Has a Therapy Dog Impacted Your Life?

March 23, 2012  

We are celebrating therapy dogs, so we asked our Facebook fans, ‘Has a therapy dog impacted your life? If so, please tell us how.’

Not only do these incredible dogs help others they improve the lives of their guardians in so many ways. Thanks everyone for sharing!

Yes, I own a certified therapy pit bull, Skyler (above) and my she has absolutely changed my life. I recently had the opportunity to see the film “Beyond the Myth” and my dog walked the red carpet. At the beginning of the movie the producer Libby Sherrill got up and spoke….she said “it’s that one dog that comes into our life and changes us forever.” That’s what it’s like for me having my therapy dog. We go around and do therapy at hospitals and visit sick children and help kids learn to read but she also works her magic on me every day and I don’t know what I’d do without her . She goes almost everywhere with me and we have traveled the whole United States together she’s my best buddy and I’m so lucky she ended up with me.

~ Celene Wasserman

Her ability to love unconditionally and not judge anyone shames me daily. Plus that, it never ceased to amaze me how one nuzzle from a dog can change a person’s entire day.

~ Tess Purvis

Has she EVER! My dog, Willow, (photo, right) and I are registered Pet Partners, formerly the Delta Society, since 2007. I watch the magic and healing she willingly passes out, not from the perspective of the person we’re visiting, but from the other end of the leash. I’ve watched her coax a smile and a hug out of children in pain from cancer and from the worried parents that hover over them praying for a miracle. I’ve watched the vacant eyes of an Alzheimer’s patient snap into focus, as a smile slowly edges from ear to ear when Willow sneaks in a kiss that she’s not supposed to give. And it’s not anything I’m doing-it’s all Willow. She is a miracle worker on four paws, and my life as well as the lives of those she visits are richer because she’s in it.

~ Heidi Humrickhouse

Not yet…but I did used to volunteer with a horses and the handicapped program in British Columbia – saw some amazing things happen with those kids!!!

~ Dawn Wall

I’m the driver for my therapy dog. I just take her places so that she can do her magic. Yay, Ducky! (above)

~ Sandy Sage

My Katie made me laugh during her time on this earth. Katie also would pick items up for me that I dropped. She was 18 months old when she went and tried to get someone that she thought needed to be at home on the way back she was mowed down in a cross walk . R.I.P

~ Irene Robertson

Yes, I’d been severely bitten by a toy breed about 12 years ago (I was in my 40s so I wasn’t a kid) and became really scared of toys and that breed in particular. I really love dogs and have always had at least one but I don’t think I’m the greatest person around dogs. So after the bites I was scared and frankly I don’t like them very much even though I grew up with toys. (I’m still a little leery). I was at a dog show in Canada almost 10 years ago, watching my dog get his Canadian CGC (CGN) and a lady sat next to me with her small dog. He was a dead ringer for the dog who bit me and she noticed I was visibly nervous. She said, “Are you ok?” Almost in tears and feeling stupid too, I told her why and she said “My little guy is a therapy dog, can he help you?” It took about a half an hour; that little dog was so patient and kind…. really got me over the hump. He ended up in my lap giving me kisses as I cried. I have never forgotten that lady and her therapy dog… I’ve always wanted to do it with one of my dogs…I had one dog that did the work about 18 years ago, never had another one suited for it since, alas. But you never know….

~ Mia Hess

Officially, my dog is not a therapy dog, but… ever since I got him, my bipolar disorder has improved dramatically. Of course, my psychiatrist and meds help, too, but as my husband said, Attila (my Rhodesian Ridgeback hound/Staffordshire mix) has been the best thing that could happen to me (after my husband, of course)

~ Erika Molnar

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  1. Although Sasha & Krush aren’t “legally” therapy dogs they’ve helped me through certain situations with ease.