A Look Inside StubbyDog

November 1, 2011  

The first blog from VP of Operations Laura Petrolino

It has been almost two years since the first time I heard of an organization named StubbyDog. At that time, there was no way I could have begun to imagine the impact the organization, the community and, of course, pit bulls would have on my life.

Not having a pit bull myself, I really had little appreciation for the plight both dog and guardian go through on a daily basis. All of my experiences with pit bulls had been positive (read my article about the first pit bull I ever loved, Ruby, on Dogster), so I had quite a learning curve coming in.

In many ways, my slight naivety on the subject helped me look at things with fresh eyes, and I was able to learn and grow with the organization. It has been an inspiring and exciting process to be able to watch our impact grow exponentially, to hear the feedback from people about the many ways we make a difference in their (and their dogs’) lives.

I remember…

When we first launched our Facebook page and the excitement of reaching 500 fans (and now we have almost 20,000!).

The first day our website went live.

The first email I received from a new fan explaining how we’d made him re-think his negative option of pit bulls.

The first dog that was adopted from our Rescue Dog of the Week Program.

The first time I realized exactly how powerful what we were doing was.

So, we decided it was a good idea to start this blog to help give all of you in our community an inside, more intimate look into who we are and what we do. It is a way to keep you informed about all the exciting things going on, the plans we are making, and the impact all of you are having as we work together to help improve the lives of pit bull type dogs every day, everywhere.

Photo by Dawn Marshall, Flying Fur

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4 Responses to “A Look Inside StubbyDog”
  1. I’m glad stubbydog is here to show the community and nay sayers that this bully breed is just as an AWESOME, LOVING, CARING and have feelings like any other breed! Their purpose in life isn’t to fight each other but to bully their way into the hearts and lives of those they touch. Thanks Stubby for all you do and will continue to do!

    • lkpetrolino says:

      @theprettychic I love that “bully their way into the hearts and lives of those they touch”…so well said! And thank you, for being such a valuable part of our community!

  2. Annie BRown says:

    Yes, it’s wonderful to see Stubby’ Dog’s impact and growth considering it was such a short time ago since it was launched. A good measurment on the need to re-brand the Pit Bull image. Great work and my admiration to you all.