What Does Your Dog Do to Make You Laugh?

April 20, 2012  

We are kicking off our canine clown theme! So we asked our Facebook fans, ’Does your dog do something silly? Does he or she sleep upside and drool? Tell us something your dog does that makes you laugh!’

Whether it’s funny sleeping noises, frog-legged travel, somersaults or zoomies, our dogs keep us laughing every day. Thanks everyone for sharing.

After every single meal Ozzie runs to his bed and does a face plant into it, butt in the air, and proceeds to wipe his face on the bed while making the strangest noises and sometimes barks. Then he usually rolls over onto his back, feet in the air and lays there making more noises, sometimes ending with a fit of zoomies. Guess his food is pretty good!

~ Alicia Anthony Baldwin

My pit bull Ringo tends to pass gas (audibly) whenever he jumps up on the couch. Or even when he gets up slowly, he stretches his body out and the movement seems to trigger the release of gas.

~ Alex Echenberg

My 5-pound Chihuahua won’t permit the 100-pound bulldog on the couch. It’s entertaining, if not laughable.

~ Julie Marie Miller

When Sophia sleeps upside down; she often has her teeth “bared” and her tongue hanging out of her mouth! It looks like her upper muzzle lacks strength and it just droops! Very funny when she is dreaming!

~ Heather Anne Hendricksen

Our pit can’t stand (or maybe loves) the water hose. The minute it gets turned on, he’s barking like mad and trying to get it, but loves being sprayed and will try to eat the water. We call him Goober-Dog when he acts that way.

~ Christine Richardson Zigler

Our girl does what we call swimming in the grass. She lies on her belly, froggy legged and pulls herself along with her front paws and pushing with her back feet. She’ll “swim” completely around the patch of grass we have with this blissful look on her face.

~ Sandy O’Dell

My younger girl will wait for the perfect time to Superman jump off the couch to tackle the older girl, she’s quite a personality.

~ Erin Ramseyer

Every time our dog Cromulent gets off the couch, he drags his hind legs on the cushions for as long as he can before he has to put them on the floor.

~ Alison Attebery

My pup Chief has surface issues and it cracks me up sometimes. We will go to my parent’s house and he will romp around in the grass having the time of his life, until I ask him to cross the concrete to come inside. My pup will follow me EVERYWHERE except that darn patio. He will sit at the edge of the grass and look at my longingly, as though I’m abandoning him to walk on the patio. Luckily he’s only 50 lbs. so I can pick him up when I need to, I guess I need to keep working out in case he plants himself in the grass when he’s bigger. My silly boy.

~ Jessica Rose Winer

Every night I jump on the bed at bedtime and do headstands and flips until mom says time to go to sleep.

~ Dove the love bug

My dog goes in another room and chases his tail and makes growling noises. Then when he sees someone watching he stops and acts like it never happened. It’s funny!!!

~ Amber Wolf

My 4 year old pibble likes to lay on his back and wiggle and growl…everyone thinks it’s funny when I show them the video I took of him doing this!

~ Kim Kisela Mattson

Eats couches. He’s also afraid of bright green things, but only if someone is holding it. He also gets very upset with his reflection. And has a fit when playing with chew toys that squeak.

~ Kyle Brown

My Mair-Mair is no longer a pit bull but a moo-bull. When she goes outside she does her business, then grazes. Not just a little grass nibble here and there. She finds the lushes parts of the yard and proceeds to chomp down with noises too. I thought maybe there was something wrong but no vomit, no tummy aceh…she just enjoys grazing and now has my Boxer doing it too (but she just taste) not grazes. Mair-Mair Moo-bull the newest way to keep your grass cut.

~ Renay Bell Peters

Trace, my pittie/pointer cross has decided that he is a cat… the cats like to sit behind me on the couch and wrap around my neck. The last few months, Trace has decided this is the best possible solution to his dilemma of where to sit on the couch as well. 75 lbs. of little goofy pit bull wrapped firmly around my neck.

~ Erin Kolczak

Goliath will “groom” your feet. He will clean them for you (even in between your toes) and then nibble on your toenails.

~ Jen Ostrow

He’s a BOXER…silly is in his blood!

~ Sallyann M Marcoux Cote

My pit bull, Annie, loves to lay on her back, back legs down, and front legs straight up. I started saying “Touchdown!” When she did it and now she will do it on command, eventually even falling asleep in this position. Snoring loudly. It’s adorable and comical.

~ Maureen Anna Healy

Yep, the red Mia, mumbles in her in sleep. Sometimes it sounds like she’s having an argument, it gets loud. Other times it turns into whimpers and crying. Or snorts. Mostly it’s just like a conversation with someone…yak yak yak.

~ Merrill Shauna Wallace

When you tell Bane to “speak” he gets soooo excited he tap dances and can’t bark!

~ Connie Bond

Priya comes in from outside, rubs against the couch, plops down and then rubs her back against our carpet. While she’s doing this she makes what we refer to as her Wookie noise. Cracks me up every time.

~ Kristy Lynch

Rocky likes to hunt bugs. He knows the command, “Get the buggie,” and will catch it – whether it’s a moth or a fly. One day I heard growling in the other room. I walked in and saw Rocky keeping a spider between his two paws and growling at it. It’s very funny!

~ Micaela Myers

Tango does his happy dance when we get home from work and does zoomies when people visit. He loves visitors.

~ Christina Mahesse

My pit bull sleeps on his back and tongue all the way out ….also gets on a froggy position and starts dragging himself like a soldier.

~ Angelica Aguirre

Spackle tips her food onto the floor. Then she picks the dish up and flings it across the room until it lands in front of the TV. Then, if there is any remaining food in the dish she lies down and watches TV while she eats. When she’s done there, she eats the food that she originally tipped onto the floor.

~ Allison Sabo

We all sing along with our toy piano!

~ Silvee LaPibble

Bowser loves to meet new people by running full force between their legs, and the shorter they are, the funnier it is when you have 75 lbs. of schmuck pushing you back 5 feet by the crotch. He also eats grass like a cow, sleeps completely twisted hanging out of the recliner, gets chased by the mean neighborhood cats, and is scared of his own farts. My Boston terrier, on the other hand, owns her farts. Suzie will let loose and look at you like “yeah I did that, so what?”

~ Kristin Morris

Trooper, my staff-stiff (staffy mastiff cross) cleans one leg and scratches the back of his head with the other. Freja, my husband’s EBT, is quite old and grumpy. If she has to get up off of the sofa she sometimes lays with her front legs hanging over the edge and practices her doggie paddle.

~ Janelle Harkin

My sister’s boy, Gage, has his own play dance. He’ll grab his bone and stomp his two front feet, then raise up on his hind legs, put his front legs like a T-rex, then shake his head and growl (playfully, of course). It’s the funniest thing ever and he loves it when someone joins him!

~ Melinda MacArthur

I’m biased, but I think everything our little pit-mix does is hysterical. One of his frequent odd behaviors is stubbornly deciding, while out for a walk, that he’d prefer to lounge/nap in someone else’s front lawn. In the middle of our walkies, he’ll lie down in some nice grass and refuse to move. If you tug his leash, he rolls over and will slide along the grass on his back while you pull the leash. He’s a Taurus (does astrology work for dogs?) and a pit, so stubborn behaviors like this are pretty common.

~ Celka van Dijk

My baby Pinky sometimes becomes so weary that she will not walk up the stairs to go to bed. She will lie on the floor at the foot of the stairs and cry. My husband has to pick her demure 63 lb. @$$ up and take her to bed. By the way, we had to purchase a king size bed so she and her doggie brother Billy would have enough room to sleep with us. Pinky has a tendency of trying to push us out of bed in the middle of the night when she doesn’t have enough room to sleep between us.

~ Lisa Lawitzke-Hundley

My Mila sucks on her stuffed animals while she pads her feet like a cat!

~ Georgia Christine

Skye is a total clown! She sleeps upside-down on the couch and will twitch so much in her sleep she’ll fall right off! I’m laughing all day with her around.

~ Of Pit Bulls and Patience

When I got into a different room than Charlie and close the door, he’ll come up and start licking the door. He’s smart… he knows that the doorknob is what makes the door open. But, as he has no thumbs, all he can do is lick it. At least my doors are cleaned!!

~ Amanda Kerr

My dog will wake up and get off the couch, if necessary when the FEMALE rat is loosed. She likes to inspect Lacy’s teeth and ears and Lacy will have none of it.

~ Valerie Sherman

My boy has learned to open just about any door. Push doors were easy, has opened those since he was tall enough to reach the knob. Now, he’s taught himself to open doors that pull open. One paw on the door frame to push and one paw pulling the door open…

~ Shawna Higgins

Turner won’t chew on a rawhide until he hides it in the couch and lets it “season” for a few days. He always knows where his rawhides are and gets very nervous when a cat gets near it or we sit on it.

~ Melanie Keller

Arthur just can’t figure out that he’s not EVER going to get traction on the linoleum floor in the kitchen. He is always trying to do his zoomies in there… which inevitably results him spinning out, his feet flying out from under him, and him sliding across the floor on his butt and face-planting the wall (or stove, or cabinets). It happens at least once a week.

~ Heather Martin

Addie loves all dogs and loves to play with everyone- her little Chihuahua/Fox terrier mix brother is not so inclined and frequently launches himself into the folds on her face and starts chewing them. At that point she does one of two things: she either heads straight for me and looks like she is so sad and hurt so she needs multiple hugs or… funniest thing I’ve ever seen with my dogs. She takes her huge paw and places it gently on his head and just pushes him down on the floor, as many times as necessary, and holds him there until he stops being such a pain. Either way, she sure belies the image of how “vicious” she’s supposed to be!

~ Mina Yindra

Froggy “dances” around toys and treats when he gets too excited about them. Polka lies upside down with a crazy grin on her faces and squirms her way around the room. I love my crazy pups!

~ Hayley Sawada

Where to begin? Ben “tater” is a clown and a half! He gets “twitter-tated” and rolls around like a crazy nut. He grabs the corner of a blanket and rolls himself up in it. He is so funny.

~ Catherine Mccumber

When we’re out walking if my pibble Bodie finds a thick patch of grass he’ll drop his forehead down to the ground, execute a perfect sommersault then get up and walk on as if it’s a perfectly normal thing to do. Sometimes he’ll do a ‘sommer-splat’ and roll over to his back then wiggle around and grunt. Walks are an adventure with the B-man.

~ Nyla Robinson

My Emelia sounds like one of the three stooges when she dreams – makes me smile…

~ Anji Redmond Auger

My two girls get on the trampoline when no-one is looking and jump for hours! It’s everything I can do to get them off of there! I go to one side, they run to the other. I have to get ON the trampoline to get them off and they usually jump down as soon as I get up there. It is exhausting!

~ Kristina M Baird

Roscoe is obsessed with being under blankets. He paws at the one on our couch, rubs his head on it, tries to smoosh his face under it, picks it up in his mouth and tries to throw it over himself that way. Finally he stands there alternately panting and snorting at it and looking at my husband and I with desperate, pleading eyes until we put the blankie over him. He also wakes us up at night to get under the covers on our bed.

~ Patty Sarge Terribilini

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4 Responses to “What Does Your Dog Do to Make You Laugh?”
  1. AndreaMilne2 says:

    when i come home from thr grocery store he always thinks theres something for him.. every once in awhile there is something for him.. but he always happens to know when theres nothing and walks away.. but the other day i went and bought some more chunk it balls… i had the bag in my purse and he whimpered by my bag till i pulled it out.. he kept that ball in his mouth all night long.. lol also when he was a puppy we gave him a stuff animal in hopes he would learn not to tear the bear up.. 3 yrs later he still has that bear sleeps with him … and he has a texans jersey we call him matt schaub and when we watch football he is soo smart and brings him in to watch football with us lol

  2. mldsandler says:

    Fletch (aka:Fletchy) passes gas like most pittie mixes seem to do. It’s audible but it sounds like my 7 yr old niece. The funny part is that he startles and runs away every time he does it! Like he hasn’t figured out he’s the one doing it.

  3. RobbiePalmer says:

    One of my Pibble mixes, Marley, will only obey commands to sit, lay down, and stay when they come from my 4 year old. If noah isn’t with us, she obeys everyone just fine..but for some reason, if Noah is around, she only listens to him.