Does Your Pit Bull Have an Unusual Name?

March 11, 2011  

StubbyDog asked its Facebook fans, Does your pit bull have an unusual name? Tell us about it!

There’s a saying that goes, ‘A dear child has many names.’ Seems to be the case with our fans and their pibbles. Thanks for sharing.

Mine is named Anchor. He didn’t have a name for a few days until he fell down the stairs and hit bottom. He is still so clumsy to this day!

~ Heather Shoemaker

Fiftie…my sister bought her for $50 from some punk kids who weren’t feeding or taking care of her.

~ Anmarie Booge

Mildred Hubel! After my favorite terrible cheesy movie’s main character, “The Worst Witch.” I call her Millie though.

~ Laura Latini

Luna is referred to around here as some variation of: Luna Hefalumposaurus-O’Pitapotamus Rex (variations usually contain references to St. Bernards and/or rhinoceri)
Ever since she was born, she’s been out of sync with her own body. We once saw this video of a baby hippo dancing around, and it had these HUGE feet it kept tripping over. We all said it looked like Luna, and instead of hippopotamus, she had to be pitapotamus. She’s big, and clunky, and kind of a brute, hence the dino mentions, and yet she’s still soft, lumpy, and a cuddle bug, so she’s a hefalump!
It’s a wonder she knows her name at all between that and her nicknames: Luna Tuna, Looney Toons, MezzaLuna, Tissue Monster, Luna Monster, Lady Luna, Lumpy.

~ Jessica Stanton

Our oldest pit was called Zoe when we adopted her 10 years ago. We quickly changed that to Zoe Sweet Love. We also call her Zo or just say “Zo’s so good” in place of her name.

~ Melissa Reed Lambdin
My 76-year-old mom named my blue bully-girl…Twinkletoes!! ~ Kori Neilsen

I picked some silly nicknames — don’t know if they count. Her beautiful name is Chloe (the name the shelter gave her), but I call her Clo Clo Chanel and Chloe Vanderdoggen at times.

~ Shelley Elkins

My pibble happens to named Kitty! People crack up when they find that out. Truth is she acts more like a cat then a dog!

~ Dominique Bravo

My pit bull is named Addie, but I’ve been know to call her Pit Bull sometimes. I’ll say “Hey, Pit Bull come here!” Also my sister and I have this thing where we call her Boo Boo. My dad got a pit bull puppy and we call her Baby Boo Boo. When ever we see a pit bull we’ll say “awwww look at that Boo Boo!”

~ Yvonne Deany

My Shelby’s nickname is Shelbert or Berty for short. Stitch is Stitchy-One. Halo became Halo Face & Face or shortened to Face. Deuce is Big Boy. And they all answer to all of their names!

~ Jessi Sherick

My Kitty is a 70-pound pit bull. My son says I gave her a complex.

~ Cynthia Anthony Buchanan-Ramirez

Our girl is named Molly, but we all call her Bubba just because she is a Bubba.

~ Patti Henington

Our girl is named Havi! Short for the Hebrew word ahava, which means love. who loves you more than a pittie?!

~ Alexa Jordan Silverman

Our girl is named Molly, but we all call her Bubba just because she is a Bubba.

~ Patti Henington

Our foster is named Norman just so I can say “NORRRRRM!” like on Cheers. He loves it!

~ Brian Romans

One of ours is Boscorelli. He was named after a character on an old show called third watch. Bosco for short has the same attitude as the officer on the show…he just doesn’t care and does what he wants, but can be a lovey boy when he wants. Our other is Dexter.

~ Emily Jancoy

My pittie is named Pulga. She was as cute as a bug when I first held her, and that’s how she got her name!

~ Dawn Finnemore
Sweetie Pie … and can you guess why? ~ Jackie Mesarick

I have a dog named Smirnoff. When I got him as a puppy (8 weeks) he walked, ran, etc like he was drunk…tripping all over his big feet. He still doesn’t walk straight, but we love him!

~ Kuo Downing-Reese

Omega. She got her name because the person doing intakes at the shelter was moving on to another job. She was the last dog he named, so he named her the last letter in the Greek alphabet. People always ask us if we have another dog named Alpha (no, we don’t!).

~ Micaela Myers

I have a pit named Ringo….because he had ringworm when I adopted him!

~ Alex Echenberg

My fiancé is a firefighter and both of our pits have names associated with that. My girl is named Siren and my boy is named Blaze.

~ Stephanie Hewitt

Real name: RooFus. Nick names: Roo Dog, DooFus, GooFus, Goo, Gooney, and My favorite, Gooney Bird.

~ Tracy Bethel

Our fawn colored pit is named Patch. Seems strange unless you know his story. He is from Louisiana and was called in as a dead dog wrapped in razor wire. He literally had to be sewn back together and looked like a patchwork quilt. Then he rode out hurricane Gustav in a shelter there and was brought to Villalobos Pitbull Rescue. He was a perfect match for our dog Suki, so we adopted him! He has physical scars to show his past ordeal, but is the most wonderful, smooshy, kissy boy in the world!!!!!

~ Cathy Chang

Phoebe’s nickname is Spankmonster #9.

~ Jodi Moger

Becca Gobeille Everyone thinks our male pittie’s name is strange because it’s “John”. His foster mom named him John, I guess for John Doe, since they found him abandoned in an alley. Our female is Ella, but we really only call her “Beefaroni”, because she’s so short and stocky. When we got John, he became “Lankaroni”, because he was so long and lean in comparison.

~ Sarah Gana-D’agostino

I have two boys, a 1-1/2-year-old brindle pit mastiff named Hanzoe Von Bullyboy, a 1-1/2-year-old fawn pit boxer name Chukee the Destroyer, and they make me a very happy camper!

~ Melissa Aldaz

Cookie – because she was found behind Three Dog Bakery. Someone had tied her to the trash dumpster.

~ Ona Cooper

I have Echo…no, not an unusual name except that it’s a bit ironic in that Echo is DEAF!

~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

The pit bull we are hoping to adopt is named Blizzard, he’s completely white, but his name comes because he was found on Christmas Eve during a blizzard chained to a dumpster behind a hotel. His name is Izzy for short.

~ Laurie Mavity


~ Karen Costales

Not many people name their dogs, much less their pit bulls, after famous Chilean writers, but my little girl is named Isabel Marie after Isabel Allende. (The middle name came on because Isa Marisa is just way too much fun to say.)

~ Charissa Allen

Not unusual–our 3-year-old rescued pittie is named Mocha, but our 2-year-old son likes to call her Mochaccino. Our local rescue organization had a one-eyed pittie named Fiona after the Lyle Lovett song “One-Eyed Fiona.”

~ Mary Chandler

Jeter, or Jeter-bug

~ Laura Doty-Aivaz

Our boy is Razer-Dazer. Razer as is to raze (demolish, plunder) because he had some serious kennel stress when we adopted him. Dazer because now that he’s getting lots of exercise and attention he is a dazer (lazybutt)

~ Natasha Habib Ambuster

Well his real name is Buetros el’ Capitan – Bootie the Captain. But most call him Bootie. I call him Piggy Feet, Mr. Man, Big Head Bob, Brindlator, Nosy McNosypants and Sir. As in when he’s acting out I say “Excuse me, Sir. Stop that.” It works!

~ Tama-Lisa Johnson

Our niece, Karly, inspired us to name our pet after another animal it when she named her hamster “Elephant.” So our dog’s name is “Moose,” which is a fine name of for a dog. Or a hamster.

~ Jasmine Grimm

One of ours is Nyssa, meaning “friendly elf,” and that she is.

~ Meg Barclay

Piggie because she looks, acts and grunts like a pig. You could say she named herself. I tried calling her Ruthie, but after one day it was back to Piggie. Oh and my beloved Weimaraner was Donkey. He also named himself.

~ Sleeps With Dogs

My older pit-mix is named Kaos, after the evil organization in Get Smart. The staffy puppy is name GoGo, after GoGo Yubari in “Kill Bill”. Perfect name as she is always on the go go!

~ John Dinn

Our love’s name is Whitney. She’s a pit/unknown (ha) mix. She was found on the streets of Waihiawa, Hawaii starved and most likely near death. She was found on Whitmore Street. Her rescuers decided to use that as inspiration for her name. (Hawaii Dog Foundation). If not for those angels, we would not have her in our lives for the past six years. She is like our child and amazes us every day with her unconditional love and gentle nature.

~ Sally Edwards

My pittie’s name is Sadie, but my daughter has called her SaddieButter since we got her. Not sure where that came from. She had to have her tail amputated about two years ago, so now I call her nubs or nubby,

~ Ashley Scott

Don’t know how unusual it is, but mine is Princess Mary. My children named her Mary Jane and since I detest that name, I started calling her Princess Mary. She also answers to Pinky Lea, so given due to her pink skin you can see through her white fur! She is the joy of my life and don’t know what I would do without her!!!

~ Teresa Parker Rincones

My Bella has many nicknames including: TT, Baby T, Teensy, Teeny Tiny, Bo Bo, Little T, Fanny-spankin… etc. Whenever I call her Fanny-spankin she looks at me like “yeah right Mom.” It’s good to know there are others like me out there!

~ Sarah Northrop
Mine’s name is Dream ~ Michelle Zimmer

Our boy was an adult named Bud when adopted from the shelter. He was also very skinny, hence Bud Light.

~ Dianne Houghtaling

My sister’s boyfriend had a pit named Shotgun…because he sat shotgun everywhere they went.

~ Anmarie Booge

Knuckles. He was a rescue. I knew he had a name. I watched his reactions to see if he responded to any words. After a month, i started to read aloud lists of dog names. After a week or so without success, I read a list of German names. Knochlen was the German name. I chuckled and said knuckles when suddenly; he lifted his head and came over. That was it. At this point, it didn’t matter to me what it was, as long as he was participating in his name.

~ Grand Knuckler

I normally just call her Roxy but her full name Roxy Cuddleface McMushmush

~ Jonathon Marino

Ours all have unusual names! We have Rootbeer, who was given the name from the spots he’s covered in (they look like bubbly soda), though it totally fits his personality as well. We also have Poppy (short for Mary Poppins) due to one of her spots being shaped like an umbrella. Lastly we have Cow, so named due to her cow-print style spots.

~ Joe Anderson

My sister’s pitbull is named Jersey…not for the god awful show, but because she looks like a Jersey cow!

~ Michelle Ingrodi

Our blue boy’s full name is Tatanka Carbon Monoxide Barnett….but we call him Tank for short. His middle name is Carbon Monoxide because his farts are toxic!

~ Jennie Chanthakoone Barnett

Wu-tang and her son is Tyrone

~ Stephanie Larson

My boy is Sir William Wallace after Braveheart. Freedom! He has the run of the house. Foster is named Tiara as after being found totally emaciated she is growing into a Princess. Foster named Dollar he came with that name, his nickname is 50 Cent because when you call him that he just wiggles all over and gets the zoomies.

~ Vanessa Hedrick Melchert

Stewie is named after the baby with the giant head on the cartoon “Family Guy.”

~ Amanda Stinson Hoffman

My foster’s name is Cagney… Well because he looks like James Cagney!

~ Joni Moore

I rescued my pit when he was 10 years old. He’d had his name his entire life so, considering his age, I decided it was best to stick with what he already knew. His name is Mr. Willy. While not all that unusual, it is (or rather, was) quite an appropriate name for him. In his former life, Mr. Willy was a stud dog, and fathered who knows how many litters. Fortunately, he is now retired, and goes simply by Willy!!

~ Melissa Smith

My baby is named Noel, because we got her on Christmas Eve!

~ Jamie Brodnax

Bella’s nickname is “little cow” or LC, because she looks like a Holstein. Her other nicknames are smelzo, smelly belly, and smelly iverson. These came about because her daddy called her belly and everything rhymed. She really do doesn’t smell.

~ Amanda Ellerthorpe

‘Eclipse’ was named due to a car fetish I have for the Eclipse, Talon, and Laser vehicles from the 90s. I’ve owned a Talon and a Laser, so she’s ‘Clipse, ‘Clipse-tastic, ‘Clipsealiscious…

~ Kristoffer Land

I have two boys, a 1-1/2-year-old brindle pit mastiff named Hanzoe Von Bullyboy, a 1-1/2-year-old fawn pit boxer name Chukee the Destroyer, and they make me a very happy camper!

~ Melissa Aldaz

Tala means stalking wolf. I found it in a baby name book the day I was picking out my daughter’s name. And Nova means chaser of butterflies. We call her Super Nova because she’s a big ball of energy.

~ April Dooley

When I rescued Abbie from the pound she was a number not a name, we named her sight unseen as I didn’t want the dog transport people thinking she wasn’t somebody’s loved family member and losing her inflight!!
She is now my Abbie Bee and the name suits her perfectly as she is always buzzing around the place.

~ Robyn Armfield

Mine are Nevaeh (nuh vay uh) which is heaven backwards and I also have her son, Mojo Sampson.

~ Kevin Gillick

My American Bully’s full registration name is PR Huntley’s New Years Resolution. We got him on New Years Eve of 2010 so it was fitting. We call him Lou/Louie from resoLUtion. My pit mix’s name is Kali Bo Bali (Banana Fana), Kali for short. My APBT is Jasper McJasperton.

~ Brittany Michau Senkok
Sturgis! After the motorcycle rally. ~ Anne Riesbeck

My boy is named Otis, after the town drunk in Mayberry. We just had a hard time coming up with the right name. We thought of the infamous Otis and with this Wikipedia entry, we were sold.
“Otis works as a glue dipper in a furniture factory …Monday through Friday, and drinks all weekend. After a binge, Otis will usually lock himself in the town jail until he is sober. He has a key to the front door of the courthouse and the cell keys are hung on a nail near the cells (presumably, to accommodate Otis). The lack of crime in Mayberry, and the laid-back attitude of the Sheriff’s department, easily accommodates Otis’s drinking habit. Otis often lets himself in jail on the same day that a dignitary or a superior of Sheriff Andy Taylor is arriving at the courthouse, much to the chagrin of the sheriff or Deputy Barney Fife”
Now, my amstaff doesn’t drink but he does put himself in the crate if he’s misbehaved.

~ Radia Clark

My beautiful boy’s name is Louisville Slugger, Louie for short. I found him at the baseball park one Sunday afternoon. He was the special dog of the day and I couldn’t resist taking him home!

~ Jamie Rian Crnich

His name is Halo!

~ Beth Bouthot

Cheyenne Champignon, aka Chai. Named by 2 friends: Cheyenne because she is the color of the Wyoming prairies, Champignon, because she is the color of mushrooms. I call her Chai because she’s the color of chai tea and it’s easier to holler when I need to get her attention. Also known as the Cha Cha Pig.

~ Mel Kat

I named my girl Juno because I thought the name was spunky like she was and because I knew I would treat her like a goddess that I knew she was. Her nicknames are Juno Butts cause the way she twitches her butt when she cute they way she struts her stuff! Her other nickname is Miss Piggy cause she roots around in dirt and snow and snorts when she’s doing that!

~ Robine Yvonne France

My beloved boy was named Hunter, after Hunter S. Thompson because he was so Gonzo as a puppy. Sweetest, most full of life love-dove I’ve ever seen in my life.

~ Misty Song

My pit bull is named Addie, but I’ve been know to call her Pit Bull sometimes. I’ll say “Hey, Pit Bull come here!” Also my sister and I have this thing where we call her Boo Boo. My dad got a pit bull puppy and we call her Baby Boo Boo. When ever we see a pit bull we’ll say “awwww look at that Boo Boo!”

~ Yvonne Deany

Our buddy’s name is Titan; we refer to him as Sir Titan because he has a regal attitude. He was rescued from the local shelter and came with the name, so we kept it. When we took him to an “animal communicator” we were told he was named after a sailboat.

~ Kathy Langan Wehmeyer

Goliath. Because he’s big and full of muscle and looks intimidating…except he’s the biggest sweetie ever. Also, his dad’s name is David.

~ Jen Chess

Our current resident pitties are ‘Mung Bean’ (Mungus the fungus or Bean for short), ‘Bubbalina’ (The amazing Russian circus dog), ‘Shark’ (or Sharkapotamus or Sharkasaurus Rex), ‘Pocalita’, and ‘Schmoo’ from Li’l Abner because the Shmoo believed that the only way to happiness was to bring happiness to others

~ Sarah Gana-D’agostino

All photos courtesy of Melissa Lipani © All rights reserved by woofslc

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40 Responses to “Does Your Pit Bull Have an Unusual Name?”
  1. Scott L says:

    Flash Gordon is my adopted 6 yr old Pittie. Whne I got him, he could race out the door to explore the neighborhood and run flat out for 5 blocks before he would slow down. Thank God that he has slowed down a bit and he realizes that exploring OFF lead is not as NEARLY much fun as walking next to dad and talking to people!

    Emira (Arabic for Princess) is my daughter 14 month old Pittie mix.

    Our AmStaff that Passed way last year was named Chesty Puller for the Marine Corps General and Icon.

  2. B Devine says:

    My first pit was named Miss Pitty (she was Petunia when I adopted her) then we got her a brother – Bezerk. They were inseperable until I lost Miss P last year. I have since fostered Buttercup and now Fay

  3. Priya says:

    My pitbull’s name is Honey Banana Sunshine- but we call her Banana. It usually gets a smile out of everyone when they hear it, especially bc they are tentative when i say “oh yes I have a pit, but her name is BANANA!”

  4. Tyra says:

    My girl’s name is Sidhartha.

    This was the Buddha’s birth/family name. I wanted my pittie to have a peaceful name.

  5. I named my girl Zillah as in Godzilla and she lives up to it! There is never a dull moment when she is around.

  6. Jenny says:

    Our pittie’s name is Dinga, the feminized version of her father’s name, Dingo.

  7. Amy says:

    Gargamel has a big ‘ol sniffer just like The wizard Gargamel from the Smurfs, who he was named after. We call him Mel. Everyone else calls him Gargie. I like Mel better lol

  8. Kerri says:

    My (recent) favorite rescue was named Harry Potter because he had a little scar on his forehead! 🙂 When I would take him on weekend overnights, we’d cuddle on the couch and watch all his movies lol. I swear he liked them!

  9. Charmine says:

    I rescued my pibble a few months ago, after I discovered that my breast cancer had progressed to stage 4. She is my bucket list dog, just in case. I fell in love with her in 2 seconds.She is somewhere between 2 and 3 years of age, so I figure that she has another 13 years left. My doc said I had between 2 and 10, if he had to guess. So I decided that Hope is going to die at a ripe old age, and I’m going to out live her! So I knew her name had to be Hope- for her of her furever home, and me to live!

  10. Karen says:

    My boy’s name is Petey, which in and of itself isn’t that unusual. But one day, long after he’d been named Petey, he was being goofy, and my roommate stood up and said “Petholomew J. Dog! Go to your crate!” So from that moment on, Petey became short for Petholomew, and yes, he does get called by his full name whenever he’s in trouble! Haha!

  11. My pittie is named Maximus, Max for short. We named him Maximus because we are fans of the film Gladiator and wanted him to represent pit bulls with strength and honor like the character Maximus in the film.

    We’ve given him a few nicknames like Maximus Decimus Ripsnorter because he makes more pig sounds than he does dog sounds. My husband calls him Maxwell after the little pig on the Geico commercial where the little pig that is getting a ride home goes ‘wee wee wee’ all the way home.

    He’s a character and his name really matches his personality.

  12. Sarah says:

    My girls name is Ready! When I picked her up as my first foster dog (I failed in the first month and a half and couldn’t give her up!), she went into the trunk of my hatchback, with her crate in the back seat. Driving on the highway, she suddenly jumped the backseat, scaled the crate, jumped into my friends lap (while knocking my coffee all over me and putting the car in neutral), and I said “wow she’s really ready to go!” and it stuck. Ready is ALWAYS Ready for anything!! and now it makes a great call name for her dock-diving & agility 😉 redddd—–eyyyah!!

    • StubbyDog says:

      Thanks for sharing that Sarah. Ready sounds like a fantastic girl. StubbyDog is featuring agility pit bulls in April. If you would like to share Ready’s story with us, we would love to feature her. Please email if you’re interested. Way to go READY!!!!!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Our pittie is named Scarface, not after the movie but because when we rescued him from the shelter he looked like he had pit marks, scars, at over his face. We soon discovered those were his whiskers pores. He lost them when he was a stray and they grew back when he realized he was loved and safe with us. We now call him Scarfy because he has no more scars.

  14. Manders says:

    I’ll have to go in order of adoption for these: Our first is Firefly, she is named after the awesome, yet short-lived Sci-Fi series as well as summertime fireflies since her butt’s always in action and she always lights up a room. We normally call her Fly.

    Next comes Bug, she was a horribly abused little girl who came to us with a number of ailments and a stump for her her front leg. She hops when she runs and Rabbit didn’t seem like a good name so she became Bug to fit with our “dogs as insects!” naming. We normally call her Buggles.

    Third is Hobbes, named after the author who penned “The Leviathan.” Since most people don’t get the reference where we live, we just say he’s named after the tiger from Calvin and Hobbes. The shelter we got him from named him Koe and we decided to change it to show he was getting a new beginning. We usually call him Hobbles or Potato since he’s our couch potato.

    Last is Isabella. She is our Foster Failure, her potential adopter decided against getting her so we adopted her. When she’s in trouble we call her Isabelle and usually we call her Izzy or Izzy-butt. We never changed her name since Izzy works perfect for her.

  15. Chelsea says:

    Mine is named Riker, after William Riker from Star Trek TNG. We were tossing around names at work, and my co-worker started throwing out names from Star Trek (We’re both fans) and Riker just seems to fit. He’s grown into it, too. The ladies fawn over him and give him lots of love. 🙂 He was found on the streets with his two sisters (one had some brain swelling and died) and I got him at six weeks old. So small! He’s 2 yrs now, and although he’s a lady-killer like Will Riker, he’s not so courageous- he only recently conquered his fear of plastic bags!!

  16. jenniferlloyd70 says:

    Our pit bull is named Hades! Everyone always immediately says “oh, the god of the underworld!” But he is actually named for another pit bull we were going to adopt, but it didn’t work out. We often call him “Donkey”, because when he lays down a certain way, with his ears sticking up, he looks like Donkey from Shrek!

  17. jenniferlloyd70 says:

    Our pit bull is named Hades! Everyone always immediately says “oh, the god of the underworld!” But he is actually named for another pit bull we were going to adopt, but it didn’t work out. We often call him “Donkey”, because when he lays down a certain way, with his ears sticking up, he looks like Donkey from Shrek!

  18. StubbyDog says:

    Thanks for sharing, he sounds like a cutie!

  19. StubbyDog says:

    Thanks for sharing, he sounds like a cutie!

  20. macdowns526 says:

    Our pit bull is named Piggy and her middle name is Diggy. She snorts when you talk to her which is how she got her name. She loves to dig in the backyard which is the reason for her middle name. We sometimes call her wiggles since she wiggles when she wags her tail. She is the best dog!

  21. StubbyDog says:

    @macdowns526 Aw, Piggy Diggy Wiggles! Thanks for sharing!

  22. chasidypb says:

    My first, a American Staffordshire Terrier (not a bully) is Rex… Aka. Rexy, Rexaford, Rexus, Rex-a-sorus and my 3 year old’s favorite, Sexy Rexy. The we have Miley, the blue fawn pitty, she is known as Miles, Milaford, Miley-Miley-Miley (said really fast), Smiley Miley, Momma, & my 3 year old’s favorite, Fat Momma. My two babie pitty puppies… Lexy… aka.. Lexus, Lexy Lou, Lexaford, Sexy Lexy, & Lex Luthor (she had a little bald spot haha). & there is Alley… aka. Al, Alley Cat, Alley deVil (her name was going to just be deVil but no one thought it fit her, till now), Tasmanian She-Devil, HEY, Alley the Alligator. Yeah, we have lots of names haha! They have as many nick names as our 3 year old 😛

  23. StubbyDog says:

    @chasidypb Love it! Thanks for sharing! They all sound like a lot of fun!