StubbyDog Fan Challenge!

September 2, 2011  

My Pit Bull Turns Stereotypes Upside Down

Calling All StubbyLovers: We need YOU to help the world see pit bulls in a new light! You, our amazing community of caring fans, can make a difference in the public perception of pit bulls. You can help others rediscover the pit bull by turning our Upside Down Dog video into a viral sensation!

Here’s how: We challenge every single one you to share the Upside Down video at least 5 times between now and September 10th.

Here are a few ways to spread the video: (

• Post it on your Facebook page
• Share it on Twitter
• Email the YouTube link to 5 friends
• Embed the video in your blog

Imagine how many people we can reach if, as a community, we each shared the video 5 times? That’s a lot of people smiling at our silly upside down dogs!

Want to make sure everyone knows that your pit bull is turning stereotypes upside down? Check out our Café Press merchandise and rock a graphic tee or tote bag to keep spreading the word!

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9 Responses to “StubbyDog Fan Challenge!”
  1. marieelise0928 says:

    Gambit says “GET IT STRAIGHT PEOPLE!”

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @marieelise0928 Haha, Gambit is smiling while being upside down!

  3. Ladybug1966 says:

    That video was great. It showed just how crazy they can be . Just think in the little rascals movies that we watched when we were kids had a pit bull in it. He was the dog named Pete! Just think about all the kids he was around in these movies.

  4. theprettychic says:

    This reminds me of my two babies lol

  5. MonicaMartinez says:

    Sharing with everyone we know! We love our pits, and they get such a bad rep! Its just not fair! We struggle to find places to live, we hear crap from a lot of people for having 2 pits with babies in the house….Its just so wrong! Its all about how they are raised! Lets make a change!

  6. StubbyDog says:

    @aimeedars Thanks!

  7. StubbyDog says:

    @MonicaMartinez We can all help make a change, let’s keep it going!

  8. ferricoxide says:

    Heh…. I swear: our lady is either on her feet or zonked-out on her back. First night we got her from LuckyDog Animal Rescue, she spent the evening, flopped on her back, snoozing away.