StubbyDog Trekkers – Pit Bull Lovers Hiking for Change

October 5, 2011  

The last year at StubbyDog has been an exciting time of growth. Not only have we seen our organization grow, but more importantly the impact of our work. Each day we hear from more people about the many different ways that our work and our community has helped change public perception and improved the lives of pit bulls. Today we’re excited to announce that we are taking our outreach one step further with our very first location based satellite group, The StubbyDog Trekkers, based in Saratoga, CA.

Formerly known and the South Bay/Saratoga APBT Hiking group, this amazing group is comprised of nearly 400 pit bull lovers (and of course dogs). This partnership is a very exciting way for us to have an on-the-ground presence to continue our work to change perceptions about pit bulls and spread the word – one hike at a time — about what amazing companions pit bull type dogs can make.

Plans for the new StubbyDog Trekkers include:

• Hikes with pit bulls and other breeds and their handlers
• Fun photo cards with info and facts about pit bulls to pass out to other hikers and curious passerby
• Partnerships with non-dog hiking groups to spread the fun and the knowledge
• Hike-a-thons and other fun and educational events
• And a series of educational articles on about how other people can start pit bull hiking, walking and social groups across the nation.

As StubbyDog Trekkers organizer Tracey Tate Cutler so nicely put it, the partnership and outreach will all be in further pursuit of, “the goal of helping create a world where people no longer view pit bulls as a special category of dog – but, instead, as just a dog.”

Visit the StubbyDog Trekkers Site

And watch for much more upcoming from them and their members!

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  1. Katherine says:

    I want one in Atlanta!!!!