Santa Claws!

December 12, 2011  

Stubby lived his life on a chain until one day he broke free and ran away. A Good Samaritan found him and brought him to the shelter. Now his real story begins…

Last week I went with Lily and Marnie to see some guy named “Santa Claws.” I wasn’t sure who he was, but it sounded like he was a very good friend of the family because he brings them presents every year!

I was scared at first because Santa was loud and it was difficult to see his eyes buried in all of that hair on his face. Plus his name is Santa CLAWS so I made sure to stay way from his hands although they didn’t LOOK that scary. (But he may be like a cat, which is a dog that ignores you until their sneaky claws come out. I try to stay away from cats although I can’t resist sniffing them because they smell funny.)

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah! Santa Claws!

Lily wanted to get a picture of me sitting on Santa’s lap but I wasn’t too sure about that. I mean, he seemed like a nice guy but I didn’t understand why he was wearing his hat in the warm store. Who wears a hat inside? He had treats but I still wasn’t going to sit on his lap. I started to pant and Lily thought I was hot and got me some water but then I started yawning because Santa was a stranger who made me nervous!

One of the people in the store said “just pick Stubby up and put him on Santa’s lap” but Marnie said she could tell that something was wrong. She said that they shouldn’t push me and that it was okay to get a photo next to Santa. She told me to “sit’ and I was so happy to show Santa and Lily and the people in the store my perfect “sit” because I didn’t want them to think I was a dog who didn’t follow directions. We took a nice picture and Santa gave me a biscuit and told me it was okay.

Santa Claws seems like a pretty understanding guy.

Lily said I was supposed to ask Santa for something for Christmas and I didn’t! “But you can write him a letter, too” she said. I thought about it. What would I ask Santa for? I have a soft place to sleep. I have food in my belly. I have a family.

I want Santa to bring that to all of the other dogs who are like I used to be.

Matt told me that Santa isn’t real, that everyone just plays Santa. I guess he’s never seen the guy in the red suit? Maybe he can explain where Santa’s claws are.

What are your dogs asking Santa for? Are you “playing” Santa for anyone?

(And why is he Santa Claws? WHERE ARE HIS CLAWS?!)

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