Week One: Campaign of 25,000

March 7, 2012  

Laura Petrolino, StubbyDog VP of Operations

So as I said in my blog Monday, the Campaign of 25,000 is about taking small strides daily to make a difference. It is about helping us see the ways we can be active about change, instead of passive bystanders to injustice.

One of the things that has defined StubbyDog from the beginning is our refusal to be bogged down by the usual arguments, and instead work to change the conversation about pit bulls. We can continue to talk amongst ourselves about the problem and the misperception, or we can go out as a community and show everyone the truth.

Here are a few requests/ideas that might make this more effective and fun:

1) Record all the challenges you participate in, as well as any feedback or responses you receive as a result. In the end we are going to tally all of these up and show the impact that our community had. After all, this campaign is all about the power of 25,000 supporters working in unity. I think we will all be blown away at the end.
2) Have friends participating in the campaign as well? Form a team and work together to maximize your outreach and brainstorm ideas with each other.
3) You don’t need to be a pit bull guardian to participate (I’m not). In fact, non-pit bull guardian advocates can sometimes be the most effective in their outreach.
4) We are open to ideas of other challenges that you think might be effective in getting the word out. These can both be things that are specific to your location or would work well on a national level.

OK, so this week we are going to start off easy with something most of you already do a lot of … share!

We provide you with lots of different ways to share our videos and articles here at StubbyDog:

-On Facebook
-On Twitter
-On our Pinterest page
-As PDFs on our resource page

-Or even old fashion e-mail

This week’s challenge is to share articles or videos from our site 20 times.

We encourage you to mix and match how you share: a couple of e-mails to friends, a couple of shares on Facebook, pin some pictures of some cute puppies on Pinterest, print out an article to give to that friend or family member who can’t get over their negative image of pit bulls. We don’t care how you share, just share (this is lesson number one in kindergarten, so you all have to be pretty darn good at it by now).
Why is sharing so important?

Oh let me count the ways …

a) In this social world, what you share is easily shared by others: The domino effect is amazing. I can’t tell you how many times I hear from people who found one of our articles from a fourth, fifth or later degree of sharing. “I saw a friend commented on an article that someone had shared from your site.” You can get our misperception-busting info into the hands of people who wouldn’t have ever seen it otherwise.

b) One of the biggest causes of misplaced fear is lack of knowledge. When we don’t truly understand or have valid information about an issue, it is easy to grab on to popular sound bites and media hype and take that as our truth. It is amazing to me the transformative effect of supplying people with a bit of factual info to make them think twice and realize the faulty ground their previously held beliefs were built upon.

c) Why is it that when so many people hear the word “pit bull,” they automatically think “dog fighting” or “Michael Vick”? Because that is what they hear over and over and over again. Let’s start replacing those associations with stories and photos of pit bulls as heroes, therapy dogs, companions and most importantly, just being dogs.

So, share away folks. Twenty times by the evening of Sunday 3/11! And don’t worry, we will be cheering you on the rest of this week and providing you with other sharing ideas along the way!

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  1. JonDBui says:

    We started early with the BAMBA SOCIABULL Save a Bull walk last sunday in Salinas ca.