StubbyDog Super Hero Calendar Contest Winners

November 14, 2011  

Congratulations to the final 12 StubbyDog Superhero 2012 Calendar Contest Winners!
Meet them, plus our Judges’ Picks, then pre-order your copy of our calendar!

Addie Juno

Skyler the Therapy Dog Jagger

Wilson Potter Carl

Rocco The Therapy Pit Bull Cosmo

Feather the Pitty Princess Cuda

Lucy Hope

Judges’ Picks

June Bug George


And a tie between two incredible deaf pit bulls

Echo the Deaf Pittie mix Inara

Thank you to ALL the dogs that were a part of this year’s contest and all the people that voted – we had so much fun because of how excited, supportive and positive you all were. We’re so proud of our StubbyDog community – you guys are all superheroes to us!!

Don’t forget to order your StubbyDog Super Hero Calendar!

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