Media Matters: Getting Pit Bulls Adopted

March 27, 2012  

By Laura Petrolino, VP of Operations

The pit bull community is very blessed to have many passionate people and organizations filling all sorts of roles. From rescue to advocacy, pit bull lovers are out there making strides across multiple fronts. As all of you know, StubbyDog is a communications organization, our role in this quilt of advocates is to work on messaging, presentation, and really making sure that the story of the pit bull (the real one, not the media hype) gets out there to the general public.

One way where this work has continued to show a strong impact is through our very successful Rescue Dog of the Week program. Much of that is a result of the way we present the wonderful dogs that are up for adoption.

As a result we put together the following set of “Media Matters” guidelines for rescues, shelters and foster parents. We are very excited to unveil these to our community and hope you both enjoy them and find them useful! Please share with a shelter or rescue near you who could use some help with presenting their pit bull adoptees in a better light.

Special thanks to Jessica Dolce for putting these together and Aleksandra Gajdeczka for her special insight on the photography guidelines.

Media Matters For Shelters and Rescues: Creating Adopt-a-Bulls

Media Matters For Shelters and Rescues: Share Your Dogs with the World

Media Matters For Shelters and Rescues: Capturing the Perfect Pit Bull Photograph

Media Matters For Shelters and Rescues: Make them Movie Stars!

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6 Responses to “Media Matters: Getting Pit Bulls Adopted”
  1. tntracy says:

    Great info here!  Thank you!!

  2. soffie says:

    I love your project!  I am so encouraged…and so happy to know that we are all working out there to irradicate the public’s fear of the APBT.  I am looking forward to sharing/posting your site and  your good work!  Bless all our bullies and their advocates!

    • StubbyDog says:

       @soffie Thank you so much. We love when our fans share our stories and help get the good work out on pit bulls. Feel free to write us and share your story too!

  3. soffie says:

    Can I post photos of dogs that are in need of being pulled by rescue groups…on this site?  There is this pit bull who I really want saved…I have posted him among those I know, but nothing happens…he has only until April 4th before he gets put down.  Can you offer any suggestions/advise….I know there are so many on death row, but I really want to try and help him get out.  I have tried to post hoping that someone will want to adopt…because that way I know I could get a rescue group who would pull him.  If you can offer any other means to get this guy highlighted and out there…I would so appreciate it.  Thanks.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @soffieWe would love to feature the dog you mentioned as a Rescue Dog of the Week so he can find his forever home, but unfortunately, in situations that are deemed urgent, often there is not enough time.  Sadly this is the case here. We are sincerely sorry, and we wish we could offer more assistance. Thank you so much for caring about this pit bull and other dogs like him.