Celebrities and Pit Bulls

November 25, 2011  

Many famous faces have pit bull family members they are proud to show off

By Barbara Cannon

You can spot a pit bull just about anywhere these days. Catch a glimpse of them living the good life with their pals at a dog park, accompanying their owners on a nice day outside of a coffee shop or assisting the elderly as therapy dogs. It’s true – pit bulls have a love for life that exudes confidence, curiosity and pure happiness. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that many celebrities have pit bulls and love every second of it.

Rachel Bilson owns a pit bull named Penny Lane with her ex-boyfriend and O.C. co-star Adam Brody.

Alicia Silverstone’s pit bull, Samson, is the love of her life.

• “The Daily Show” host, Jon Stewart, owns two pit bulls: Shamsky and Monkey.

• Isaboo, Rachel Ray’s pit bull, is featured on her Nutrish dog food commercials as one happy-go-lucky pup.

Jessica Biel has a pit bull named Tina, who was seen jogging around town with her oh-so-famous ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake when they were dating.

Jessica Alba owns an all-white pit bull puppy named Bowie.

Ken Howard credits his Staffordshire terrier, Shadow, with saving his life after a collapse left him needing help.

Jamie Foxx owns two pits and lobbied for the breed as a contender for the “first dog” for President Barack Obama’s family.

Other celebrities who have owned pit bulls include:

Cesar Millan
Michael J. Fox
Vin Diesel
Frankie Muniz
Steve Irwin
Shaquille O’Neal
Orlando Bloom
Brad Pitt
Ashley Olsen
Jack Depsey
Linda Blair
David Spade
Shannon Elizabeth
John Steinbeck

… and countless others.

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3 Responses to “Celebrities and Pit Bulls”
  1. ShannonClaudBernestine says:

    Jack ?Dempsey? the boxer?

  2. grandmarose says:

    It’s nice that celebs own and are proud of their pitties. Sure hope they rescued them from a shelter.

  3. dustinmay2 says:

    Jessica Alba just got hotter in my book 😉 It’s good to see all the celebs who celebrate the breed!