Have You Prepared for a Pet Emergency or Evacuation?

April 15, 2011  

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, so we asked our Facebook fans, “Have you taken steps to prepare for a pet emergency or disaster evacuation?”

First aid kits, packed cars, crates, doggie medical records and evacuation plans were all on the lists. Thanks for sharing.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Lipani

We have 6 dogs, 5 cats, 2 rabbits and 9 birds in our home right now so we have a plan for evacuation in case of a fire. We’ve also studied up on basic pet first aid and have our vet on speed dial.

~ Sue Endbsl Elizabeth

Collapsible silicon water bowl in car, check. Blankets in car (even in Texas), check. Packed bags with dog food samples, bottled water and first aid kit in front closet, check. Set of dog tags on each key ring, check. List of phone numbers, email addresses and meet up places, check. Anything else I should add?

~ Ann Vanderlaan

One thing to remember in emergency situations is to have food, water, medication, toys, crates, blankets and anything you’d need to keep your pets comfortable all ready to go when the time comes.

~ Rachel Guffin

My daughter and I took a pet safety and CPR class at the Red Cross. It helped me feel more confident to handle an emergency situation.

~ Michelle D. Flood

Yes. We have many fires here in Texas. My owners have an evacuation plan for all of us.

~ Hagrid Boerboel

I fled from Hurricane Katrina with three dogs because if they couldn’t go I WASN’T GOING! I already know what my plan is.

~ Mina McWhorter

Yes, we are always prepared for hurricanes especially since we live in Florida. Since we went to one car, we had to buy one big enough for the two big dogs, crates and us; and our supply bin always includes enough for the dogs and a first aid kit for them as well as laminated pet records and they’re microchipped.

~ Lynette Vautier-Cyr

Photos (above and below) courtesy of Melissa Lipani

My dogs go with me in a disaster case! As far as emergency, just kind of had one of those. I noticed some puffy looking growth at the base of his tail. An aspiration came back as a mass cell tumor. Tail amputation was the only way to make sure the tumor and 3 cm. of clean margin was removed. Pathology results came back stage 1. which was good news! He’ll be 9 May 1st. Missing a tail, but he is still acting like nothing happened. Surgery went great and he’s on the road to recovery! Hoping for a long life with my best bud!

~ Chris Winicky

I keep a dog first aid kit in the truck and have taken dog first aid courses.

~ Rachel Brown Richards
We got an extra car — can’t fit all 7 dogs in one tiny Jetta! ~ Sarge Wolf-Stringer

Absolutely! We live in hurricane country, so I have evacuation crates, a big enough vehicle to haul all 10 kids, a file with current rabies certificates in immediate reach, food, water, meds, bowls and leashes at the ready, and, most importantly, friends in different directions ready to take us all in!

~ Heidi Humrickhouse

I have a cat carrier and know which wall to place it on in the event there is a tornado or severe rain storm.

~ Kim Seitter

I have a first aid kit up and ready. I should do more on the evacuation and fire. I do keep leashes by all the doors just in case I have incident, I need to separate one, or one darts out the front door.

~ Nathalie Klaus

First aid kit (in house and car) – leashes and collars by the doors and in the car. Some food, treats and blankets in the car, but could definitely use more. My dogs are on a raw food diet so I try to keep extra cans of good food and kibble just in case (but I have to remember to replace them when I forget to get the raw out of the freezer!). Need to get some toys as little comforts too! No crates yet – work in progress!

~ Tracey Thompson

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2 Responses to “Have You Prepared for a Pet Emergency or Evacuation?”
  1. RyanArnold says:

    Make sure your dogs are chipped! I know most people are responsible about this, but some folks I know still have yet to do it. It’s really affordable now, and painless, takes only about 5 minutes! Aside from that, like others have said, living in hurricane country, we have 2 collapsible crates, a spare full bag of dog food (should last approx 4 weeks), 2-3 cases of water, and treats/collars/harnesses/toys/blankets. We also ration off a bit of medication during the summer in case of emergencies in case the vet runs low if disaster hits and the dogs are in need.

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @RyanArnold Thanks for the tips! You sound very prepared.