What My Shelter Means to Me: Humane Society of Sedona

February 29, 2012  

By Linda Brecher

The Humane Society of Sedona represents safety for relinquished or unwanted pets. Our shelter was rebuilt in 2006 to accommodate 40 – 50 dogs and 100 cats. These animals have the best of care due to a qualified staff, a core of volunteers and a veterinarian on Wednesdays to spay and neuter and attend to animals who might need care.

The shelter has piped in music for quiet evenings, heated floors and a dog park just for our animals. The cat area has individual cat condos, plus two large rooms where many cats can roam freely and visitors can interact.

Our open door shelter does not limit the number of animals that may not be immediate candidates for adoption; every animal in need is welcome. Many animals have been there over two years.

Volunteer dog walkers arrive every morning at 7:00 to give every dog a good walk – no matter what the weather. Many volunteers take the dogs out for car rides and overnights. They give our dogs baths and much love!

We have volunteer adoption counselors who know every dog or every cat. They assist people in finding the suitable companion for their lifestyle. Guardian applicants are carefully screened as well.

We have about 15 cats housed at PetSmart. Our obligation is to have volunteers at the store every day to assist those looking for a cat. Yes, our volunteers are there seven days a week to do this for our felines.

During the summer, volunteers run a camp for children that is dedicated to learning about all animals. Birthday parties are another activity we encourage. Last year we were fortunate to have a donation of a mobile unit, which is now used to go around our community with our dogs and cats.

I think our shelter is the best facility around. Our animals have the very best of a sad situation.

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