Positive Pit Bulls on Parade

January 4, 2012  

Pit bulls become the stars of the Christmas parade in Raleigh

By Paige Burris

(Photo by Colleen Bogner)

On Nov. 19, 2011, The Positive Pit Bull, Inc., a nonprofit in Raleigh, N.C., was proud to be a part of Raleigh’s Christmas parade! Nearly 30 pit bulls marched, danced and pranced their hearts out along the route, along with hundreds of other groups, while thousands watched and were delighted by the sight. The Positive Pit Bull’s people were dressed alike in their festive bright red Rock-a-Bully shirts, and their dogs were decked out in holiday fare as well, from Santa hats and red sequined bowties to green tutus with red bows.

A giant “Happy Holidays” banner draped in red tinsel garland led the group, and at the center of the group’s display, carrying their main message sign, was none other than the Duke of Elvis (Steve Cates, Elvis impersonator) in his flowing red silk-studded Elvis outfit and cape. Just in front of Elvis rolled a tiny “float” with a life-size replica of Cricket, the group’s little ham. Cricket herself was decked out in a red and white Santa sweater and red top hat.

Meanwhile, sugary sweet pit bulls pranced all about, kissing children and licking hands extended all along the parade route. Cuda, (right) a deformed pit bull and a product of inbreeding, of cudacares.org, marched along with the group as well!

It was an amazingly successful day for The Positive Pit Bull’s mission, which is to show the world just how wonderful these dogs really are and to change minds along the way. Our dogs truly exemplified our 10-foot tall main message that Elvis carried. It read: “Open your mind … The truth is right in front of you!”

The Positive Pit Bull’s hope in participating in this parade was to raise awareness regarding the breed and to change some minds along their way. After the parade, people who saw it were encouraged to vote for their favorite participant in the parade, and The Positive Pit Bull was chosen the winner of the People’s Choice Award! What a positive message a win like this sends to the world about the American Pit Bull Terrier, the group’s favorite breed!

This was an amazing opportunity to bring awareness and positive attention to the dogs that always seem to get nothing but negative attention! The Positive Pit Bull could not have been more proud than to have helped bring awareness to the breed by participating in the parade.

(Photo by Colleen Bogner)

The Positive Pit Bull is a 501(c)3 dedicated to repairing the reputation of the pit bull, rehabilitating the ones in need, and keeping as many as possible out of shelters through education, positive training and socialization. “We are an education and advocacy group for pit bulls focused on changing the general negative perception about these dogs,” said the organization’s founder and executive director, Paige Burris. “We make every effort to show the breed in the most positive light possible, and we educate on the importance of responsible ownership.”

The Positive Pit Bull also holds community events that offer education, training, free vaccines, microchips, food and supplies. They also offer socialization opportunities for community pit bulls with a monthly pack walk. An organization member is available to speak to any groups interested in learning more about pit bulls.

(Photo by Colleen Bogner)

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5 Responses to “Positive Pit Bulls on Parade”
  1. Now this makes me smile!! AWESOME story please keep up the great work you’re doing and everyone looks happy!

  2. BrookeLR says:

    @StubbyDog I have a question. This article really got me amped this morning. I am involved with a local rescue here in Arkansas called Gentle Souls Pit Bull Rescue and thought that maybe I could organize a walk for them to help raise awareness and possibly raise some much needed funds for our fosters. There are laws here in LR regarding pit ownership so I would have to see if there is anything on the books regarding “gatherings”, but really think this would be great for our community. Is there someone who has been involved with something like this that you can put me in touch with to help with any info to get this going? Much appreciated in advance. My email is brookiemshc@gmail.com. 🙂

    • StubbyDog says:

      @BrookeLR We are going to pass your info along to Paige and a lawyer would knows about pit bull legislation.