Everyday Heroes: Good Samaritans

October 28, 2011  

We’re talking about everyday heroes so we asked our Facebook fans, Have you witnessed someone else going out of their way to help an animal?

Some of you got your dog as a result of a Good Samaritan’s actions, some stopped traffic to help a dog, others went out of their way to find a dog’s guardian.

Three cheers to these everyday heroes! Thanks everyone for sharing.

Photos by Melissa Lipani

I found a dog wandering the streets one day, I made my friend take off his belt to make a ‘leash’ and we took him out via subway, took a photo, and then posted him on Craigslist! We found the owner in three hours.

~ Yvonne Kai

Yesterday a friend found a mini-Doberman in the street in Cancun. She has a collar on and was hungry. Today he’s bringing “found dog” flyers to vets all over the city hoping to find her owners. Good for him.

~ Kimberley Coppage Rivero

My friend’s husband found a dog in a vacant building. She was tied up and left there with no food or water. He cut her loose and took her home. He bought some dog treats on the way home and she scared him to death lunging for the treats. She was so hungry. Mind you, this dog weight 8 lbs. at the time so it was unlikely she could really hurt him much. She was also so dehydrated she growled if anyone went near her water after they got her home. Things got better – my friends have had her for two months now and she weighs 43 lbs.!

~ Encyclopedia Faye

In my house we always go out of our way to save and help animals. But my shout out goes to my husband, who stopped the car in the middle of a busy intersection to rescue a dog by pulling him through the driver’s door window onto his lap. It never once occurred to him that he might get bitten!

~ Nicolle Romani-Lucy

Victoria Wanaka worked hard to pull a pit bull puppy from a kill shelter and get it networked though pit rescue for a forever home. The kill shelter had a policy of killing all pits regardless of the age. This puppy was 6 to 8 weeks old and determined to be dangerous because of its breed only. Victoria is now going to school to become a vet, so she can aid pets and educate owners.

~ Karen Lewandowski

Coalition to Unchain Dogs builds fences, neuters and spays, gets vaccinations, and educates pet owners.

~ Jerri Greenberg

We almost back ended a car that just stopped on a busy road because a dog just sat in the road. The girl just swooped up the dog to load it into her car!

~ Edie DuBay

There is a network of volunteer rescue transporters all over the country who sacrifice their weekends, their gas money, and many miles on their cars to help gets dogs from kill shelters to rescues. Hundreds of dogs are saved every week thanks to them. Their payment is the free kisses they get on the way. Their reward is knowing that they’ve helped save so many lives. They are my heroes.

~ Kelly Gibson

I have a friend that, just a couple of weeks ago, on her way to work, saw an older puppy roaming the streets. She stopped her car and opened her door and the puppy ran up and jumped on her lap. My friend missed work that day to help this puppy. She spent the day with the pup took her to the local shelter to see if there was a missing dog reported. The pup was chipped, but the phone number was no good. From there she spent a couple of days on the phone non-stop to find a foster for the pup and she did find her a foster! I know she saved this dog’s life.

~ Robine Yvonne France

I work for our local SPCA. Last weekend we had an adoption event at a car dealership where every dog in our kennel attended. The dealership paid half of every adoption fee resulting in the adoption of 15 dogs and 6 cats. It opened up our kennel so much that we can definitely pull new dogs and cats to save them from euthanasia.

~ Stephanie Faulkner

A few years ago we were driving on I-95 in CT when we spotted a dog running on the road between the lanes! I was horrified and apparently so was everyone else on the road. People started to slow down and then stop. Two young guys got out of their car and got the dog to safety. Everyone just waited. It was miraculous.

~ Nancy Witters

I feel blessed to have seen more good than bad in regards to animal kindness. Between Karing Holmes, Klassic Kennels and Pitbulls for Life, hundreds of animals have been saved from shelters. All have inspired me to do more!

~ Rebecca Parsons

I had adopted a Husky who was left tied to a fence on a 4-foot leash in the middle of summer, laying in fiberglass insulation (his owners actually moved away and just left him). Lucky for him and us, his neighbor cared and called animal control. They wouldn’t do anything for 10 days, so she ‘stole’ him and brought him to the humane society a town away, where I fell in love with him. Now he lives happily in the Colorado woods on 42 acres! Thank goodness for her willingness to take him and drive over an hour each way just to save a dog.

~ Jillian Manning

We had a couple who found a stray pit bull and took her to the shelter, as required by law. Before her hold time was up, they contacted us to help rescue her for them, as our shelters does not adopt out pit bulls. They did their homework to be sure they could have her where they live, got the required extra insurance, and didn’t even blink when they found out she was heartworm positive. Francis Marigold now has an awesome fur-ever home – thank you Katie & Kent.

~ Alexander Thomas

One of my co-workers is a firefighter. He knows I am crazy about dogs. Every time he saves a dog, he will email me a picture of it!

~ Katherine Smith

Just last week I saw a small Yorkie running on a busy street. Of course, I was trying to get home and watch the football game. Not thinking, I ran into the street stopping traffic and scooped up the small pup. I have a neighbor down the road and I thought it might be his. But no luck. I hung out on the corner with the small dog and asked about. Still no luck. An elderly lady that lived in the house that I was in front of, finally came out. She asked about the young small dog. The sweet lady took the dog from me and had already posted signs in the first 15 minutes she had the dog. I never saw the sweet Yorkie again, but I still think of him!

~ Richard Coffing

My son open my eyes to the plight of pit bulls, which caused me to adopt two pitties and become a foster mom.

~ Kelli Parker

My wonderful and caring friends recently helped me adopt my 7-year-old female pit bull. She had been in the shelter for close to a year! I saw her information online but knew that I really couldn’t afford to take in another animal. I couldn’t get this lovely lady off my mind, however, and ended up asking for help on Facebook. The outpouring of financial assistance and material donations still astounds me! My friends stepped up in a big way to help me pull this girl out of her caged existence and I could not have asked for a better dog! She is so loving and grateful; it still breaks my heart that no one else would give her a chance. Thank you to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast for taking care of my girl until she found her forever home, and thank you endlessly to my wonderful friends who made it all possible! I love Roxy!

~ Lauren Crocker

When I was working at my local shelter, a middle aged man came by early one morning. He had found two pit bulls in the road, both of them completely covered in porcupine quills. This kind man stopped, picked up the two strange dogs, and put them in the front seat of his truck. He took them to the emergency vet, who wouldn’t treat them because they were strays. So he drove all the way over the shelter to ask what to do. We took them in and got them all fixed up, but I’ll never forget how far out of his way this one man went to make sure two stray, porcupine-quilled pit bulls were ok that day. There are a lot of good people out there.

~ Jessica Dolce

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4 Responses to “Everyday Heroes: Good Samaritans”
  1. DianeMardis says:

    I spotted a dog at the local SPCA not out for adoption but kept there not for public , heartworm positive. I found a rescue locally to go get him he was very matted, needed a total shave. And he was given heartworm treatment.

  2. blazer says:

    wooo-eeee, I love reading these good samaritan stories! It renews a little faith in the human race for me! 🙂

  3. DebSpeelman says:

    I’ve rescued many dogs over the years, chasing some through yards to catch them and find owners. The most rewarding was our boy Barney. He was a feral pack pup about 2 months old living in the woods. I came upon the pack one day walking my pit bull Clyde. I ran the pack off because Clyde was very aggressive towards other dogs and I didn’t know how he was going to deal with a pack coming at us. Little Barney decided he liked Clyde and refused to leave with the pack. He was very wormy and stank like the swamp. We took him in. He became Clyde’s best friend. He’s been my sweet boy ever since. I could not have asked for a better dog. I thank God I was on that corner that day or we never would have met. I know he wouldn’t have lived very long in the condition he was in. He’s almost 7 years old and 80 lbs now – an American Bull mix and the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. Clyde passed a few years ago and now he has a new best friend Rocky. They’ve been best buds for almost 4 years now.

  4. ValerieSherman says:

    I am what my vet calls a “stray magnet”. I have taken several dogs in to get them scanned. Interestingly one chinese crested with no collar was also not chipped. She was near the freeway overpass and there was a hole in the fence which led to the yard of a foreclosed/abandoned home. I knew she didn’t belong there. I used Google earth to locate the neighborhood and drove over there, after dropping her at my vet for holding..it was hot, I found posters hung only on one street and the reward was $500 dollars..she was a show dog..what?? No chip or collar on a dasher who is worth so much?? Whatever..I returned her, recommended she be chipped and collected the reward…the person who lost her/let her get out was her handler..not good.

    Recently though my neighbors called me because they found what appeared to be a baby domestic rat on the hood of a car. I collected her and put an ad on Craigslist..though I think she was really an escaped/discarded feeder for a snake owner. I now own the sweetest little 4 month old female rat one could ever have..females can be quite sassy..she’s not, she’s just a happy little cuddle bug..I guess I am a stray magnet..and I don’t apologize..the world is unkind to stray domestic animals.