Featured Artist: Cassy Lemon

November 21, 2011  

The painter and photographer shares her story as an artist and pit bull ambassador

I started to take photographs about four years ago when I purchased by first D-SLR camera. Ever since then I have grown to love photography.

I am a huge lover of the outdoors, nature and animals, so whenever I get the chance I’m out shooting. More recently, I have been photographing my friends’ children for portraits and would love to expand into a business of portraiture and large events like weddings. But for now I love landscapes and painting abstract art.

As a lover of all animals, I have a huge soft spot for pit bulls. I grew up with a family that had one for quite some time and always considered them just another lovely pet. Once my husband and I purchased a home, we knew we wanted a dog. Living in Phoenix, we knew how badly pit bulls are over bred here and how many have to be put down each year. It breaks our hearts and we want to save them all. So in searching for a new family member, we looked for a pit bull.

We found a rescue that had sweet little boy and girl pit bull puppies that were abandoned in a town 30 miles outside of the city. The girl was already adopted, so we met the little lad. Even though he was scared, we wanted to take him home. Since then Leo has grown into such a lovely family member. He is smart and loving, and I wish to be a breed ambassador because I look at his face and can only wonder how anyone could be scared of such a sweet face!

We are working on getting him into some additional training classes to become a Canine Good Citizen. Someday we want to get him a little sister, and we are considering an adult in a shelter because the shelters here are really full of them, and they always go first to make room for other breeds. I’d love to be a foster, but I know I wouldn’t be able to let them go.

I am inspired to try and get the breed more widely accepted. I have come across many people who are like us and have no negative feelings towards pit bulls, and it feels great to know they can look at ours and know they are great animals. The cause is important to me, and even though times are tough, I want to help in anyway I can. I am so honored to donate to the cause via the StubbyDog Art Auction. (photo above)

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