Gremlin the Thera-Pit

March 12, 2012  

After being rescued from a dog-fighting ring, this special pit bull now visits children in schools and hospitals

By Chris Hughes of Rowdy to the Rescue

My therapy pit bull’s name is Gremlin. Gremlin was used in a fighting ring in the Washington, DC area. She was bought by an undercover cop and then spent almost six months in a shelter as evidence in a cruelty case in which they were all let off with no charges.

I adopted Gremlin from Odessa Rescue & Rehabilitation and started working with her. Both of her back legs had been broken, and her vocal chords have been ruptured. We started working on training with her, and she is now a registered therapy dog through Therapy Dogs Inc.

We started a program in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, called Thera-Pits. There are 16 schools in the city of Cleveland that want our program in their school. We visit the inner-city schools with a couple programs. We work with general classes with a reading program and with special needs and emotionally disturbed children.

We visit Wilcox Elementary School in North Ridgeville, Ohio, every Monday. There is one particular class that stands out. We visit a third grade class with one child who likes to hold Gremlin’s paw while they are reading. We all sit in a group, and Gremlin cuddles up with the kids as they read. They love it, and she goes from kid to kid and really pays attention to what they are saying.

The city of Cleveland has a very large problem with dog fighting, and hopefully through our program these kids with learn about pit bulls and create a bond that will hopefully keep them from following the trend.

Gremlin was also the first pit bull ever accepted into the University Hospitals’ Pet Pals program, which has been around for 24 years. In that program we visit Rainbow Children’s Hospital and lay with the kids, and we visit Seidman Cancer Center and visit patients who are getting chemotherapy.

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12 Responses to “Gremlin the Thera-Pit”
  1. WONDERFUL story love the pictures!!

  2. AngelaGhataora says:

    <3 Gremlin she is a very special girl and her owner is a wonderful person!

  3. candycotton_06 says:

    I love the story and the Smile that melts your heart! I have a abused pit and she smiles like that no bigger smile than one from a dog that KNOWS they have it good!!!!

    • AngelaGhataora says:

       @candycotton_06 I have a saved pit too, we know he was a stray and he had 5 homes before he was placed with us. He is the sweeties little “lapdog” I have ever had! I was a little apprehensive because of his past but he just needed love! 

  4. AdrienneClegg says:

    There is nothing more to say but thank you Rowdy To The Rescue! I am in love with Gremlin, she is the perfect ambassadog for her breed. Her beautiful soul and life affirming smile are the perfect reminder that Pit Bulls don’t hold grudges.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @AdrienneClegg Absolutely Adrienne. Gremlin is such a great example of how dogs live in the now. And now, Gremlin has such a fantastic life and she pays it forward every day!

  5. StephanieSorensen says:

    That second pic has to be the best Gremmy pic I have ever seen. She looks like she has just heard the funniest joke ever! LOL
    On a more serious note, Gremlin and her owner are nothing short of incredible. I love reading about all of their activities and charities on FB.

  6. DavidWagoner says:

    What a beauty, and look at that smile!   Lovely, just lovely!!!!   🙂

  7. NuriaRodriguez says:

    What an absolutely beautiful soul she is.