Pinky and the Bees

February 9, 2011  

A young dog protects his 9-year-old person from an angry swarm

By Thea Feldman

In September, 2010, an 18-month-old pit bull puppy reportedly saved her best friend, a 9-year-old boy named Richie, from a swarm of bees.

The young dog, Pinky, rushed to Richie’s rescue when she saw that he was being swarmed. When Pinky swooped in, the bees turned their attention to her, and she was stung more than 40 times while Richie ran to the safety of his house.

Immediately after the incident, Pinky swelled up from an allergic reaction to the stings. She ballooned with puffiness. Her eyes swelled shut and her ears were so bloated they stuck straight out.

Richie’s family hurried to get their beloved pet to emergency care.

According to the attending vet, Pinky was stung so badly that if she hadn’t been brought in right away, she would have died.

Fortunately, after her treatment, Pinky was released home so she could recuperate.

Reporters got wind of the dog’s heroic story which garnered national attention, and they were quick to praise the pit bull.

But there was only one problem: Pinky is an American Kennel Club boxer, and Pinky’s family clarified the error on the Social News Page of the Huffington Post.

Why is Pinky’s breed of any significance to the story?

Perhaps it wouldn’t be, except that pit bulls are often cast as the villains of the dog world.

Could it be a sign of progress in terms of public perception that so many people, including reporters (who are known to be strong fact checkers), were willing to take it on faith, without question, that a pit bull could perform such a heroic deed?

Because of course they not only can but they do. Every day, pit bulls put their hearts and lives on the line for the people they love. No less so than boxers or any other breed. Pit bull or boxer, Pinky is a wonderful dog. And that perhaps is the most important “take away” from this story is that it doesn’t matter what breed a dog is; if she has a loving family that treats her well, she will be a wonderful, and maybe life-saving, companion.

Here’s Pinky with Richie again:

Photo: Huffington Post

And here are two more photos, one of a white boxer and one of a pit bull. You can see why so many people described Pinky as a pit bull.

Is there one dog here you would not want to hug?

Nala the pit bull:

White boxer:

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