Flying Pit Bulls

April 18, 2011  

Every two weeks, StubbyDog has a different theme. This month we are focusing on health, and in the last two weeks, pit bulls as athletes.

A few months ago, we featured an article on Karma, the flying pit bull.

So we asked our Facebook fans to post photos of their flying pit bulls. And you sure did. Enjoy! Thanks everyone for sharing your incredible photos!

Dice! ~ Lori Klimas Burkett

This is Clavo, he does the trimming of the trees every spring ♥ ~ Clavo Martinez

Echo the Deaf Pittie…just like Dumbo with his feather, all Echo needs to fly is a disc. (photo by Mark Youngberg) ~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

JC. ~ Kimberly Grant

My two favorite males in the whole wide world! My fiancee, Joel, swinging our baby boy, Darwin, with his tug rope! ♥ ~ Holly Gilkeson

Dot in her cone chasing snow. ~ Ashley Thibault

Leapfrog!! ~ Ashley Thibault

My dog is a bubble hunter. ~ Ami Ciontos

Boss reaching for the sky! Did I mention Boss was 10 years old when this photo was taken? (Photo by Devon Stewart.) ~ Ami Ciontos

Angus the flying SBT. ~ Heather Phillips

This is Pondus from Norway. ~ Terje Mcknight

Boss and his sister with his spring pole rope, having a blast! ~ Snuggle Bulls

Really high in this one, totally amazed me! Boss with his spring pole rope. ~ Snuggle Bulls

Karma, the flying Pit Bull, in Naperville competing at the UFO Major. ~ LeRoy Golden

Bruzair, getting air in Orlando 2010 competing in the Quad. ~ LeRoy Golden

One more of Bruzair, man how high can you get? ~ LeRoy Golden

Justice, getting some major air. ~ LeRoy Golden

My girls love playing with their rope inside and outside. This is Angie. ~ Amy S. Stemmle

And here’s Suzzy knocking Angie out. ~ Amy S. Stemmle

Bubba diving into the pool. He could swim underwater with his eyes open to retrieve a toy from the bottom. ~ Salette Ann Andrews

Brom is my 3-legged wonder. Abandoned on someone’s doorstep at 1 day old because he was born with three legs, he has grown into a healthy, happy and strong dog. Here he is waiting for the “okay” to get his rope which is hanging 6 feet in the air. ~ Rachel Brown Richards

And he jumps for it!! ~ Rachel Brown Richards

SUCCESS!! Brom never passes up an opportunity to play with his favorite toy. ~ Rachel Brown Richards

This guy is Gage, he is part of the Foster to Home program at the HLLC, he is up for adoption and if you would like to learn more about this amazing guy check out his bio. ~ Melody McFarland

This is Dinga. ~ Jennifer Brown

Dinga, at the summit of Mount Mansfield, after hiking 4,000+ feet. ~ Jennifer Brown

This is Cam from Pets Alive, Middletown, NY. ~ Becky Lyn Tegze

Flying Big Mama Jubilee! ~ Amy Willey

Pistol and I running in a an agility competition. ~ Talia Miller

~ Amy Mills

~ Amy Mills

Phife! ~ Amy Mills

Flying Zoe. ~ Candice Christian

Flying Sybel. ~ Candice Christian

Lola was adopted into her forever home, but we had lots of fun together when I fostered her! ~ Jenny Ford

Saxon, a 6-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, jumping for a soccer ball! ~ Christina Jacobs

‎”Flying Stewie” helping my husband shovel snow. ~ Amanda Stinson Hoffman

This is Ozzy! He just recently became a flying pit! ~ Alyson Johnson

Sometimes Ozzy is also a ballerina. ~ Alyson Johnson

Well, I’m not flying here – but my ears kinda look like I could take flight! My sport right now is learning to be a dog again. Once I have that down, I plan on catchin’ some air and trying all kinds of other things I never knew existed before! ~ Jagger

This is Tucker, doing his most favorite thing in the world! ~ Shonda Wittke

Flying Nadi. ~ Michelle D. Flood

Here’s our leaping pit bull Olive! Olive won’t jump for much, because she’s pretty lazy, but she will jump for a tennis ball, because she loves fetch! WHEEEEE! ~ Emily Priestley

This picture is of our Lynyrd, he loves “flying” into the lake after a stick, a true natural! He is at his happiest diving off a rock, dock, or even cliff to play in the water. Lynyrd is just over 2 years old and he is a pit bull. ~ Deanna Maxwell

This is another picture of Lynyrd, just loving life, the sun, the water, and of course…..the stick! Lynyrd is pit bull from Port Alberni, BC and is just over 2 years old. He lives with our two females pit bulls, so often his stress relief is jumping off a cliff! ~ Deanna Maxwell

His name is Bill – a 3-year-old blue nose and a ball addict. ~ Joanna Beskal

Chai and Lorenzo jumping right out the top of the picture. ~ Mel Kat

Sadie. ~ Ashley Scott

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2 Responses to “Flying Pit Bulls”
  1. NormaFlores says:

    I love ALL the pictures!! Happy Days!! =)

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @NormaFlores Thanks, they are fantastic photos, we can’t believe all the talented pit bulls there are out there.