StubbyDog Charms

February 3, 2012  

We are thrilled to announce our very own StubbyDog charms, created by Sunz Jewelz.

Give a wonderful gift for someone or give a gift for yourself and show your support of StubbyDog by ordering a StubbyDog charm.

You can choose from three different sizes

1 inch square

7/8 inch square

3/4 inch square


1/2 inch square earrings

All are only $20.00. Please indicate size when ordering and allow 5 days for shipping (if you want them there by Valentine’s Day).

Order Now!

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4 Responses to “StubbyDog Charms”
  1. christielici0us says:

    She does great work, doesn’t she! So glad to see she’s offering these to Stubby Dog readers!

  2. beyond_5 says:

    These are adorable! I love the simplicity and cute face!

  3. BellaDogAuthor says:

    These are so cool! Love the design and colors.