A Friend in Service

May 26, 2011  

While her husband is away in the Marine Corps, Jamie’s pit bull serves as friend and companion

By Jamie Robb Lenio

My husband and I adopted our dog, Beau, from Pit Bull Rescue San Diego in 2005. Beau is and always was the best dog: He’s extremely goofy, absolutely sweet and loves more than anything to be surrounded by people.

I always loved him, but it wasn’t until 2010 when my husband became an officer in the United States Marine Corps that I realized just how important he was to me. Beau is my rock; he’s my best friend in the world, and I cannot imagine not having his goofy face to come greet me at the door when I get home.

My husband has been away training since October of 2010 and won’t return until roughly November of 2011. To say that I am appreciative of Beau would be a huge understatement. Beau is the best decision we ever made (apart from saying “I do” of course).

We are expecting a baby in October, and we can’t wait for him/her to grow up with Beau. Beau absolutely loves children, so we know he’ll be in heaven to have a little one running around.

We are so thankful for rescues like PBRSD for volunteering their time to save amazing dogs like Beau. Without PBRSD, Beau and his littermates would have been euthanized with their mom before they were even born. I cannot even imagine my life without Beau, and I would urge others to adopt bully breeds, as they make amazing companions.

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