Kane is Able

March 20, 2012  

After excelling in obedience training, this pit bull finds his calling visiting rehabilitation facilities and Alzheimer’s wards

By Terry Rybicki

Kane is a red-nosed pit bull. We brought him home when he was 8 weeks old and enrolled him in puppy obedience classes right away. He did a wonderful job. He was a very good listener and learned all the commands.

Kane and I formed a strong bond because we trained together. We then enrolled in the next training class, beginning obedience. He exploded in ability to learn and please.

A major event occurred in our lives that created a new direction in Kane’s life. My mom had her first stroke. Because of her stroke, she had to live at a nearby rehabilitation facility. When I first visited her at the rehab facility, she asked about Kane. I brought Kane on my second visit. Kane made it very clear he wanted to visit all the patients on the floor. He led me from room to room to visit with each patient. The patients loved him.

Kane was then enrolled in intermediate obedience classes. At that time I talked to his trainer about Kane becoming a therapy dog. We met a new friend and her dog Paige. Paige was also a good candidate to become a therapy dog because she enjoyed visiting with the patients.

We then enrolled Kane in advanced obedience and therapy dog training classes, where Kane was introduced to medical equipment, wheelchairs, crutches, etc. This training was part of becoming a therapy dog. The next step was Canine Good Citizen training. We continued introducing additional medical equipment because this was necessary to be able to obtain certification as a therapy dog. Kane passed with flying colors.

We contacted Love on a Leash to see what additional requirements were needed to become a certified therapy dog. We then contacted the rehab facility to help us fulfill the supervised visitation requirements by Love on a Leash. The rehab facility was happy to cooperate because they had already seen Kane in action. Kane has fulfilled the requirements and is now a certified therapy dog.

We continue our visits to the patients at the rehab center, and Kane always brings smiles to many people’s faces. He made good friends with a man in a wheelchair who always looked forward to Kane’s visits. One time Kane raced down the hall to visit with him but stopped in front of him and just put his head in his lap. When visiting, Kane shows remarkable sensitivity. The patients and staff always seem to enjoy Kane’s visits.

We also visit the Alzheimer’s ward. He is very sensitive to the patients there too. Patients might forget other things but they always remember Kane.

Pit bulls are not bad dogs. Love and training, not the breed, makes a great dog. Bad treatment makes a bad dog. Kane makes friends wherever he goes. He doesn’t frighten anyone and is always happy to meet people. He has a keen sense of awareness and is extremely gentle when it seems to be most appropriate. He is a loving member of our family and community.

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2 Responses to “Kane is Able”
  1. WONDERFUL story, felt the love in this story.  Kane is very much able and very handsome

  2. sunkissedbutrfly says:

    Such a sweet dog!