Nothing Cuter than Photos of Pit Bulls and Kids

May 17, 2011  

StubbyDog is celebrating kids and pit bulls during May. So we asked our Facebook fans to post photos of their pit bulls and kids. What an explosions of cute pics we got! Thanks everyone for sharing!

My son Mason, age 6, and our 4-year-ld APBT Flip. Anytime Mason is sad, he said hugging Flip makes him feel better, and Flip is always a willing participant for a hug. ~ Melissa Rickman

Riley, 4, and Brody 2. ~ Darreena Harding

My water obsessed pittie crashes Brayden’s bath…both 3 years old at the time…this was their only shared bath, now they just share the kiddie pool. ~ Robyn Eaton

This is our youngest son Killian (3) and his pitty brother Doyle (7 months). They are best buddies. ~ Trina Altman

Lucas, age 5, and our rescued Red Nose, Cindy. ~ Carla Smith

This our 4 year old granddaughter and our Staffy, Bubbles, who doesn’t seem to get the idea that it’s giddy-up time! LOL! ~ Lori Chapman Abreu

Juno, puppy Peaches, and my nephew, Mekhi (age 4) out hiking. Peaches is my nephew’s pit bull puppy. ~ Robine Yvonne France

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On our way camping. Bauer is 8 months old and out-weighs and out sizes both 8-year-old boys. (yes, I know he should be in a seat belt **blush**) ~ Jennifer Pinch

Shelby loves it when my niece, Lauren, comes over to play! This was taken Halloween 2007. Shelby was 6 years old and Lauren was 3 years old. ~ Julia Kamysz Lane

Sully Bear (age 5, a Missouri 500 rescue!) with our youngest East (Age 7) They both love their Sunday naps. ~ Stephanie Richter

One of Isabella and Peyton. Izzy is 8 in the picture, and Peyton is about 11 or 12 months. ~ Andrea Sparzo Blomquist

Sam, 6 months, never knew Kenya well. RIP, Kenya was the best dog EVER. ~ Nicole Dorsey Straff

This is my 2-year-old grandson, Hunter, and my 4 1/2-year-old Staffy, Diesel. These two can go hours playing chase and throwing the ball together. They truly do love each other. ~ Angela Handley

Our 6-month-old foster, Mocha (was found abandoned in an apartment) and 1.5-year-old, niece Ava. ~ Cortney Lynn

This is Stella with Griffin. ~ Terri Griffin-Andrews

Panna, a female pit we got from the Humane Society in West Michigan, estimated to be 4 years old. And one of my daughters, Sophia, 2 1/2. ~ Travis Hill

JC, 4 and David, 7 months. They say not to trust your animals around your children but I trust my dog more than most humans around my son. ~ Kimberly Grant

Elise (7) Indie (2) and Owen (10) on a hike day. ~ Tracey Tunstall Marcyan

Elise (6) with our old lady, Harley (13). Harley is the definition of “nanny dog.” ~ Tracey Tunstall Marcyan

Daisy Davis Pit Bull Rescue, is so very lucky, to have two young volunteers. Kailey and Amelia, age 11. They help raise money and awareness for the breed. It is wonderful to see young girls, taking their time to volunteer!!! This is a picture of them with Daisy Davis! ~ Daisy Davis Pit Bull Rescue

Even Chance: Pit Bull Advocacy, Resources and Rescue‘s adpotable Haydn meeting a toddler on a recent PwP walk! ~ Pretties with Pitties San Diego

Christmas photo of my two little guys…my nephew Brayden and doggy Duke, both 4 at the time…Brayden is autistic and has a special bond with Duke who is an American Bulldog/pit bull rescue puppy who I adopted when he was 10 months old. He is the sweetest dog I have ever known. ~ Robyn Eaton

My beautiful daughter, Brianna, and my beautiful dog, Diesel. Two of my favorite things! ~ Viviana Gallardo

My grandson Cayden at 7 months … He’s now 4 1/2 and Duce is his best doggie buddy. ~ Donna Shaw Wallace

This is Stella, then about 4, with my daughter Thalia (about 10) snuggling on the couch. ~ Anastasia Hedy Widiarsih

Here is our pit bull, Maisy (4) with my daughters Isabella (9) and Carli (7). ~ Cheryl Argast Cangiolosi

This is Mia kissing her pit bull, Sable, Mia was 7 years old and Sable was 2 in this picture. Thanks for all you do to educate about this wonderful breed! ~ Rhonda Jenson

Jr., 20 months, loves his pit bull, Gordo, 3 years! ~ Juan Garcia Jr.

Here’s a pic of my kids: Brianna, 8 and Chris, 20 with Moka the pit bull. ~ Rhea Smith

This is my grandson Nicolis at 5 years old with Lucky. Lucky was named Lucky because we figured because of where he was found, he was lucky to not be used in dog fighting. And he is a big old sweet dog that loves and watches over Nicolis.
~ Holly Alessi

This is my 11-year-old American bull dog, Millie, my 13-year-old son, Brody, and my 7-year-old bully mix, Dolly. Dolly was a bait dog that we rescued 6 years ago. She sleeps in the bed with Brody EVERY night (Not sure how this is going to go over when he goes off to college… LOL). ~ Cindy Vormittag Taylor

Here’s a picture of my 4-year-old daughter, Jada, cuddled up in her tent with her best friend, Angel (photo taken in April ’11) ~ Michelle Washington

This is Owen with his friend Bentley. ~ Donna Martineau

Son Sam almost 2, Big Blu the best chair in the house, nearly 2 years! ~ Nicole Dorsey Straff

My 5-month-old son, Chase, getting kisses from our dog Poncho, 2 years old. ~ Jeri Suddarth

Savhannah and DantΓ© enjoying a nice summer afternoon. ~ Denise Ellis Rogers

Here’s Juneau at an adoption event (she’s been adopted – yay!) … she kisses everyone she meets! ~ Alicia Anthony

1986, my son Robby (not quite 2 years old) with our pittie mix Medusa. He used to put his fist in her mouth and walk around the entire house. She was his balance as he was learning how to walk. She wouldn’t let him fall. ~ Betty Ortega

Smash (12) and my son (2) are inseparable. ~ Stephanie Connelly

October 10, 2005, my current pittie girl, Mello, with my less than a month old grandson, Gabriel. ~ Betty Ortega

Cecilia (3) and Opie (3 months). Shes trying to get him to smell her dandelion. ~ Laura Staver

Bacall from It’s The Pits Dog Rescue giving love to an admirer during an adoption event. She is still looking for her forever home. ~ Melina Ramos

Sugar, 2.5 years, from It’s The Pits Dog Rescue with twins Ashley and Nicole age 9. Sugar is still looking for a family to call her own. ~ Melina Ramos

This is Jacoby (4) and our dog, Obie (5). They grew up together. ~ Crystal Boddy

Moki is proud to be loved by her niece, Lia, age 2. ~ Carrie Fleig

This will always be my favorite…our then 2-week-old, with our then 2-year-old pittie rescue. ~ Kerri Koker

Lillianna and Nala. ~ Emily ‘Brodhead’ Young

My son, age 6 and his best pal, Rocky, age 12 years. ~ Brooke Hunter

Abby and Kayla – two girls that defy others misconceptions. ~ The Ferrigno Pack

One-year-old Piggie gets her snooze on with my six-year-old niece. ~ Sleeps With Dogs

Kaylee lovin’ on Desi while he chews his nylabone! ~ Adrianna Ward

Dice being read to by an elementary school student. ~ Lori Klimas Burkett

Best Friends Forever!! ~ Stephanie Coffelt

Best Friends! Koukla, Victoria and Adriana. ~ Sophie Mochlas

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15 Responses to “Nothing Cuter than Photos of Pit Bulls and Kids”
  1. Ruby the PitBull says:

    Just tooo cute and plays into my point exactly. These may seem like a cheap sales ploy, but it’s people like these wonderful owners that would go crazy over the book “Ruby’s Tale”. You can go to my website and a see what readers are saying and other stuff. You can order it (soft cover or as an e-book) through Amazon or Barnes & Noble or get it paw printed through the website….And don’t forget to read my monthly column here at Stubby Dog! Hugs, Ruby

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @Ruby the PitBull Oh Ruby, you can give a shameless plug anytime! And to that end, check out our story about books for kids about pit bulls, which includes Ruby’s Tale:

    and Ruby’s column for this month:

    We love you Ruby!!!!!!!!

  3. JillRheaume says:

    And they say kids are too dangerous to be around pit bulls! πŸ˜‰

  4. StubbyDog says:

    @JillRheaume Haha, thanks for commenting.

  5. NonyaFlippinBizz says:

    I had the pleasure of caring for a little girl named Mollie who had Cerebral Palsy years ago, she and my American Pit Bull were good friends. I would bring Mo home to hang with Gia and Gia would just kiss her face off. lol One day Mo bit down and got the tip of G’s tongue in her teeth, it really was like a scene from dumb and dumber with the whole tongue stretch. Mo let Gia loose, she walked away for a sec as if her feelings were hurt and went right back of to love Mo some more. You can’t get more laid back than Gia and she looks a lot like the dog Mello above.

  6. StubbyDog says:

    @NonyaFlippinBizz Such a sweet story. Gia sounds like a dream dog. What a good nanny dog!

  7. JMattHicks says:

    I don’t have much to add to the conversation, but I must say this was a very awesome thread! Wonderful pictures of some wonderful animals and their buddies πŸ™‚

  8. StubbyDog says:

    @JMattHicks Thanks for your comments, they are just wonderful πŸ™‚

  9. skreidle says:

    What a fantastic photo thread! :D!

  10. StubbyDog says:

    @skreidle Thank you and thanks to all our Facebook fans for contributing!

  11. AllyAlexander says:

    I want to post a pic, is it too late?

  12. StubbyDog says:

    @AllyAlexander Sorry, it’s too late, but you can always post it on our Facebook page:!/stubbydogs

  13. MyraTimmons says:

    I loved every single one of these loving pictures <3

  14. CindyMcLain says:

    SOOOO cute… All those pictures.. I have a lot of my two with my four dogs!

  15. DonnaMarieDavis says:

    ADORABLE !!!!!!!!!!!