Pit Bulls as Underdogs

March 16, 2011  

Pit bulls have the hearts of champions and soar to great heights despite many obstacles

By Mary Wallick

“Pit Bulls are famous, in circles of knowledgeable dog people, for the love and loyalty they bestow on anyone who shows them a smidgen of kindness” – Linda Wilson-Fuoco

The following two stories are especially close to my heart because they involve two dogs who came to the shelter where I work and who have risen so high above their dismal backgrounds that I am encouraged and extremely proud of them.

Max: The King of Hearts

Max came to the Humane League on Christmas Eve, 2009. He had been rescued from a storage unit by the Lancaster City Police. Someone had called to inform the police that they heard barking. When the police broke the lock, they found a skinny little dog who was locked in a crate in the cold and darkness with no food or water.

He was brought to the Humane League, where he received medical attention. He was about 6 months old and weighed only 15 pounds. Despite the medical attention, there were some doubts about his chances of recovery.

We placed Max in a foster home with two female pit bulls, Jesse and Nola, who instantly fell in love with him, protected him, cleaned him, and mothered him. As he grew stronger, they taught him how to play tug and tag. He also found that walks were fun and exciting, and humans were not all bad.

Because of the lack of nutrition and socialization, Max had to overcome some developmental and medical issues. But he came through them all, and today he is a happy, sweet- tempered boy.

He was adopted by his foster family and now enjoys going to canine outings such as Pitties in the Park and Puppy Mill Awareness Day. In addition, he entered Pit Bull Rescue Central’s Happy Endings Calendar Contest and won the spot of Mr. February.

Max also likes to help socialize other dogs who come to his home as fosters. Now, as the teacher, Max shows the newcomers how to play and that humans can be trusted. His gentleness and patience have helped other foster pit bulls on their road to rehabilitation and on to their forever homes. Max continues to win the hearts of everyone who meets him.

Philip Mosby: The Come Back Kid

Phillip Mosby came to the shelter two months ago. Looking into this handsome young pit bull’s soulful eyes, I couldn’t help but wonder what tragedy this young dog had witnessed. He couldn’t use one of his legs, and the vet discovered was that the femur had been broken in a few places and his leg would never heal correctly. It needed to be removed.

But that was not the end of Philip’s story. While he was recovering from his surgery, a couple came to the shelter. They explained that they loved pit bulls and that their long term goal was to train one to become a therapy dog. After meeting with a few candidates, it was Philip’s turn. As soon as they met him, his patience, calm temperament, and desire to be with people endeared him to this couple and they knew he was the one they were looking for.

Philip Mosby, now known as Mos, is on the path to becoming a therapy dog. He is enrolled in obedience classes, and his trainer believes that he will hold the distinct title of therapy dog in the very near future.

As for his missing leg, Mos, doesn’t let it keep him down. In fact, sometimes he doesn’t even realize it’s gone. With Mos’s strength and resilience, he can proudly wear his moniker: The Comeback Kid.

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9 Responses to “Pit Bulls as Underdogs”
  1. Chtis says:

    Awesome happiness great to start my morning it’s so nice that hope still wins thanks

  2. Jenn&Emma says:

    Great stories! Love reading comeback stories; the resiliency of pit bulls is so inspiring. Thanks for writing this article.

  3. Hope says:

    Thank you for the amazing stories! These sweet dogs deserve the recognition and love.

  4. Such inspiring stories! Mos is going to be a great therapy and ambassadog. Max makes the most handsome Mr. February.

  5. AimeeSnelbaker says:

    Thank you for the kind words about the often misinterpreted breed. We LOVE our rescue Pit Rusty!