Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Dog Paparazzi

March 23, 2012  

Reprinted with permission from Two Pitties in the City

Our pooches love meeting people, so we always take advantage of any opportunity to get them out there. Especially if it involves wearing costumes. So living in Chicago, where it’s an annual tradition to dye the Chicago River green for St Patrick’s Day, we knew this unseasonably warm March was the perfect chance to head downtown to meet a lot of people. A lot of people.

Much like when the pooches attended the Pride Parade, they were surrounded by ‘paparazzi’ eager to take photos and meet them.

Miss M is always eager to pose for photos, striking her signature Zoolander look.
We were always curious how this all looked from the pooches point-of-view, so Mr B decided to bring along his camera and take a video showing what it feels like to be a celebrity surrounded by paparazzi.

We weren’t able to get far. See what the pooches see in this video from their perspective. (Mr B even has a kissing scene!)

You can see from the video how happy they are to have the attention, but at the same time we’re always aware of their needs and watching whether they may need to rest away from the crowds.

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3 Responses to “Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Dog Paparazzi”
  1. AWESOMENESS! Love it, Love it!

  2. HollieBever says:

    These pups are so freaking cute I love this!!