What My Shelter Means to Me: Bella Vista Animal Shelter

February 24, 2012  

By Susan Miller

I got loose and thought it was, fun but then I got lost. After all, I’m a pit bull, not a hound dog. My nose doesn’t work like theirs. I found myself in the middle of an intersection in Arkansas. Cars were zipping by. Horns were honking. I was scared. While I look big and burly, I’m very sensitive and quite shy.

Finally, a man lured me into his truck, and I ended up in a big building with lots of barking dogs. I guess it was called a shelter, but I was scared beyond belief. I cowered in the corner for the first few days. A nice lady checked on me often, and other people gave me food and water. I grew to realize they cared about me and warmed up to them.

One “Grandma” took me home with her a few days, and I got to play with her grandchildren. She started to call me Zoe. But all that was just temporary. I think she was testing my disposition with children and cats. I passed with flying colors.

Some days passed and they put a little dog in with me who really bugged me. He wasn’t scared at all! In fact, that mutt was little and loud and annoying. I put up with it for one full week, then gently pushed him to the ground with my mouth. That’s my way of saying, “OK, enough brat, give it a rest.” I guess the people got the point because they took the pest away and I was alone again.

Days and weeks went by. Some people took me out and looked me over. But most of them were mean. After those people left, I heard the ones who fed me say, “I think they just wanted her for fighting, and she’s too nice for that.” More days and weeks passed. I forgot my house training, and I just started to potty and poo anywhere. I knew better but what else could I do?

Finally, a group of people came to see me. One of them was a single mom with two children. I heard her say, “She’s so beautiful and sweet.” She came back the next day and took me outside for a walk. I impressed her with my strength and kind ways. She let her small children pet and climb on me. I think she wanted to know if I could handle their kind of play. I loved it! She left and I was sad, but she came back the next day and asked if they would let her take me to live with her in San Antonio, Texas. I heard Grandma asking her lots of questions about her backyard, her lifestyle and more. Finally, they let me go with her.

Now I live in Texas. I have a big backyard and get to go on walks with my new guardian. I play with my new kids and bark at anyone who I think may threaten them. I’m a perfectly behaved dog, and I am loved.

And best of all, she put a chip in me so that if I ever get lost again someone will be able to help me find my home again.

The Bella Vista Animal Shelter is located in Bella Vista, Ark.

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7 Responses to “What My Shelter Means to Me: Bella Vista Animal Shelter”
  1. Had chills while reading this story.  Glad everyone is safe and happy.  She looks like my Sasha

  2. sammam541 says:

    Just an update: Zoe has been with us almost three years since we got her in Arkansas. She loves life in Texas and we love her so much! She’s such an amazing, eager-to-please dog!

    •  @sammam541 Glad to hear all is well in TX, I loved it there! I really wish you, stubbydog & everyone else here were with me moments ago.  I spent my entire lunch hour dispelling myths and lies about pit bulls.  One of the guys I had the conversation with never been around a pit bull and thought they were a “breed.”  The other guy had pit bulls before and was buying into the myth.  With those facts alone I should’ve walked away however, the love and passion I have for this bully breed and babies runs too deep so I obliged the conversation.  The guy who’d never been around a pit bull was shocked how informed I am about pibbles.  This goes to show there is much work to be done.

      • StubbyDog says:

         @theprettychic  @sammam541 And thank you Kelli for all the work you do on behalf of pit bulls, kisses to Sasha and Krusher from us!

    • StubbyDog says:

       @sammam541 Thanks for the update, we are soooooo happy Zoe is with your family, it’s easy to see from the photo that she is incredibly loved!