The Upside-Down Clown

April 17, 2012  

This happy pit bull spends most of his time belly up

By Dana Litt

“Laughter is but a frown turned upside down.”

It didn’t take long after Teddy came into my life at 3 months old that I realized he was going to spend 99 percent of his life in an upside-down position. From sleeping that way, playing with toys that way, playing with other dogs that way, to wagging wildly on his back, Teddy approaches life from a supine position!

It never fails to make me laugh when he emphatically flops on the floor, rolls over, sticks his belly in the air and relaxes. Often, when he has “assumed the position,” I start to laugh hysterically, which immediately causes him to start wagging, wiggling and shimmying across my floor on his back. This upside down locomotion is only made funnier by the grunts and moans he makes when shimmying across my floor.

I must add that I’m not the only one who has been charmed by his upside-down antics –both friends and dog-sitters alike have commented on Teddy’s “signature pose” and have asked me if Teddy is ever right side up. My answer, as always, is a resounding “No!” Although I have no reason what prompted Teddy’s upside-down lifestyle, I am forever grateful for the joy and laughter it brings me on a daily basis. Teddy truly is my upside-down clown!

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5 Responses to “The Upside-Down Clown”
  1. mcgaelicgal3 says:

    He’s adorable!  Looks like he needs to be reminded to put on the sunscreen before he snoozes in the sun, tho’!  My furkids are always forgetting too.  ;-p

  2. AprilGray says:

    I love it! My male pitty sleeps on his back when he’s super tuckered out. My female just sneezes her head off when in that position.

  3. suemagic says:

    my cici bug aka polka dot princess also spends much of her life in the upside down position… here is some evidence

  4. Krush & Sasha do this all the time especially when they wake up in the morning.  It’s random and the first time Sasha did it, it scared me half to death lol