Nine Lives – Part VIII

August 25, 2011  

A mama pit and her eight puppies were set to be euthanized in June – here, we bring you their story

By Lori Jolly

In Part I of this story, we chronicled Lori’s decision to save a mama dog and her eight puppies. (Click here for links to past installments.) This week, Lori shares the latest struggles and joys of fostering a family.

Our babies’ 14th week has given us new excitement, new adventures and always new trouble! Everyone is staying healthy and everyone is growing! I think Huck has grown the most this week. Only problem is the poor little guy looks so funny right now because he’s growing taller, but not wider. He has the longest, spindliest legs, almost like a newborn colt. Boone and Jane both slimmed down this week and look really good.

A wonderful friend and volunteer brought over two wading pools for the babies to play in. They weren’t quite sure what to think of the water at first, but now they love playing and cooling off in them. Scarlett hasn’t joined them yet, but my other foster, Lily Belle, has. They have quite a bit of fun biting the water and dunking their faces trying to get the toys at the bottom! Annie was the first brave puppy to put her face under – and the look on her face was priceless when she came up sputtering. It didn’t faze her for long though and she went right back to it.

They love playing tug-of-war with my big boy Bo! It’s so cute to look out and see Bo on one end of the rope and all five babies spaced out down the rest of it. Poor pups don’t stand a chance against Bobo, and they end up going for a ride around the yard, hanging on as tight as they can while Bo swings them around! I believe they think of him as the “fun uncle,” and they give him heck every day. It’s a very good thing he’s so tolerant of puppies and puppy teeth! He does get tired of the Energizer Bunny (Wyatt) sometimes; all he has to do is look at Wyatt and give one gruff woof, and Wyatt heeds his warning immediately. As persistent as Wyatt is with Scarlett, it’s good to see that he will take correction from another dog because he’s kind of a headstrong little dude!

Boone had the biggest oops of the week. He somehow got his head stuck between the fence and the wall. I’m not sure how long he’d been there before I noticed his crying. Scarlett had somehow pushed through the fencing to the other side and was frantically trying to help (she’s such a good mommy). He was so stuck I couldn’t get him loose; it’s a good thing my son was home – he had to lift the gate completely off of the hinges to free our silly little Boonie boy!

We introduced the puppies to collars and leashes this week. They don’t like the collars, but they love the leashes – chewing on them, that is! Our number one volunteer, Dorian Rivas, is going to start leash training them this week. I will let you know next week how it goes.

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  1. Anne says:

    Finally, ALL good news! We, your fans, are so happy!

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @Anne Thanks Anne, we’re happy too. 🙂