Food is Good Food

August 1, 2011  

Stubby lived his life on a chain until one day he broke free and ran away. A Good Samaritan found him and brought him to the shelter. Now his real story begins…

At the Bad Place, I never knew when I was going to get fed, or if I would get water, and every day that chain around my neck weighed a little heavier while I waited for a kind word or a gentle pat.

The weird thing is that I never knew what a kind word or a gentle pat was. My people didn’t love me. But I still loved people. And deep down in my bones, I was waiting for someone to love me back.

And now I have them. My own family.

The first few days at home were exciting! And filled with food. In fact, every time that Lily or Matt or Marnie put out food, I scarfed it down as quickly as possible.

Matt thought it was funny – he called me “Stubby the bottomless pit.” Marnie told Matt and Lily that it might be because I never had regular food before. Which was true. How did Marnie know that?

But Matt felt so bad! He hugged me and said that I could have as much food as I wanted. (Marnie said “within reason” which I am pretty sure means “however much I want.”)

I didn’t want Matt to feel bad, so the next time I ate my food I ran over to him and licked his face clean.

(Okay, he may have had some food on his face, too.)

Lily thought it was “gross” but she laughed and Matt laughed and then even Marnie laughed and while I hadn’t really ever heard that sound before, I knew it was pretty good.

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