I Have a Date!

October 10, 2011  

Stubby lived his life on a chain until one day he broke free and ran away. A Good Samaritan found him and brought him to the shelter. Now his real story begins…

It turns out I’m good at a lot of things at school. I know sit, stay, shake, and how to give something called a high-five. I’m not sure why, but people really seem to like that last one! Matt had me show all of his friends which was great because I got so much bacon as a reward that it made me sick and that part wasn’t great but it’s bacon. We all make sacrifices, right?


At school last week, I met another pit bull named Daisy. I was incredibly excited to meet her – I haven’t seen a lot of dogs since I left the shelter so I jumped up and down and she just stood there and waited for me to “chill.” The problem was the more excited I got, the less they let me hang out with her. I learned pretty quickly that I had to chill if I wanted to hang out with Daisy.

Daisy’s mom, Shana, lives in a house. I don’t know how different a house is from an apartment but supposedly they have something called a “yard” and a yard is supposed to be awesome. Supposedly. Every time I think I’ve seen it all since I’ve left the shelter I discover there are all these new things I haven’t experienced yet!

Shana thought that Daisy and I got along so well that she invited us over! So this week I am going to Daisy’s house for date! A play date! Our job is going to be to hang out and play, so I think I better go study. I want to do my best on my date!

Do your dogs have play dates? Who do they play with?

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7 Responses to “I Have a Date!”
  1. rachelmiller281 says:

    After a day at work with my pit, Boom, we’ll stop at my parent’s house to play with their dachshunds. Boom loves wrestling with Cowboy! Then a good friend of mine has an American Bulldog, Sam, who’s the same age as Boom, and they loooove playing together.

    Boom basically wants to be friends with everyone and everything, we’re working on the same excitement that Stubby was dealing with. Definitely a work in progress, but we’re getting there 🙂

  2. evemariew says:

    It’s official; in my mind, I have four legs, and am living entirely vicariously through Stubby. I so love his adventures and his perception of the world as it unfolds in front of him.

    He’s inspired me … I think I will go back to school (for the two legged). And, eat more bacon. :o)

  3. KatyWilkerson says:

    Crash’s best friend is my friends Beagle Charlie. If I even say Charlie’s name, Crash goes nuts; running everywhere and jumping and impatiently waiting for me to get my keys so we can go see her:). He also really loves my mom’s dogs. Pearl (a red heeler mix) is his girlfriend:)

    • StubbyDog says:

      @KatyWilkerson It’s funny how some dogs will take a special liking to another, Crash is well rounded with a best buddy and a girlfriend. 🙂