Courtney and G

May 17, 2011  

All types of people from all walks of life love pit bulls

Name: Courtney Duckwiler
Age: 20
Occupation: Landscape/Retail
Children: 1 ½ year old

This is my dog G. He is goofy and smart. I love him because he is loyal, caring and always seems to know when his Mom is upset.

Even though we did not rescue him from a shelter, we saved him from a life of having to be an aggressive guard dog and a life that may have been fraught with breeding. Knowing that we saved him makes me love so much more.

He now resides in a warm bed snuggling between us.

Despite the stigma around pit bulls, the real miracle of it is that they don’t hear it. The breed welcomes people with kisses, regardless of what they say.

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