A Pit Bull Named Parfait

January 16, 2012  

Cold, abused and neglected, this rescued pit bull went on to give love to all the creatures she encountered

By Janice Wolf

On a bitter cold and snowy day right after Christmas last year, I heard about the discovery of a dog cowering in another dog’s shelter in St. Louis. Randy Grim of Stray Rescue gently removed a pitiful young girl from the small doghouse and found her newborn pups, already frozen to death except one that was clinging to life. Mama, a starving, long neglected pit bull, was close to death herself. She had a severely embedded collar that had all but strangled the life out of her, and the infection from the deep wound was raging throughout her abused body. Rushed to safety and emergency vet care, this sad, confused soul had to be separated from her last pup also, as she had no milk and was just too sick to nurture him.

I learned of this poor dog’s plight and her need for a special place to heal, both physically and emotionally. I felt a pull to help, to begin a brand new year by reaching out to this rescue I admired and this dog who had already survived so much. I immediately made arrangements to bring her here to my refuge, Rocky Ridge Rescue. There were several who questioned my sanity over this decision. Bringing in a semi feral, sick, abused pit bull from the mean streets of north St. Louis – what was I thinking? Adding this dog, with an unknown history and temperament, to my little house with my own dogs and other little critters would surely bring me nothing but chaos and carnage! But, after all, the heart knows what the heart knows.

The shy, traumatized dog arrived to be gently welcomed by my wonderful pack. They immediately made her feel safe and accepted. They took turns snuggling with her, and they cleaned her horrible neck wound. Her sweet nature rapidly became apparent, and I named her Parfait to reflect that. She blossomed and thrived by the day with the nurture she experienced from her new animal family. As she gained weight and confidence, she learned what fun it was to play, and to run and romp with these friends. Soon, Parfait was welcoming newcomers and paying forward the kindness and love she had been shown. It became commonplace to see her cuddling a bunny or sleeping with a lamb!

After several months in this therapeutic environment, Parfait was ready to find her own forever home. As it happens, a woman who had seen her picture on the rescue site when she was found had inquired about her. She had patiently followed her story and watched her progress on my Facebook page, along with hundreds of others who fell in love with this brave, inspiring dog. The woman also felt a connection and a compelling urge to bring this dog into her life. She had a toddler at home, so Parfait had to be properly kid tested, and she passed that test with flying colors. So, when the time was right, Parfait made the long journey across the country to her new family! She has transitioned wonderfully and has many doggie buds as well as her very own kid.

Parfait is the perfect example of why we admire and love dogs. She wasn’t bred right, she wasn’t raised and cared for correctly, and she had suffered badly at the hands of humans. But, when given the first chance to thrive, she forgave and let go of the past. She took the care and love she was offered and returned it many times over. She freely shares her joy and kindness with all. I will never forget this incredible pit bull and the way she touched my life. Though she was in my house only a short time, she will be always in my heart!

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11 Responses to “A Pit Bull Named Parfait”
  1. tinkertoy62 says:

    Oh, again a wonderful story involving a pitty that comes from the depths of disease , abuse and inhumane treatment and grows to thrive and love and be such a lovebug..it really IS amazing! I so love to

    go online in the morning and see what new story you have shared today, StubbyDog- thanks for sharing all of these stories…I just love Parfait! Thanks to Janice for taking the chance on her and fostering her and bringing her to safety! all the best to the new owners, wherever she may be…I love to start my day with a smile!

  2. blazer says:

    Wow, wow, wow, wow. What a wonderful, touching story. I’m so happy Parfait now has the life she always deserved. What a special dog…and people who helped her along the way.

  3. fayely10 says:

    parfait as sweet as her name implies

    wonderful story brings happy

    tears to my eyes

    karen lyons kalmenson♥☺

    • StubbyDog says:

      @fayely10 It’s such a touching story, we are grateful this wonderful girl was saved and is happy and loved.

  4. VKelly says:

    The photos of her with the other animals are priceless. Thanks again for another great story that shows that pit bulls, no matter how they have been abused or neglected, can overcome their past and be exceptional companions. This is certainly an argument for us humans to not allow our past to determine our days going forward. Animals are superior in this ability.

  5. Awesome story of courage, love and forgiveness!!

  6. mausbuilder says:

    Reading this story makes me wonder just how insugnificant humans are in story of life.

    This pup has MORE Humanity in her than most people I have encountered in my lifetime.

    I dont think mankind could ever recover from being treated in an Inhumane manner such as the dogs I have read about on here.

    This makes me LOVE MY DOGS ALL THE MORE!

  7. LilianaRuano says:

    What a wonderful story! Dogs are truly amazing, resilient animals and they inspire me every day!