The Transformative Power of a Tutu

March 3, 2012  

By Laura Petrolino, StubbyDog VP of Operations

Some of you will remember that a few months ago I had the chance to get together with Dawn Marshall of Flyin’ Fur Photography and Heart Dog rescue and her amazing dogs for a photo shoot. Well, at that time we had talked about how fun it would be to head down to Ybor City (a quirky part of Tampa with lots of very cool old buildings) and do a “Girl’s Night Out” shoot with the newest addition to Dawn’s family, a foster turned to daughter, the precious Miss Paisley.

Between our two busy schedules, we were finally able to make it work on Tuesday and not only took some super fun photos but also did some pretty good work helping improve the image of pit bulls in the minds of the many people we interacted with. Quite a successful afternoon (if we do say so ourselves).

So first lesson: If you have never walked around in a busy town with a dog wearing pearls and a tutu (and don’t forget about the hot pink painted toe nails), you have simply not lived! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Paisley struts it like a runway model wearing Valentino … it was really impossible for anyone to ignore her.

We’ve discussed before how important a visual image is in making an impression and sending a message. Miss Paisley in her tutu is a perfect example of that very point. She was irresistible. No one’s first impression of her was “Oh look it is a pit bull” because her outfit totally disarmed them. It took away the stereotype that people often dress pit bulls with because she was already dressed in something else, and that thing happened to be a tutu.

This is not to say that everyone needs to grab their dogs and go out walking around with them in dresses and top hats, but it is an important reminder of the transformative power of seeing something out of its expected context. In many ways this is exactly what we do over and over with the stories and photos on StubbyDog. We give the world a different image of pit bulls.

So from hanging at a bar, hijacking a trolley, posing with statues, chatting with some drag queens (much more on that story in my next blog), we had a great afternoon playing model and changing many people’s perception of pit bulls.

Check out more shots of our day HERE.

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5 Responses to “The Transformative Power of a Tutu”
  1. Pibble says:

    Laura, you and Paisley rock it! Love the pearls…

  2. rn4pitbulls says:

    Love it! 2Beauties!

  3. honeyremedy says:

    How sweet! I love the feather boa photos, and the matching nail polish!