What Are the Pit Bull Stories that Inspired You?

December 23, 2011  

As we wrap up 2011 and take a look back, we asked our Facebook fans, ’What are the pit bull stories (from StubbyDog or other sites) that touched you the most this past year and why?’

Whether it was Patrick, the Vicktory Dogs, Jagger or other dogs who were rescued from fighting, the resiliency and loving nature of the pit bull was at center of all our inspirations. Thanks everyone for sharing!

Number one is Patrick (above)and I believe the next is the wonderful rescue of the victims of Michael Vick.

~ Jo Rawlings

I am awed by Tia and the gang from Villalobos Pit bull Rescue moving 200 pittie babies from California to New Orleans and also opening a sanctuary in New Mexico.

~ Christine Pitcher

I think all the heartfelt and warming stories of how pit bulls and their supporters are overcoming the odds and the stereotypes are amazing. They touch my heart as a dog lover, pit bull supporter, and dog business owner. I only hope that next year brings even more tolerance and understanding then this year did.

~ Cara McAlaster

Sway Love!! ~ Angie Baldwin

The ones that touched me the most were the ongoing stories of the Vick dogs as they are rehabilitated and prove every day that victims of dog fighting can be saved. I also was touched by the Turning Tragedy to Triumph Story. And, sadly, on a local scale the story of Ace — the scared pittie found in an Ace Hardware here in Detroit and put down by Detroit Animal Control really touched me and galvanized me to support those who are working to change the policies in the city for the better.

~ Dustin May

Patrick and his unbelievable will to survive.

~ Julie Strader

Often there are so many sad, heartbreaking pit bull stories. The ones that stand out to me are the stories full of hope and triumph, the ones that while reading I often find myself shedding bittersweet tears, like Enzo’s story or really any of the stories in StubbyDog’s Second Chances. I also loved following Justice for Bubba, rejoicing when he found his forever home. Lastly, the stories from rescues of alleged/suspected dog fighting rings will stick with me, as a reminder of how much work needs to be done, and how much work is being done.

~ Jamie Parker

Handsome Dan – the Vick rescue.

~ Julie Caroline Steinberg

Harper from Dolly’s Foundation, the support Patrick received from the animal community. Also, Little Red (above) going to her forever home.

~ The Truth About Pit Bulls

Every story I read about pit bulls touches me in a way no other dog story can. I look at my girls and can’t figure out how any human can look into those eyes and hurt. You guys at StubbyDog, Our Pack, Bad Rap, all of the rescues out there, should give yourselves medals. You have opened my eyes to the world and what is going on in it, so much so that my goal is to someday open my own rescue. Thank you for who you are all of you and what you do. So many of us are more educated and knowledgeable because of your work. And so many innocent pitties have been saved. God bless Patrick, forever Johnny Justice, Little Red and Audie, RIP Leo …just to name a few of the many ambassadors of the wonderful breed (mixed or not).

~ Renee Gainey

I love it so much when I read a story about a pit bull that no matter how they’ve been treated, they are still capable to trust humans.

~ Stephen Kenneth Koeswandi

Hope ~ Joan Oestreich-Fearer

I was very touched and saddened, by the passing of the wonderful Sarge Wolf Stringer! His story and his life are wonderful tributes to pit bulls that may not have a great start but can turn it around and accomplish much. The tribute written by Sarge’s Dad was amazing!

~ Michelle Szekely

Stories like Patrick and Harper are sad, yet inspiring but, I would say adopting my dog would be the best in my opinion!

~ Katie Lacko

Definitely Patrick

~ Rebeca Torres Shevchenko

I am always impressed by the stories about pit bulls that have gone beyond being abused or neglected and still become loyal, loving pets. I loved the story about Shaka, the dog who was on death row and ended up in law enforcement. All the stories make me cry!

~ Peggy Jennings

Hands down, Harper, the puppy that Dolly’s Foundation rescued. She was tossed away in a trash bag, paralyzed, until Dolly’s Foundation put her through intense physical therapy and overhauled her immune system with good nutrition.

~ Dawn Marshall

Patrick! Most powerful and amazing recovery.

~ Elisabeth Anne Bergt

The story of Mr. Buddy Rose!

~ Arlene Applebaum

Besides my own story, LOL, I can’t pick a favorite! I love them all!

~ Jagger

The story that really impacted me in 2011 is Jagger’s story. It’s the one that I carry in my head and heart as a reference point for why pit bull advocacy work is so important and keeps me hopeful for the dogs – it reminds me that there are really good people out there who are working overtime to give victims of dog fighting the second chance they deserve. Two of my other favorites: the tale of Mr. Buddy Rose and the story of sweet Hope. They inspire me in the same way.

~ Jessica Dolce

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9 Responses to “What Are the Pit Bull Stories that Inspired You?”
  1. ValerieSherman says:

    For sure the stories about the Vick dogs. I remember seeing the show “Dog Town” in particular Georgia. Her story was so sad..and then she finally got the chance to get adopted. But, Patrick was by far the most inspiring. That these dogs can come back as such examples of hope in spite of what we humans do to them. Thanks Stubby Dog..you too are a true inspiration in your promoting what these wonderful dogs are really about.

  2. DavidWagoner says:

    They are all inspiring to me, and of course, I love this loyal breed!!!!

  3. CindySteinle says:

    Completing my ex-fighters Canine Good Citizen test this year. I knew she had it in her, but actually accomplishing that reminds me the level of resiliency in the breed

  4. Greyglo says:

    As long as I live, I’ll remember the story this year of a pregnant stray pittie who wandered into a woman’s yard and dug a hole near a tire of a car to have her puppies. The woman chained her so she wouldn’t end up in the road and hit by a car. The dog delivered the puppies and was gentle with the woman who checked on her. She called Animal Control for help and they came out and shot her, a gentle mother on a chain with puppies. The mentality of some people and the bias against these dogs makes me ill and even more determined to help when and where I can. She wasn’t linked to dogfighting, she had no pleas from people trying to get her out of a shelter, she was just a little pregnant dog alone in the world and was subjected to that. I’ll never forget her.

  5. Sway’s Love was the ultimate inspiring story; fften we wonder where he is. His tribute to his beloved pittie was unmistakeable. The tears that flowed reading each sentence and retelling his story. The love these dogs give is uncandid yet they are treated like garbage and discarded as such. With so many fighting for them yet so many fall through the cracks it amazes me how they continue to love inspite of what they’ve been through. We have officially declared 2012 the year of the Pit Bull

  6. sillyfox4lyfe says:

    The dog named Angel in Florida that saved a woman and her 2 year old son from being robbed and quite possibly murdered by scaring the man off. The dog never even met the woman or her son. And this dog from Holland, MI that saved a woman from being beaten and possibly murdered by her estranged husband http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO-o3X51aIQ&feature=related