People Power

March 13, 2012  

By Laura Petrolino, StubbyDog VP of Operations

Last week we asked you to share, and share you did!!! One week into the Campaign of 25,000, and you all have already blown it out of the water.

And the results? Our website hits went up by double (a couple of days triple), with on average 70 percent of those hits being first-time visitors. Over the course of a week, this accounts for tens of thousands of new people coming to learn more about pit bulls, hear examples of dog after amazing dog, and then (hopefully) turning around and sharing with someone else new.

Comments like this one from a visitor who read our “Rediscover the Pit Bull” article are exactly what we like to hear:

“Thank you so much for this!!! I learned many new things about pit bulls and hope to share these facts with others!!!

Or this one from a visitor who read our “Pit Bull Facts” overview:

“I appreciate the facts/factoids. I have long wondered about pits – had some wonderful experiences with them, they’re very goofy and friendly, but always heard bad things about them. … Glad to know that this specific breed does not have any actual aggressiveness issues related to genetic pre-disposition. Makes it easier for me to relax around the well-behaved pits I run into in my travels!”

Not only did you all share our articles and our site, you shared your thoughts with the powers that be (in this case about showcasing a smiley pit bull in one of their homepage ads. The ripple effect of both individuals and organizations spreading the word and submitting their approving feedback to MSN was inspiring to watch.

The work to change the public perception of pit bulls is not an easy job, but one thing is for sure, the pit bull community is full of some pretty amazing and motivated people working to make a change – and in the end that people power is, well, powerful!

Stay tuned for more challenges this week!

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