. His nickname is The Grims.

~ Naomi Carleton

Our pittie is named “Reesi” as when she was at the shelter (before we rescued her) she absolutely adored recess and playing with the other pooches. So, the staff took to calling her “Recess” which morphed into “Reesi.” I named her Reesi Noelle when we adopted her because she came to us around Christmastime. She also goes by “Reesi Bear” because she has a skull the size of a bear’s head!

~ Joie Siebert

I have a blue nose pit bull named Harley Quinn after the joker’s girlfriend because she has a marking of a half smile on the right side of her face. (couldn’t name her joker because she’s a female!) …and my red nose pit/Australian Shepherd mix is Riot because at 3 weeks old my grandma saw her playing with me hopping around and called her a riot not to mention one of favorite bands Paramore has an album named Riot!

~ Kim Flores

My pix is named Ripples after his brindle like color reminded me of ripples in the water.

~ Tiffany Magnan

Goliath. Because my husband is David.

~ Jen Ostrow

My pit’s name is Cerberus, I love mythology.

~ Matthew Gallagher

Our pitty’s name is Aggro. We’re geeks in this house and named him after common gamer slang. Aggro is short for ‘aggression’ or is how a player gets a target to attack them. Guess you would need to be a gamer to be amused at “Help, I have puppy aggro!” yelled out when he gets super snuggly.

~ Lynx Mistrunner

After seven years of my husband saying, “No pets,” he came home with an ad for a miniature poodle. Before we were dating, we both had read a book by Richard Bach about the love he had for his wife Leslie. I once mentioned that I wanted to be loved like Richard loved Leslie. Since my husband absolutely did not want pets, but he knew I really missed not having one, I felt it was a great sacrifice on his part, putting aside his wants for mine. My first dog was named Leslie. Five years later, another dog came to live with us. Charlie came already named.

~ Jeannene Whitefield Mitchell

Our pittie’s name is Remus after Remus Lupin, the werewolf, in the Harry Potter series. Mom and Dad started dating because of a mutual geeky obsession with the series and thought it was a good fit. Especially because Remus comes from Roman mythology and is the founder of Rome with his brother Romulus and were said to have been raised by wolves. We call him the werewolf when he’s bad!

~ Courtney Beckerink

My pitt is named Crash, the day we rescued him we went to PetCo to buy him a collar my daughter had him in a buggy and let him jump out and he crashed on the floor!!!!!!!

~ Kevin Headrick

Kerry isn’t so uncommon, but I have never met another dog named Kerry and the shelter had given her that name and she answered to it so there was no way I was going to change that..and Keira is named after Keira Knightly because they’re both beautiful!

~ Lacie Lesueur

I have a dog named CoolWhip. She is solid white, soft, sweet, and rather “fluffy.” And I have another dog named Chauncey. His name was originally Chance but it gradually evolved into Chauncey. It suits his droll personality.

~ Sandy Hice

My Boxer mix was named Gomer at the shelter due to his underbite and the way he perpetually looks like Gomer Pyle saying “Shazam!” I’m not much of a fan, but he was already answering to it. I minored in Classical Studies in college, So, Gomer became Homer after the Greek poet.

~ Lucy Quinlan

Our golden pit bull is named Nugget. Not just because of his color, but when he was really little he fell off our bed and my husband said “oh, you fell on your nugget.”

~ Cindy Wittich

I named my pet Luna Bela (not because of harry potter). I had a cat that I originally wanted to name Luna and realized a better name for her, but always kept the name Luna in my heart for a pet one day. Two years later my pit bull crossed into my life. There is nothing quite like the sight of a full moon at night and neither is there about seeing my dog after a long day. Her middle name “Bela” is out of remembrance of Bela Legosi and when spoken it can be interpreted also like “beautiful moon.” I have two cats, one named Samhain Macavity Cricket: he is all black and reminds me of a “Halloween” cat and so this was a no-brainer. His middle names are Macavity (for the old possums book by TS Eliot) and Cricket (the original owners name for him). Then my Thalia (originally thought to be Luna) for the muse of comedy as she always brings a smile to my face.

~ Alexandra Beck

My Staffie/Boxer is Tyson, I had the name before I had him, plus he is a big boy and needed a strong name, turns out he like to box when you play with him so he fits his name well, my little 4-month pure Staffie is Tilly, she came with her name, she now only answers to Tilly Toes, it fits well as she is black bridle with four little white toes on her left hind foot, the dogs in my life have always had quite unusual names such as Zeus my first ever dog, Defor (D for dog) my brother’s black Lab, Amber my liver and white Springer, Hebredies, my mum’s rescue English bulldog/Dalmatian.

~ Charli Murphy

My dog’s name is Zory after Zoro but the female version, but I had a friend that had a cat name Damn It. She would say “Damn It get off of that” or “come here Damn It!”

~ Rita Diets

Is Sweetie Pie unusual? I think it says it all, she also has a few nicknames, like Pie Pie, Pumpkin Pie.. Pumpkin butt, P Pie, P Pie Pumpkin butt, Stinky butt (after daycare especially–lol)

~ Jackie Mesarick

My female pit mix is named “Pearleeboo.” The woman who fostered her named her “Isaboo”, which i thought was adorable, but my daughter’s name is “Isabella” and I thought it sounded too similar, so since I am a huge Pearl Jam fan I came up with “Pearleeboo.” My male pittie was named “Twin” at the shelter (i guess because he looked just like his brother littermate) but my daughter renamed him “Peanut Butter” because of his color. We had a Lab mix named “PJ” (after pearl jam of course) for 11 years. We also had a pit bull/beagle mix named “Nipper” (after the RCA dog) who lived for 13 years. My dogs have tons of nicknames too. I am surprised they respond to so many nicknames!

~ Renee DeSandro

Gibson is named after my husband’s favorite guitar. My next pup will be Fender or Martin.

~ Laura Salerno

Not necessarily unique, but I had Samson and Delilah, We found Samson first, then adopted Delilah, I always said if we were to adopt another dog she would be named Delilah, I always thought it was cute!

~ Beverly Miller Musgrave

I have a pit bull/Mastiff mix named Yin and a Shar Pei mixed named Yang. So I have a Yin and Yang.

~ Vicky Barley Egge

My punkin head’s shelter name was Richard. Although my wonderful friends and family thought ”Dick the Dog” was HILARIOUS, I opted to rename him Diego. Not unusual, but I think it’s an improvement!

~ Laura Page

We rescued our our Staffie right before St. Paddy’s day a couple years ago so we named her Paddy.

~ Kevin Nulph

Princess aka Momma Girl. She will come to both. She is my baby and I love her. My other pibble is King Diesel Lee. I wanted him to be king of the house and the name Diesel after the hot actor Vin Diesel!

~ Amy Reinert

We named our first pit Hades. At the time I was thinking of the Disney movie character and how he had eyes like fire. I never knew the name would later make me feel guilty, because my intent was never to make him sound mean or scary. Regardless, his name is Hades and we think it’s adorable for out little baby. Our second rescue was named Braylon after Braylon Edwards. I’m not a football fan but the rescue had given her the name because she was tough and had overcome a lot– we kept it because I thought it sounded cute!

~ Emily Storkamp

Our beagle mix is Finn after Huck Finn. Our Lab/pittie mix is Rosie, named after a shelter employee who helped during the adoption process.

~ Erin Trone Hanson

My pits are named Eleanor (Elli) and Devastator(Dev); both names came from movies (“Gone in 60 Seconds” and “The Transformers”) but Dev’s really fits because as a puppy he destroyed everything he could get his little puppy teeth on!

~ Shaunna Dircks

Dog #1 was named Badger because he’s black and white like a badger. So dog #2 had to be named Mushroom!

~ Ike Mao

My pit is Zero, my Lab/pit mix is Federal, and the cats are Ash, Kali and Burrito. Kali is the only one I got to name and it came from a book I read when I was younger. Her name is officially Kalika but I call her Kali or Kali Mae. The vet asks me how to pronounce it every year when she gets her shots. Ash is grey and brown striped and Burrito is orange and white. It kind of fits.

~ Angel Howell

My pit was rescued just before he was to be put down, and they called him Whitey at the pound (i think?) His foster parents thought of Wyatt instead, and because of them, I have my big ole pit, so I kept the name to always remind me if it weren’t for them rescuing, training and loving him I wouldn’t have my Wyatt! I believe it is Wyatt Earp he was named after.

~ Marguerite Sands

In honor of a Shepherd-Lab we had named Muddy Waters, my ex and I decided to name our dogs after singers. When a little red-haired pit mix moved in with us, we named her Reba. He is gone now, but I have carried on the tradition. When a little black pit mix moved in with Reba and me, I named her Ella.

~ M.K. Means

I didn’t pick her name!!! I first saw my Babygirl when she was 2 days old…she picked me as I was going to pick her brother…I spent two weeks EVERY DAY calling her everything from A to Z. She picked Zimba, 11 years later she still Piglet.

~ Tracy Ward

My pound puppy pibble girl was nameless for a week, then became Riley… Riley needed a middle name and soon became Riley Sue… A few weeks later, I realized that Riley Sue Whoo rhymes with Cindy Lou Whoo from the Grinch, and Voila! She has a name. Today, she is only called Riley when she’s in trouble, and then it’s Riley Sue! Otherwise she goes by Sue, Suzy, Susan, Suzy Q, Sweet Pea, Suey Whoey, and an assortment of other nonsensical names. Whatever her name, hands down she’s the best dog I’ve ever owned.

~ Nikki Foley

Inara: A character from the series Firefly (some may know the movie Serenity). Inara was a professional “companion”. Though not in the same sense, my Inara is a companion too. Her registered name is Seeking Serenity.

~ Rachel Brown Richards

Brom: A character from the book and movie Eragon. Brom was a dragon rider and lost his dragon during battle. With the bond that a dragon and rider carry, the surviving partner often dies of a broken heart when they lose the other. Brom had to be a strong person in order to continue on to help save his country. My Brom had a very rough beginning and I felt he needed a strong name to help him carry on. The strength Brom (the character) showed was exactly what my Brom needed.

~ Rachel Brown Richards

Kaos is named after the evil organization in Get Smart. GoGo is named after GoGo Yubari from Kill Bill. Our Akita (RIP) was named Mishima after a Japanese author.

~ John Dinn

My pit mix dog is named Wynken, from Wynken, Blinken and Nod. Wynken was dropped, along with his sibling, at the animal shelter when 12 weeks old. Both had been poked in one eye with a sharp object. Wynken’s eye, which was hugely swollen and almost hanging from the socket, needed to be removed immediately, and then he came down with a life-threatening infection. The adorable little one-eyed dog fought for his life and, though I thought I was only fostering him, I adopted him. Now, almost 3 years old, this funny looking, fiesty, loving goofball is the joy of my life.

~ Edie Maxey

I named my pitty mix “Dolce.” It translates as “sweet” in Italian. I fostered him when he was a puppy with an injured leg that required surgery… Through his lengthy recovery he was very docile and just simply sweet! Took me almost two weeks to come up with the perfect name for him and then I adopted him.

~ Joni Fuller

Named my rescued PittieBoo Yogi after Yogi Berra of baseball fame!

~ Dian Massa Rattner

Addie was actually changed from her original name of “Adventure”- she was the most outgoing of a litter of nine brought to Best Friends after being abandoned on a highway in Los Angeles. I guess that was quite an adventure and she got the crowning name. Her canine adoptive sibling, whom we also got from Best Friends, was named Peter Pan. I can’t even begin to guess where that came from but, considering he is shy, small and looks like the kid who always gets sand kicked in his face by the bullies, we just shortened it to Peter or Pete!

~ Mina Yindra

My rescue Am Staff is named DaMam. Long story…

~ Faye Tonn Smith

We have Clover, a pibble/heeler mix who adopted us from the street as a puppy. Her owner was happy to give her to us. She was named by my 5-year-old grandson because he was madly into searching for four-leafed clovers at the time. And Bandit, a pointer/shepherd mix (best guess), was named for his black eye mask and the fact that he showed up in our yard during a snowstorm and stole our hearts while we searched for but never found.

~ Diana Leigh McCullough Ward

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