StubbyDog Team Member Spotlight: Micaela Myers

April 19, 2012  

Here at StubbyDog we thought it would be a fun idea to let you all get to know us a little bit better. Who really are the core team behind the stories, outreach, resources and Facebook community you all have come to know (and hopefully love) as StubbyDog.

We might be biased, but we think we are a pretty diverse, passionate and, at times, moderately kooky group (moderately might be an understatement). So this week we start with our first StubbyDog Team Member profile, our Managing Editor, Micaela Myers.

In three sentences or less, how did you become a pit bull person?
I became a pit bull person totally by accident. We went to adopt a dog that was listed on PetFinder as a Lab mix, but when we got there they said he was actually a pit bull mix. We adopted him anyhow, and the prejudice we encountered drove us to become advocates.

Your professional/educational background?
I have my master of fine arts degree in writing. Throughout college and graduate school, I worked as a teacher and teaching assistant. After graduate school I became a magazine editor. I’m currently the group editor at Firebrand Media, where I oversee Laguna Beach Magazine, Newport Beach Magazine, Montage Magazine and Bespoke Magazine.

What do you love most about volunteering for StubbyDog?
Where to start? The StubbyDog team, all volunteers, are wonderful people – very welcoming, talented, funny and enthusiastic. It’s contagious! And the StubbyDog community is fantastic – so positive and dedicated. I love that we’re working to solve the root of the problem: prejudice and misperception. When we accomplish this, pit bulls will have a fair shake at life and will not be euthanized and banned just based on how they look.

What pets share the house with you?
We have two adopted dogs that were both listed at the shelter as pit bulls. Rocky will be 10 this year, and Omega will turn 7. Omega is a certified therapy dog and Canine Good Citizen!

Tell us about your first experience with a pit bull?
Adopting Rocky was my first experience ever meeting a dog called a pit bull. After two people we knew said terrible things to us (“Put him down before he turns on you”), we became full-fledged pit bull advocates and began volunteering with Pit Bull Rescue San Diego, where we met dozens of fantastic pit bulls of all ages and eventually met and adopted Omega.

What’s one thing your dog does to really crack you up?
Rocky hunts bugs, and Omega sleeps with her tongue out!

If you could tell everyone in the world one thing about pit bulls, what would it be?
They are just dogs – most labeled “pit bulls” are mixed breeds – and it’s a terrible thing to judge anyone or anything based solely on how it looks; meet a few pit bulls for yourself and judge them as individuals!

What’s your hometown, and where do you live now?
I grew up in Vista, Calif. (in northern San Diego county). I now live in Orange County, Calif., but I’ve also spent time living in the Caribbean and in good old New Jersey.

Which StubbyDog story has made you cry the most so far?
Honestly, at least half of them make me cry! But certainly one is Josh Liddy’s story on his beloved dog Sway – the dog who made him become the amazing pit bull advocate he is today.

What’s your favorite thing about our StubbyDog fans?
StubbyDog fans are amazing! They are dedicated, upbeat people who love their pit bulls and are working to make the world a better place for them. We couldn’t do this without our fans and are so thankful for them.

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10 Responses to “StubbyDog Team Member Spotlight: Micaela Myers”
  1. Whoever read Sway’s story and didn’t cry either didn’t read it or doesn’t have a soul.  The thought of the story makes me cry.  He had so much for her all the way to the end *tears are filling my eyes now*

    • micaelamyers says:

       @theprettychic Yes, Sway’s story was beautiful – very touching. Definitely not one to be forgotten.

  2. Anne says:

    This interview says it all!  From the dogs, to the staff and volunteers, and to the Stubb

  3. Anne says:

    This interviews says it all — kudos to the staff , the volunteers, the pit bulls themselves and  to the StubbyDog fans!

  4. MelanieKeller says:

    I couldn’t agree more with theprettychic! If those same set of questions were asked of me, I would definitely answer the next to last question exactly the same way. 🙂
    Thank you, Micaela, and all the Stubby Dog people. I can’t wait to hear about all of you!

    • micaelamyers says:

       @MelanieKeller Thank you Melanie!  We are indeed so thankful for StubbyDog fans like you!

  5. woofslc says:

    Keep up the fantastic work Miceala, hugs to you and the dogs!

  6. Matt.S says:

    Thanks for your work with my favorite pit bull site & for pit bulls everywhere.